Leonora from the air

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Leonora posted:

Anyone knows the Sawh family from Parafield?

There was a teacher named Ramdatt Sawh at Leonora Government School when I worked there 1969-70. A shortish fair complexion fellow who had two other brothers. I think he was from Parafield. I had initially thought he lived in Leonora Pasture.

The father was a driver on the Leonora Estate and had lots of sons and 2 daughters. One son had a drug store in G'town. Another son left Guyana in 1968 and through him a sizeable portion of Guyana migrated (including me); sadly he had Parkinson's and died last year.

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Hey CocoT, how things bro?

Nice shot of the old area.

I'm good...had a good time in Guyana.  How you been?

Same man, I'm just living.   I haven't been home since 09 but more and more it seems I really need to make a trip there.

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