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Since I hope to be declared a saint someday, I am reading 'The Private Writings of Mother  Teresa'.

A few years ago, I visited Mother's House in Kolkata, as guest of the Archbishop.  I was surprised how simple the furniture was in her office where she met many world leaders. Her tomb is located in the middle of their  prayer room. With a large painting of Jesus with bloody forehead, sides and knees with  caption 'I THIRST'.

As we were leaving,  I asked where I can make a donation. The mother superior  nails dug into my shoulder, while saying ' You rich countries, its so easy for you to make a donation and go back to the comfort of your house'. 'While your  donation is important, its more important for you to help us do the work'.

While visiting a child nursery, a little boy was hitting my camera lens with his arms and pointing at a stuff animal on a shelf. It took me a while to realize that the kid was hitting my camera with his elbow, because he did not have any hands.

I believe it was in 1972 that Mother Teresa visited Vancouver. I have an audio recording of her speech with some photos.      

ball posted:

To give of your self, to others is to be true to one self, money is what the world goes by, but humanity is deeper. A half of a loaf of bread is always better than none at all.    

Well said Ball.

Sometimes we might feel we have to do big things for others, but small things means a lot, to those who have nothing.

Some people comes here and knock down those who try to do their best for others, yet they sit back and do nothing to help.

Chameli posted:

No but i just finished Trevor Noah BORN A CRIME

I cried, i laughed, i lived it...i cried some more...i understood a lot of it and i felt pride to see him where he is now

I've only read about one third of the book so far and can totally relate cham, his mom was one awesome tough woman.

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