Just have to share this beauty

Amral posted:

Me and Curly going to enjoy some wet wild ride today.  Should be lots of fun

Eh eh...I see how you forsake the old for the new. We nah even get invite.  I don't mind watching  

Cher..it's so beautiful and romantic  too. But omg...it was a mission to get to the bottom but was fun and worth it. My legs are still in pain from that hike.

Same to u KP ☺...and everyone else

Cher Bear posted:
warrior posted:
Marcy. posted:

Am getting there. ..��

bai you make me laughing hard hard hard

Why are you calling her a bai? Lmfao

Marcy its beautiful....ur kids have grown. Wow..time does fly doesnt it?!

Lol...u know I didn't even notice he address me as bai. To show I didn't even pay attention.

But yes gyal. .them pickney growing up too quickly..he is a young man 13 and she is 11 going into 22.  ��  her size fool ppl but when that mouth open..omg!  They gone caribana today. They have a better social life than me ��

Caribana...man gone are the days we use to get in trouble around this time. The new generation taking ova but bet we can still shake oir booty!!! The pic remind me of Dunns Falls in Jamaica ...was there in May....but this one is much steeper. Yep can relate to the climbing aches!! I see u still like the outdoorsy stuff!

Cher Bear posted:

Rass I dont know if I have the energy for all that now to be honest...aside from travelling I go no where except NY when I need a reminder of my roots lmfao btw check ur pm

Lol..u go to NY for reminder?  Shame on u!  I come to GNI...lmao!! ����

ksazma posted:
Cher Bear posted:

I am fabulous my Knight.....I put the Rock back on the beach

Sometimes rocks can be cumbersome to carry around. 

Tell em' .   You don't. ..do not! ..take sand..or rocks to the beach ����

Unless is a real special rock. ��

Sunil posted:

Hey Marcy, your kids have grown. I still have some old photos somewhere of them in Parika I think.

No kidding.  U think I ent feeding them? �� jk.  

But yeah..my son is almost tall as me and she is getting there. But, at least i still get to hug and cuddle, and they still walk around the house naked in front of me  

But wha rass! Parika?  Nah!!  I warm u about all them pickney u mekking all over de place. Now u can't keep track ����

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