Intelligence don't like you blocking it with your body. This is why people look away to engage elsewhere. Intelligence killed Jesus and intelligence is harming us with diseases. Intelligence is the reason for racism and it is not the white man. I send my love to all those who have been deceived. The LIE is to be trusted and not the truth because the LIE is a difference of feelings that is cancelled with physical contact, removing the space of time between, creating physical truth that you contact. Opening a door or reaching for your keys is an example. The evidence is the combined force and energy exhausted with the query. 

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ksazma posted:

My buddy RAA, I wonder if you didn’t overthink things so much, if your days would be much simpler. Try not to worry about things that are out of your control. Good luck.

I have a duty to help my mentally ill comrades and God and the Devil will not do it. When the love is seen, the illness will stop.

Thank you for your patience Aliens.

seignet posted:

FRom the tree of good and evil we gained INtelligence, refined in each generation brings us closer to New Jerusalem.

cain posted:

Oh rass Siggy you just confused po Ron....... an Kaz an me.

I have to be crazy in my processing for the sake of the state of the spirit. With organized intelligence the spirit could be at risk since its spirit is at random and could be captured. Localization of a fixed New Jerusalem creates a threat to the spirit due to order-an order created by Digital Electronics. There has to be a compromise of history and progress so one will not dominate the other with ideology. God wants his own ideology and this is wrong. The human race will never accept that. Organization to limit the craze is unacceptable because we are not robots and need emotions. The solution is to detect and reveal the love so we do not have to be in confusion. It is my belief that Sodom and Gomorrah practiced love as well as those in the current society that we are in. A New Jerusalem will just continue that immorality so don't let intelligence of God play us for fools. 

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