Happy Saturday folks

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[]This event starts at 4:00 pm.....there will be a cultural presentation as well as short papers focussing on the life and works of Dr.Jagan......

I really wish I could be thereflag flag flag

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Catch you folks a little later! Cinderalla duties beckon.

Cindahrelly, i hope u dun daab de battam house and fiyasideWink

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Smile Have a great weekend all. I ma just hanging out with Mother in law.


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I going and see Anup Jalota tomorrow at Chandini Banquet Hall. Should be a treat.

I enveeeeeeeeeeee you...love his voice and bhajanswavey
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Happy Saturday morning .
I my house full with the the cricket fans watching the game.

i better ask Amral to move the thread from sports to social

i am hoping that Sachin can bring home this one...I feel that this is his final world cup.
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Today is my younger sister birthday.

Happy Birthday to your lil siswavey

how's the grandaughter...and the sweet 16?

Cham now I seeing this.
Lil mama is doing wonderful, she is already 10 mths.
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Good morning folks, I have a fun filled day planned for today


Have a great day my frenwavey

i go up this morning to IPL on HD (rogers channel 99...3$ per mth)

then out fr a lil 'exercise'...lots of electricity in the airWink

having some poached egg wid a pickle-bagel sandwich

going to see Billy Elliot laterwavey
i have a fun-filled day planned too

my two babas are coming for a sleep over and I am so anxious to see them....you would think that i haven't seen them for such a long time.....when it was only 5 days ago.

i am cleaning and cooking all their fave foods.

once they get here.....plan to spend all of our waking moments with them for the rest of the w/e.

Life can't get any better than this!!

here's hoping that all of you enjoy your saturday and the rest of the w/e!!!
VB, i hope that one day i too can feel that kinda joy....i know i have a few more yrs to wait (i feel a sense of loss when i realised how OLD i was when i had my children but it was not planned that way....i truly envy all you grandparents...nope, not kidding)


TI, i take it u have seen ballet idiot (my 12 yr old said dat!)...oops billy elliot?Big GrinBig Grin

how's ur granprince doing? (i hope is a grandson)
Busy weekend for me.
Working in the office then have a kid, 5yr old birthday party then a Jhandi to attend,(seven curry) yippiethen a 75th birthday get together, then have to visit a sick then tomorrow morning is my Masjid breakfast then I have to work again tomorrow...oh it never ends but thank God!!!

Thank God it's turning out to be a very nice Saturday weatherwise.....still a bit cold but at least no snow or rain!


I am expecting about 45 peeps in the next hour and most are coming from the Toronto area so I spent all morning cooking up a storm.


I am all done and ready for my guests.....so for about a half hour or so it will be .....the lull before the indoor storm!!


Hope your Saturday is as good as mine and even better!

He Deed-VB...i hope you had an amazing family get together yesterday.

I am heading into the yard for a peek at the tulips poking out and maybe plant my garlic today. i may plant some aloo again.  Last yr i got some really big ones.

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