Happy Saturday folks

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hi Amral/Prince

a very good morning to you.

enjoy the rest of your weekend. wavey

How are you doing Sita? Ram Ram and may you have a great weekend. Ig you win Mega Lotto please remember me. yippie

hi Nehru

good afternoon to you and sita ram

yes bai I really have to win the Lotto and me na go foget you Smile

enjoy the rest of your day.

going and cook some goldbarker with oil roti wavey strongman
Catch you guys later ...

The things we do for our grands...

Our Brooklyn baba is coming over at 6 am - his parents are prepping for the NYC marathon - they are doing an 18 mile run tomorrow - I have to wake up & make his breakfast. Have not done that since my last baba was in HS & lived at home Smile

It's a beautiful Saturday morning. The trees are looking wonderful with the leaves changing colors. The birds were singing beautifully and it felt so peaceful. I was out taking a walk and it reminded how beautiful this world is and how sad that people cannot keep it that way.

Have a wonderful week you guys wavey
It is a beautiful day here, NY, too.

Dragging hubby out of the house ... he likes to be a couch potato...

Going to the city to look for loaf pans... I want a loaf pan that is probably 4 inches deep... what I have is only about 2.5 inches deep...

Enjoy guys...

gloomy wid some bits of sunshine earlier over hea...
today is the day we both stayed at home...my brother borrowed my van...girl borrowed her dad's car...son out wid his desoto..

made bake n saltfish wid tomatee fo breaky
and now dem want metem fo dinnah...tata
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Here's wishing all a pleasant Saturday.
I was at a 5K walk this morning benefiting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.
Sweat and heat can really make you feel alive Big Grin

Good for you Miraver... remember the little train - I think i can, I think I can... I know you can Wink
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Good for you Miraver... remember the little train - I think i can, I think I can... I know you can Wink

Ah, it was Thomas, right? Thanks for the vote of confidence!

Now that we baby-sit the Brooklyn baba quite often... hubby & I have to rack our brain to remember children songs to sing for him. He tells us "sing".

Have some indoor gardening to do. Catch you guys later...maybe on the goodnight thread...

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