Guyanese Plus Size Model Hoping to Gain Stardom with Topless Photos

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Guyanese Plus Sized Model Hoping To Gain Stardom Through Topless Photos


Simon Marie Posa, a black plus-size model is seeking to nail international gigs with a topless photos of herself.

Marie Posa might be on her way to stardom with this new image of herself in the name of body positivity.

According to the Guyanese beauty, the move is to inspire other women such who are her size and  are uncomfortable with their weight since she’s experienced it firsthand.

“I’ve Had This Picture Saved In My Drafts For A While, And I Was Scared To Post It.
I Have A Tough Relationship With The Rolls On My Stomach, And Anytime They Show In Pictures, I Always Delete Them. She Said In A Post On Photo-Sharing App, Instagram. But I Took A Second To Think About It, Today.

This Is Me, The Body That I Have Worked So Hard To Love And Accept.
There’s No Hiding It, And I Shouldn’t Have To. 

In an Instagram post, Marie Posa who doubles as an activist shared an untouched photo of herself with no bra and jeans as she covered her nipples.

The photo has received more than 12,000 likes with 837 comments come in which also makes it the most liked on her page.

Plus-size modelling has become a thing in an industry where women are body shamed for being too fat and many have suffered from anorexia. A number of former models have confessed to the inhumane conditions meted out to models. Plus-size models such as Marie-Posa may never walk the runway for big fashion houses but their effort to create diversity in the industry continues to inspire other women to look and be their selve

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