GNI get-together in Scarborough

seems like we are having a soire on Oct 29th!!!

anyone interested in joining pls PM me or Amral if he not busy he will respond or his secretary will....

so far there are 8 of us going to eat,, drink and be merry....

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Rosit and Kas2....

VB and hubby, it was so nice to see you guys...thank you for taking the long drive...


btw cainstah, u shouldakept u "crap' Lol

me get sick now...coughing and in body pain...gonna take my maltevol12 and 3 vitaminC and head to my bed

Amral posted:

Cher  i know Chami had a ball

He telling the truth Cher dear....  i had two balls

oh how i enjoyed dem balls...mmmm

i opened my mouth wide, stuck my tongue out while i breathe in the scent b4 i devoured those chicken balls...mmmm

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