Saturday June 3:  9:00 am - 2:00 pm.

Old cameras; rotary phones; grandma wedding dress; Cuffy Dollar; bicycle: teacher wild cane; ice carrying clamp; two 1945 Jeep headlights; 200 movies.  Downsizing, everything must go.  

Free air flight provided for out of towners, but no return fare provided if sale cancelled due to rain. Camping facilities available in nearby forest with black bears as dinner companion.

Please reply only by Canada Post.  Accommodation is limited  and our budget is based on what is sold at the garage sale.

Please no rushing, because our flights don't bump passengers with security personnel. Your teeth are safe with us.


Garage Sale, 2115 Campbell Street,  Whitehorse, Yukon  YuK WhO   

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Amral posted:

you have any pozi there for sale bai, prefer one that is used and well stained

The neighbour bought it last year and planting flowers  in  it. He said de ting punish too long and it should now have  ah good life.  

Curly_Sue posted:

Are the flowers flourishing from that specific pot he planted them in?

Unfortunately, the neighbour moved to Scheldt,  near Vancouver Island. His wife got a new job. When I asked him to leave it, he said he wanted to keep it, to remind him of all the Guyana stories I told him about walking to the outhouse at night and stepping on snakes, or  brushing past alligators. He is a white guy and knows little about the tropics, so any BS was true to him.

But he still kept it. I will try to get him to send me a photo. He does not know the front end of digital camera, but I will try to get one of his kids to do it.

The thing must have been dropped a few times, because it had dents and cracks, so it might be jus right to fulfill Amral's request, for one to display in his garden. 

There was this test in Guyana, but me nevva see anyone do it.  Winning a prize for drinking a bottle of Pepsi in a new bedpan.

Nowadays, dem crazies in Guyana might do it in a used bedpan.    

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