Flipping place rass cold

I came from the Bronx back to Rockland today and as I was walking to the port authority in Manhattan it was cold and if I can remember windy which made the belief of warmth go away. In the bus fortunately it was warm and we got here ok. Yesterday on Saturday it was colder when I took my father for dialysis on Access a Ride. Let's face it, it's a fear we deal with in New Your but it goes away. I have a face mask when it is very cold and windy. People around me were incoherent about my state of mind and they wouldn't even look at me for a moment out of curiosity as I wondered and looked at them in disbelief. This is why it's cold.

On another tangent, are they deporting the Mexicans because of my defiance with my schizophrenia to uncover their corruption and they are using the excuse of them being illegal and that they don't talk English with me here in Haverstraw, Rockland County, New York. Don't blame the Mexicans for my endeavor to expose this society Mr. Trump and your administration with my illness because you cannot charge me. Is the hatred for non-whites causing the unemployment and cold weather as an abstract applied association for the unknown cause of our deficiencies of concern for our fellow human being? Maybe keeping all of those blacks in jail is why we are divided in society since we cannot use their reasoning to solve differences, such as suffering with cold weather and poor living conditions and military conflicts overseas. I notice I see Indians playing some kind of a comparable role with whites on TV such as CNN and they are not harmonizing with blacks with dialogue the same way due to racism. Blacks pick up on that. Do you think I am wrong to favor blacks and instead I should honor my own Indian race as my number one priority? http://www.ronaldarjune.com. Flippin' place mad cold because the people minds are cold.

Amral posted:

The spare feet is busy

i bet u talking about the new love of your life  you show off rass u...u beat me to it!!!


i have to go out in the deep freeze to take my parents(i would go even without taking them) to a wake....

cain posted:

I does look at the snow and think, sand... warmth follows. Yall try it.

I just cancelled my sunshine trip to the tropics. Its +10C here today.   All the snow melted off our driveway. De groundhog coming to TO next.

Raining right now. Imagine the roads tomorrow, wid overnight freezing.  

cain posted:

Tola, I thought you were gonna say you used my method and you now feelin hot hot hot.

You see hiw dat Amral gettin rambouncious, the man talkin about fur?

Cain, I start using your method, den got distracted by a two-hour phone call from dis  nice man in TO.

Me pick up on Amral  mini skirt and FUR. Dat bai need a hot wata bottle in bed.

Do you know of any swinging single club on GNI ?  We had deaths, might be time for marriages.  Me suggesting a new header for singles wid bio  and real photographs.

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