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Prison Officer killed, six others injured in Prison fiery unrest


By Feona Morrison

Prison Officer Odinga Wickham succumbed to a gunshot wound to the chest and chop wounds inflicted on him by inmates at the Camp Street Prison, while undergoing treatment at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), last evening.
His colleague, Hubert Trim, who was the Duty Officer at the time, is in a critical state having sustained chop wounds to the head. He was undergoing surgery up to late last night.
Up to press time Prison Officers Simeon Sandy, Errol Daphness, Drexel Gonsalves, Jason Maltoy and Dominic Mingo were also receiving treatment for either gunshot or chop wounds or a combination of both.
Keron Cummings, who escaped from the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court lock-ups in 2014, Mark (only name given) and Mohamed Potham, were some of the inmates injured during the fiery ordeal.
They too were taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital.  Cummings is facing robbery under-arms charges.
During a press briefing around 23:00hrs yesterday, Deputy Director of Prisons Gladwin Samuels said there were no reports of fatalities among prisoners.
Samuels was unable to give an estimate of how many Prison Officers were on duty at the time. Reports reaching this newspaper indicate that the inmates disarmed Prison Officers and shot them. The inmates also used improvised weapons to inflict chop wounds on the Prison Officers.
As the fiery unrest unfolded at the prisons, several ambulances and Prison Service vehicles transported the injured Prison Officers and inmates to the hospital.
Security officials at the hospital cordoned off a section outside the Accident and Emergency Unit and monitored persons coming into the hospital compound.

KILLED: Prison Officer Odinga Wickham

INJURED: Prison Officer Hubert Trim

INJURED: Prison Officer Simeon Sandy

Several Prison Officers and policemen converged at the hospital. Some of them cried as they recounted the heinous ordeal.
According to a prison officer, one of his colleagues was held hostage by a prisoner but miraculously managed to escape by scaling the prison fence.
Relatives of the injured rushed to the hospital but some of them were barred from entering the compound.
This started an uproar as relatives hurled derogatory remarks at security and police officers who bolted the gate at the pedestrian entrance. Persons however, sneaked into the compound when the guards opened the gate for the ambulances to drive in.
Minister of Health, Volda Lawrence, who was present at the GPHC last evening said that the Emergency Unit is well equipped to deal with the situation since all medical supplies are in stock.

Deputy Director of Prisons: Gladwin Samuels

INJURED: Prison Officer Dominic Mingo

INJURED Prisoner: Keron Cummings

Minister Lawrence stated that adequate doctors, specialist and laboratory technicians are on board. “We have called out everyone. So the Emergency Unit is well equipped with the staff to be able to address the situation as it continues.”
In addition, the Health Minister disclosed that there are ample medical supplies in place and the hospital has already sought more suitor kits.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) acting of GPHC, Brigadier Retired George Lewis, said that an emergency medical centre has been set up in the parking lot of the hospital to help out.
“We are not overwhelmed and we won’t be. We have already contacted the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) to procure items for an emergency if a need arises,” the acting CEO disclosed.
Lewis stated that the Guyana Red Cross Society has also been called in for support.
Staff from a party rental company was seen assembling large tents just outside the Psychiatric Clinic for the emergency medical centre last evening.
President David Granger during a press briefing last evening extended condolences to the family of Prison Officer Wickham.


Bandits rob West Bank businessman of gun, cash

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FOUR masked, armed bandits on Sunday robbed a Bagotville, West Bank Demerara (WBD) businessman of his firearm, cash and cell phone.
According to reports, the businessman was relieved of a 9mm pistol, $150,000 in cash and an LG cell phone.

The businessman, who, with his wife, operates a liquor bar at La Grange, WBD, reportedly closed his business around 02:00hrs on Sunday morning.
They left together in their car and headed home, but while exiting the vehicle, firearm in hand, when they got there, the businessman was confronted by the bandits who wore toques over their heads.

One held him at gunpoint and relieved him of whatever valuables he had on him at the time before they both made their escape on foot, without firing a shot.
After the ordeal, the businessman made a report to the La Grange Police Station.

Police accused of stealing money, gold chain in WCD raid


…Force to introduce new raid protocol
– Ramlakhan.

Dhanpaul (only name given), a businessman of Lot 45 Uitvlugt Pasture, WCD, is accusing Guyana Police Force (GPF) ranks of removing more than $300,000 in cash and jewelry from his place of business following a raid conducted by more than 20 plainclothes ranks on the premises late Friday night.
According to the businessman, at about 20:30hrs on Friday, the GPF swooped down on, and searched, his business place for approximately two hours, informing him that they were acting on information that he had drugs and guns stashed at his home and business place.
Dhanpaul owns and operates the Colombian Gold Night Club; Dhanpaul and Sons Pawn Shop; and a Cambio at the lower flat of the building, while he lives at the upper flat. On June 07, three bandits ambushed two men drinking at Dhanpaul’s club, shot one person, and escaped with an undisclosed sum of cash, licensed firearm, cell phones and jewelry. Twenty-one-year-old Jifon Gulliver was arrested and charged for the crime.
“When I come in, they say that they are searching for cocaine and guns, so I ask them who is in charge of the raid, and a short rank (name provided) said he is responsible for the search; and he said that they are going to do the search on a camera, and I did not object,” he related.
He explained that the officers went into the upper flat, and while searching his bedroom, he questioned the lack of a camera to record the search. The man said he then proceeded to switch on his security cameras, and the officers objected to this course of action.
“Whilst (searching) the house, they (officers) carry away some money (approximately $20,000) my wife give to my son to put up before they came. I picked up my money I had stashed downstairs, but a chain I wear earlier in the day was down on the lower flat and I didn’t find that chain too. That chain was 36 pennyweight and it is valued (at) over $300,000,” the father of three related.
The man said he is angry because the police would regularly target the family, and all their searches have turned up empty. He added that, in 2013, the Police conducted a similar search on his premises and more than $800,000 went missing. A report was made, but no progress has been made in the investigation. To date, there have been no headway in that matter.
Dhanpaul said that following the discovery on Friday night, made after the police had left, he travelled to the Leonora Police Station and made a report of the missing cash and items.

The Colombian Gold Night Club

The frustrated businessman said he is tired of the police frequenting his home and business place without any proper information. “I am sick and tired of this here. Every time Police come here, it affecting the business, because people think there is something illegal going on here. I went to the station and (lodged) a complaint (in relation to the missing cash and jewelry). I just hope that this doesn’t happen again, because is like these people targeting me and my family. When we do need the police they does never come, and we are fed up,” Dhanpaul complained.
Contacted, ‘D’ Division (West Demerara/East Bank Essequibo) Commander Leslie James confirmed the raid and said it was executed by ranks from Georgetown. However, he was unable to say whether anything illegal was recovered or whether an investigation would be launched to ascertain the truth behind Dhanpaul’s allegations.
The GPF Public Relations Officer Jairam Ramlakhan has said that in order to combat the allegations of officers stealing, the Force would be introducing a new system, wherein the raid party would be required to lodge every item seized before leaving the raid site. He added that both the rank in charge and the person whose premises is being raided would be required to document the items being confiscated and sign the list, each party receiving a copy thereof.
“This new system is to restore the public’s trust in the police, and it is also safeguarding both parties, so these allegations do not come up,” he posited.

Bus driver shot dead trying to save passengers from bandits


– Agricola twins among suspects

A Route-32 (Parika/Georgetown) Minibus driver is now dead after he was shot trying to save his passengers from three bandits yesterday.
The dead man has been identified as 38-year-old Tedroy Neil James of Suddie,

The area where the shooting took place being cordoned off. The minibus that Tedroy Neil James  (inset) was driving can also be seen.

Essequibo Coast.
The shooting occurred in the vicinity of Middle Street Mc Doom, East Bank Demerara sometime around 11:30hrs.
According to reports, James was driving minibus BTT 976 north along the East Bank Demerara Public Road – presumably heading to Georgetown – when he was instructed by a male passenger whom he had picked up on the West Coast of Demerara, to stop at Middle Street Mc Doom.
As the male passenger was about to disembark the vehicle, two male suspects, one armed with a handgun, pounced on the unsuspecting passengers and began to rob them.
James upon noticing the ruckus, attempted to drive away, apparently to create some distance between the robbers and his passengers. The father of two was fatally shot by one of the men in the process.
The suspects then made good their escape by hopping the median before running into a nearby street.
Public-spirited citizens subsequently took James to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he was pronounced dead on arrival.
The police in a press release stated that James was shot in the back.
The release also stated that one of the suspects is in police custody.
Kaieteur News was later informed that two men were being held in connection to the shooting. They have been identified as the Vasconcellos twins from Agricola.
One of the brothers is Curtis Vasconcellos. He is currently out on bail for robbery and an attempted murder.
Curtis Vasconcellos was one of the two men that led the police on a high-speed chase in Georgetown last November after allegedly robbing accountant, Baldeo Seegobin at the Tower Suites Hotel.
Meanwhile, the James family is now contemplating their next move.
The dead man’s sister, Aniki James, said that her brother was a hard worker and would have recently procured the minibus. She said that her brother’s death came months after she would have lost another sibling.


Guns, ammo found in barrel

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The GNSC wharf where the barrel containing the guns and ammunition was discovered

…smuggling ring involving bikes suspected

INVESTIGATORS have reportedly cracked a gun-smuggling ring involving big bikes, following a discovery of guns and ammunition in a barrel on a popular wharf in the city on Tuesday.
The Guyana Police Force (GPF) was summoned to the Guyana National Shipping Corporation (GNSC) wharf at Lombard Street, La Penitence, Georgetown, after two guns, a

An image of a GLOCK 45 handgun

GLOCK 45 pistol and a GLOCK 47 pistol, and a box of matching ammunition were found concealed in the engine of a CBR motorcycle. The motorbike was in a barrel at the time of the discovery. That barrel was reportedly addressed to Shenella Welcome of Lot 42 West Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

A source close to the investigation told the Guyana Chronicle that the shipment had arrived in the country last week, but it was only this week that OG Shipping and Delivery Service had acquired the requisite documents from the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) to clear its shipment of barrels.
OG Shipping and Delivery Service, located at Lot 7, Public Road, La Penitence, ships barrels and other containers to Guyana for its customers utilising the GNSC wharf.
The barrel with the contraband was scheduled to be delivered to Welcome’s West Ruimveldt residence, but not before it was cleared by Customs. “It was a door-to-door delivery,” the source told this newspaper.

According to the source, when the barrel was opened around 11:00hrs on Tuesday by Customs in the presence of Welcome, and a search conducted, the contraband weapons and ammunition were

Business in full swing at OG Shipping and Delivery Service. One of the many barrels that were collected by the company for delivery

discovered. Officers from GRA’s Drug Enforcement Unit, which has an office on the wharf, were also present when the discovery was made. It was following the discovery that police investigators were called in. Welcome was taken to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) to assist with the investigation.
According to a source, enforcement authorities have been trying to crack the case for some time now. “It is a big ring smuggling guns in bikes, and most of them end up at a known carwash on Mandela Avenue. So we have been tracking these movements,” the source explained.

It is believed that the U.S. Embassy has been contacted for assistance in the investigation in an effort to trace the origin of the guns.
When this newspaper visited the GNSC wharf, authorities there distanced themselves from the discovery. “Customs deal with it! Our employees had nothing to do with that,” Head of Admin, Pauline Goodridge, posited. Tight- lipped on the situation, Goodridge wasted no time in directing the Guyana Chronicle to OG Shipping and Delivery Office.
Over at O.G Shipping, business was in full swing. A company representative there told this newspaper that he was out of the district at the time of the discovery, however, he was told that the barrel was sent to Guyana from Brooklyn, New York.

The information provided by an officer appeared sketchy as it contradicted greatly with information provided by a source working closely with the investigation. However, according to the OG Shipping employee, the barrel had arrived in Guyana since last year and it was only on Tuesday that a woman came to uplift it. According to him, the barrel was sent to a man, but a woman came instead. When asked to speak with the person in charge at the shipping company, the employee said that person, whom he identified as “Shenella,” was at the Police Headquarters assisting with the investigation.

When the Guyana Chronicle visited CID, officers there refused to speak on the matter; a request to speak with Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum was also denied.
Last February, a Guyanese, who had resided in Georgia, was sentenced to five years in a federal prison after pleading guilty to smuggling dozens of guns to Guyana.

According to the Associated Press, federal prosecutors in Atlanta said 39-year-old Jermine Prosper, who lived in Conyers, legally purchased about 50 guns in Atlanta and smuggled them in shipping barrels to Guyana, where they were sold on the streets. According to the prosecutors, Prosper bought the guns between October 2013 and November 2015. They included 34 x 9 mm pistols, eight x.380-calibre pistols and six x.25- calibre pistols.

Bandit injured during shootout with cops

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…pensioner grazed by bullet

A BANDIT was shot and injured, while his accomplice escaped during a blazing gun battle with police in Agricola onTuesday afternoon. An elderly woman who was also accidentally grazed by a bullet during the crossfire is currently receiving medical attention at a private hospital.

In a statement police said acting on information ranks went to 4th Street, Agricola about 15:15h Tuesday where on arrival they were confronted by two armed male suspects, one in possession of a shotgun with its barrel sawn off and the other with a handgun.
“They opened fire on the lawmen who adapted tactical positions and returned fire,” police said in a statement. According to the police, during the exchange the suspect with the shotgun was injured and was apprehended and the weapon retrieved. However, the other suspect managed to elude the ranks, the police statement added. The injured suspect was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he is being prepared to undergo surgery.

Meanwhile, police said 63-year-old housewife, Parmaldai called Galo, of 124 Caesar Street, Agricola who was resting in a hammock next to where the shooting took place was grazed by a stray bullet. She was taken to the East Bank Demerara (EBD) Public Hospital at Diamond) where she was treated and sent away. However, her relatives took her to a private hospital where she is admitted. “The Police Force wishes her a speedy recovery,” the release stated.
The injured suspect was wanted for discharging of a loaded firearm at Grove EBD, on July 5,2017.

Mitwah posted:

Django, it could have been your aunt Lucille in that hammock. Guyana is a dangerous place. 

Guyana became a more dangerous place,never was like that when i was living there,too many guns in the wrong hands,the country is like the old Wild West.

The country needs trusted undercover law officers to rat out the miscreants,Bear in mind this branch of undercover law officers should not be used for Political purposes.

Burnham had one they were spying on the People and Politicians,one of my friend brother [an Indian] was with the branch,also experience their activities [in the 80's] while with a Political Party holding meetings in Berbice.

Django posted:
Mitwah posted:

Django, it could have been your aunt Lucille in that hammock. Guyana is a dangerous place. 

Guyana became a more dangerous place,never was like that when i was living there,too many guns in the wrong hands,the country is like the old Wild West.

The country needs trusted undercover law officers to rat out the miscreants,Bear in mind this branch of undercover law officers should not be used for Political purposes.

Burnham had one they were spying on the People and Politicians,one of my friend brother [an Indian] was with the branch,also experience their activities [in the 80's] while with a Political Party holding meetings in Berbice.

Can we say Gajraj and the likes of Rajah Khan?

skeldon_man posted:
Django posted:
Mitwah posted:

Django, it could have been your aunt Lucille in that hammock. Guyana is a dangerous place. 

Guyana became a more dangerous place,never was like that when i was living there,too many guns in the wrong hands,the country is like the old Wild West.

The country needs trusted undercover law officers to rat out the miscreants,Bear in mind this branch of undercover law officers should not be used for Political purposes.

Burnham had one they were spying on the People and Politicians,one of my friend brother [an Indian] was with the branch,also experience their activities [in the 80's] while with a Political Party holding meetings in Berbice.

Can we say Gajraj and the likes of Rajah Khan?

"Bear in mind this branch of undercover law officers should not be used for Political purposes."


Did you miss the above ??

Wha yuh saying Gagraj [Minister of Gov't] swore in Roger[Convicted Drug Dealer] as a law officer ?? and Ramsammy [Minister of Gov't] assist to get the spy equipment.

Django posted:
skeldon_man posted:
Django posted:
Mitwah posted:

Django, it could have been your aunt Lucille in that hammock. Guyana is a dangerous place. 

Guyana became a more dangerous place,never was like that when i was living there,too many guns in the wrong hands,the country is like the old Wild West.

The country needs trusted undercover law officers to rat out the miscreants,Bear in mind this branch of undercover law officers should not be used for Political purposes.

Burnham had one they were spying on the People and Politicians,one of my friend brother [an Indian] was with the branch,also experience their activities [in the 80's] while with a Political Party holding meetings in Berbice.

Can we say Gajraj and the likes of Rajah Khan?

"Bear in mind this branch of undercover law officers should not be used for Political purposes."


Did you miss the above ??

Wha yuh saying Gagraj swore in Roger[Convicted Drug Dealer] as a law officer ?? and Ramsammy assist to get the spy equipment.

This did not stop the PNC before. Why is it different now? Maybe your memory is failing.

skeldon_man posted:
Django posted:
skeldon_man posted:
Django posted:
Mitwah posted:

Django, it could have been your aunt Lucille in that hammock. Guyana is a dangerous place. 

Guyana became a more dangerous place,never was like that when i was living there,too many guns in the wrong hands,the country is like the old Wild West.

The country needs trusted undercover law officers to rat out the miscreants,Bear in mind this branch of undercover law officers should not be used for Political purposes.

Burnham had one they were spying on the People and Politicians,one of my friend brother [an Indian] was with the branch,also experience their activities [in the 80's] while with a Political Party holding meetings in Berbice.

Can we say Gajraj and the likes of Rajah Khan?

"Bear in mind this branch of undercover law officers should not be used for Political purposes."


Did you miss the above ??

Wha yuh saying Gagraj swore in Roger[Convicted Drug Dealer] as a law officer ?? and Ramsammy assist to get the spy equipment.

This did not stop the PNC before. Why is it different now? Maybe your memory is failing.

Watch how the "Jail break Crisis" is managed,Military man is dealing with it.

This conversation should have been on a different thread.

Escapee nabbed at Canal #1

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Recaptured escapee, Desmond James

Police on Friday night arrested prison escapee, Desmond James on a dam at Canal Number 1 Polder, West Bank Demerara.

Police said at around 22:50hrs Friday acting on information ranks proceeded to an abandoned house on a access dam at Canal # 1 WBD where Desmond James was arrested. He indicated that he was heading to Essequibo and was found with a knife and a few pieces of clothing, police said in a brief statement.

Security forces were able to confirm on Thursday that six Georgetown Prison escapees were on the run. With James being arrested the five now on the lam are: Mark Royden Durant called Royden Williams or “Smallie”; Uree Varswyck known as Malcolm Gordon; Stafrei Hopkinson Alexander; Cornelius Thomas and Cobena Stephens, called “OJ.” Police believe that the first four mentioned are travelling together while the other two are separate.
The Georgetown Prison, which was built to accommodate 600, was holding 1,018 inmates on Sunday. But after fire ripped through the correctional facility that day, authorities were forced to relocate more than 1000 of them to a walled field neighbouring the Lusignan Prison on the East Coast.

For much of Friday there was heavy police presence in Victoria, East Coast Demerara where it is believed some of the escapees might be hiding out. A Guyana Defence Force helicopter provided aerial cover while ground troops patrolled the forested backlands. Up to late Friday afternoon no one was arrested, but ranks are convinced that the men might be lurking somewhere in the area.

On Friday Public Security Minister, Khemraj Ramjattan sought to assure the nation that every effort is being made to recapture the escapees – all of whom are murder accused and/or convicts. “Every effort is going to be made to catch those six escapees. The joint services will be doing their best to hunt them down and bring them in” the minister said.
This was also the assurance of Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud, who shared that the joint services are currently conducting several operations to recapture the escapees. “…at a joint services level, we have embarked on several operations which are consistent with the plan,” he said. That plan which he referenced, is an operational plan developed by the joint services to be presented to the National Security Committee. The objectives of the plan are to ensure: security of the prisoners; security of the prisons; to recapture the six escapees; and to restore order in the prisons.
According to Persaud, that operation, along with the others, is intelligence-led.
Anyone with information on the whereabouts of the escapees are asked to contact the nearest police station. It is a criminal offence to harbour fugitives.

Thieves escape with granny’s gold-plated teeth after brutal beating


A 78-year-old woman was subjected to a brutal beating early yesterday- all because the two men who broke into her home wanted her gold plated teeth—and they did take them.

Roohnee Mithuram at the hospital yesterday.

Roohnee Mithuram of Lot 357 Eccles, East Bank Demerara (EBD) was choked, punched, slapped and had a pillow placed over her face around 03:00 hrs yesterday when two men in their mid-twenties to early thirties gained entry to her home from a kitchen window.
To wake her, the men placed a pillow on her face for several minutes and when she got up, she was punched in the face.
They tied her feet and continued hitting her in the face while asking where she had the money and jewelry.
In the end, the men escaped with the elderly woman’s teeth—even the ones that did not have gold, $6,000, three gold rings and personal documents.
A police source said that the men escaped after the pensioner fainted and a possibility exists that they thought she was dead.
Yesterday, one of the woman’s relatives, Chandra Katwaroo, said that after she heard about the incident, she went over to the woman’s home where she met her. The woman’s face was swollen and had black and blue marks.
Mithuram was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where she was treated and sent home to rest.
The pensioner related that she was in bed sleeping when the men went into her bedroom and put a pillow on her face to wake her.
When she got up, they demanded that she tell them where the valuables were as they beat her.
Not satisfied with what they had gotten and upon realizing that the woman had gold plated teeth in her mouth, they started punching her to get them out.
“She had six teeth in her mouth. Now she has none and I am not finding any in the house so like they take all, even the ones that did not have gold,” an angry Katwaroo posited.
The woman added that the thieves did not spare the 78-year-old woman—they kicked her in the ribs, choked her and cuffed all over her face.
“They really brutalize her. They take her passport and ID (Identification card) and even her wedding band that she wore for 62 years,” Katwaroo said.
The elderly woman even passed out and when she got up, she realized that the men had gone. “She untied her feet and went to call out for neighbours but no one responded,” Katwaroo noted.
She added that someone who would usually check on the woman found her crying sometime after 06:00 hrs yesterday while sitting in her yard.
The police was contacted and finger prints were taken.
Katwaroo is annoyed at the fact that the thieves brutalized such an elderly woman for money when in fact she lives on her pension.
Since the passing of her husband, the 78-year-old woman has been living by herself.

Teen inmate stabbed in Lusignan Prison brawl


A misunderstanding between three inmates at the Lusignan Prison has left one prisoner nursing stab wounds about his body.
Eighteen-year-old Allan Basdeo of Lot 4030 Zeelugt Squatting Area, East Bank Essequibo was on Saturday evening stabbed to his lower back and abdomen after he was attacked by two inmates, with whom he had an argument. The attackers used improvised weapons to inflict the wounds.
According to information, the 18-year-old who is incarcerated on a simple larceny charge got into an argument around 20:45 hrs which resulted in him receiving several stabs wounds about his body.
Basdeo was treated at the prison by a nurse.

Suspected bandit shot dead at Tuschen

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Eon Currency, 33, called ‘Muscle’ and ‘Slingerz Outlaw’ who was killed execution-style on Sunday evening at Tuschen (News Room Photo)

SUNDAY evening ended tragically for 33-year-old Eon Currency, called “Muscle” and “Slingerz Outlaw” of Tuschen Housing Scheme, East Bank of Essequibo (EBE) after he was found dead with a gunshot wound to his head.
The man’s shirtless body was found tangled on a red bicycle which he was reportedly riding up to the time of his death. He was shot to the forehead and reportedly collapsed along the roadside where he died.
The man, who some claimed to be a vendor, was well known in the village. According to reports, Currency used to collude with other notorious characters and robbed persons at the ‘Blacka’ dam at Tuschen New Scheme.
Muscle was reportedly involved in a robbery sometime back, during which a policeman’s gun was stolen.
“Oh S#%^! His name is muscle. He is a big time bandit. Dem does rob people at the Blacka at night and he does deh selling back their jewellery at Stabroek,” one resident, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, shared.
Investigators have indicated that they will not be ruling out the possibility of robbery as the motive for the killing.

Camp Street prison unrest… Another escapee recaptured


…four more to go

Wanted: Bartica and Lusignan massacre killer Mark Royden Williams, ex-cop Uree Varswyck, Stafrei Hopkinson, and Cobena Stephens

Cornelius Thomas, one of the prisoners who escaped during the fire at the Camp Street prison two Sundays ago has been recaptured.
The 32-year-old of Lot 36 Guyhoc Gardens was arrested around 15:00 hrs at ‘C’ Field Sophia, Georgetown.
Kaieteur News was informed that the police on receiving information that the escapee was hiding out there, went to the location and arrested him. He was on remand for murder.
On Friday, another prison escapee, Desmond James was arrested in an abandoned shack at Canal Number One, West Bank Demerara (WBD).
He was caught with a knife and a few pieces of clothing and told the police that he was heading to Essequibo.
Those still on the run are Bartica and Lusignan massacre killer Mark Royden Williams, ex-cop Uree Varswyck, Stafrei Hopkinson, and Cobena Stephens, 26, of Buxton. Based on information, Uree, Williams and Hopkinson are together and are hiding out in the backlands.
Just before 17:00 hrs last Sunday, the Camp Street prison surveillance cameras picked up five prisoners exiting the facility and making their way towards Bent Street, Georgetown, while opening fire on Tactical Service Unit (TSU) ranks that were guarding the compound.
It is suspected that Thomas and Stephens slipped away while they were being transported to the Lusignan Prison.
Following the unrest, prison officer Odinga Wickham succumbed to gunshot wounds inflicted on him by inmates at the prison. His colleague, Hubert Trim, who was the Duty Officer at the time, is in a critical state having sustained chop wounds to the head.
Prison officers Simeon Sandy, Errol Daphness, Drexel Gonsalves, Jason Maltoy and Dominic Mingo were also injured.
Meanwhile, the Guyana Police Force, in its efforts to recapture the prisoners, is appealing to members of the public, relatives and friends to give any relevant information as to the whereabouts of these escapees so that they can be captured and returned to the prison.
Also, an appeal is being made to the escapees to surrender to the police or relevant authority, to avoid any serious confrontation that is likely to result in the use of force.
All information will be treated with a high degree of confidence and also the rights of those escapees will be respected and upheld, the police said.

Heavily armed gunmen rob Cuyuni mining camps


Up to press time, police ranks were in the hinterland location waiting on transportation to

Henry’s camp that was attacked.

get to Kartuni, Cuyuni River, Region Seven where it is alleged that at least six heavily armed gunmen are targeting mining camps and brutalizing the workers. This has been going on for the past five days.
Yesterday, Divisional Commander, Rabindranauth Budhram, confirmed that the report has been received and that ranks were on their way to Kartuni.
He said that there is no information as to how many camps were robbed by the bandits, who were reportedly speaking fluent Spanish and Portuguese.
There is information that the gunmen are carrying high powered guns and they reportedly took away weapons belonging to at least two onsite security guards. The men escaped with raw gold, firearm, phones and at least six tractors.
While workers have been attacked, there are no reports of fatalities. At each camp the men attack, they reportedly destroyed the communication system, making it difficult for ranks and even the owner for the camps to get information.
Sheriff Mining Company owned by Mohamed Sheriff Henry was attacked on Monday afternoon.
The gold miner told reporters the bandits escaped with his guard’s weapons and an undisclosed amount of gold after beating his workers.
Henry noted that he heard that bandits were in the area and made contact with the police at the Bartica Police Station on Friday. He said that he was informed that the ranks were already aware of the issue.
He added that on Friday, the police made contact with him and informed him that his camp had been attacked.
“I ask the police how they know and they said that one of my workers were heading to the camp when he saw what was happening and immediately went to the other camp where he called the police at the Landing,” Henry noted.
He said that he had been told that the bandits took a female cook and another woman who were at his camp hostage but when contacted, Budhram said that he had not received that information and will only divulge what had been reported to him.
“Like all the camps these men go to, they destroying the communication system so we don’t know what is happening and there is no mode of transportation to get in because they took all the tractors,” Henry said yesterday.
It is unclear when the ranks will be able to get to the backdam. This newspaper was told that they were waiting at the Guyana Gold Fields.
Reports are that the division is expecting the Guyana Defence Force to help them get in by helicopter.


‘Small Man’ busted with over 16lbs ganja at road block – court hears


A taxi driver who was transporting a passenger to Linden was busted with over 16 pounds of marijuana hidden in compartments and in the trunk of the vehicle which was intercepted by ranks from the Customs Anti Narcotics Unit

REMANDED: Glenmore Mc Bean

This is according to CANU Prosecutor, Konyo Sandiford, who opposed bail being granted to alleged drug trafficker, Glenmore Mc Bean, 34, a taxi driver, of Lot 78 Wismar Housing Scheme, Linden.
Mc Bean, also known as ‘Small Man’, was arraigned before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and denied the allegation that on July 16, last, at Soesdyke Junction, East Bank Demerara, he had 7.388 kilograms of cannabis sativa (marijuana) in his possession for the purpose of trafficking.
Prosecutor Sandiford related to the court that on July 16, CANU ranks received certain information at Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara and as a result set up a road block at Soesdyke Junction, East Bank Demerara.
Prosecutor Sandiford said that motorcar HC 7963 which was being driven by Mc Bean was intercepted at the roadblock during which he admitted to having a bag of marijuana in the vehicle.
However, upon searching the vehicle the prosecutor said that ranks found parcels of marijuana hidden in a compartment and in the trunk of the vehicle.
Mc Bean is the registered owner of the vehicle, Sandiford disclosed.
Attorney-at-Law Bernard DaSilva who represented Mc Bean petitioned for him to be released on bail citing that special reasons arise from the circumstances under which his client was arrested.
DaSilva stated that on the day in question, Mc Bean was transporting a passenger to Linden when the car was stopped and searched and the alleged narcotics unearthed.
According to the lawyer, prior to the vehicle being stopped and searched, the passenger who was seated in the back disembarked the vehicle a few yards from the road block after receiving a phone call. DaSilva pointed out that the alleged narcotics were found in the passenger’s side compartment of the vehicle and also in the trunk.
The lawyer stated that his client should be granted pre-trial liberty since the alleged narcotics was not found in his possession but rather in the vehicle which had a passenger before it was stopped and searched.
Prosecutor Sandiford contended that Mc Bean provided CANU ranks with certain oral statements admitting that the drug was indeed in the vehicle.
But DaSilva argued that caution statements are subject to being tested by the court since the court is well aware of how they are sometimes extracted from an accused.
The Chief Magistrate refused bail for the defendant citing that no special reasons were raised by the defence to satisfy the court. Mc Bean will make another court appearance on July 13, for statements.

Note a black and a Portuguese are the crooks, not IndoGs as the slopcan crew would have us believe 

Duo charged in $85M cocaine bust

Kevin Fitzroy

TWO Essequibo residents who were arrested following an $85M cocaine bust made by the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) Coast Guard on a vessel on the Pomeroon River, were on Thursday charged.
John DaSilva, a 45-year-old farmer of Grant Strong Hope, Pomeroon and Kevin Fitz Gordon, 34, of Jim Housing Scheme, Essequibo were jointly charged with drug trafficking before Chief Magistrate, Ann McLennan.

John DaSilva

Particulars of the charge alleged that the duo on July 17, 2017 at Pomeroon River trafficked 94.954 kilograms of cocaine. The men pleaded not guilty to the allegations. They were represented by Attorney-at-law Mark Waldron. An official of the Custom Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) explained to the court that investigation into the matter is incomplete.
The Chief Magistrate remanded the two men and transferred the matter to the Charity Magistrate’s Court for August 28, 2017.
According to reports DaSilva and Gordon were intercepted on July 17, while heading to Georgetown on a vessel but when they saw the Coast Guard boat they decided to turn around and tried to escape. A substance suspected to be cocaine was found in the vessel.
They were intercepted about four miles off the mouth of the Pomeroon River. The men, vessel and suspected narcotics were handed over to CANU officers. Gordon was previously charged and placed before the court in 2015 for the possession of 1.0854 kg of cocaine for the purpose of trafficking. He was acquitted on the charge but in June 2017 he was arrested by CANU ranks for possession of a large quantity of US currency and handed over to the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU)

Mabaruma residents sense robbery cover-up

— call for investigation of police’s conduct

RESIDENTS of Mabaruma, Region One, are worried that attempts may be afoot to cover up a robbery which occurred in the Sub-region One on Tuesday last.
Police in the Region One town arrested three persons on Tuesday following a robbery which was committed on the home of gold dealer Geoffrey Hercules at Wanaina Hill, a small community outside the town.
The man’s son who was the only occupant of the house at the time, was beaten and gun-butted by the men during the mid- afternoon robbery.
Residents of the area told the Guyana Chronicle that three men, who were dropped off by a taxi driver near Hercules’s home, were seen entering the yard of the businessman.
Following an alarm, residents were told that the men had attacked and robbed the businessman’s son.
On Thursday, residents noted that the entire situation appeared pre-planned.
They recounted that less than an hour before the incident, Hercules had left the area by boat for Port Kaituma, another section of the region.
Also, at the time, most persons were travelling to Mabaruma to witness the regional finals of the Digicel football tournament which attracted hundreds of residents. Wanaina Hill is located some six miles from Mabaruma.
Moments before the robbery, a taxi driver, who was later arrested in connection with the incident, was seen sitting at a wharf at Kumaka, the main business community at Mabaruma.
The man had allegedly transported three men to Wanaina Hill and they were later seen entering Hercules’s yard.
Reports are that the police arrested several persons following the incident, including a suspect who was found with a gun.
The men, whose aliases were given as “Mikey”, “Kelly” and “Uglyman” were picked-up by police.
Another man, said to be of Venezuelan nationality, escaped from the police. Reports are that pieces of rope and duct tape were later found at a farm close by.
Residents told the Guyana Chronicle that one of the men remains in custody, while the alleged gunman was walking around freely at Kumaka on Thursday.
“Is only a matter of time before it sweep away, because money already pass,” a concerned member of the business community noted. “I just see one of the men who they hold in Kumaka and like I get cold right away,” the woman said.
Members of the business community have called on the authorities to investigate the conduct of police ranks stationed at Mabaruma

Shot bandit escapes from GPHC


…ditches red dress, wig, bra


The red evening gown and brassiere that Jeffrey left behind

An 18-year-old suspected bandit escaped from the Georgetown Police Hospital Corporation (GPHC) around 02:00 hrs yesterday, ditching a red dress, wig and a bra which someone had taken for him to disguise.
The suspect has been identified as Melford Jeffrey. He was shot to the back some time last week by the police. The cop who was guarding him is now under close arrest after it has been reported that he left the prisoner to go and sleep.
According to reports, Jeffrey who recently underwent surgery—upon noticing that the policeman was not around, pulled out a tube that was inserted in one of his hands and escaped—leaving blood on the floor.
It is suspected that Jeffrey was planning to escape from the hospital for some time.He even arranged for someone to take a red evening gown, a yellow brassiere, a wig and a pampers to shred and stuff in the brassiere to make him appear to be a woman.
“Maybe when he see the police had gone and everyone was sleeping, he just run and leave the dress and wig behind because it would have taken too long for him to get dressed,” a policeman said.
It is unclear when the rank on duty was made aware that the prisoner had escaped but reports are that when ranks went to the hospital to investigate, they found that the keys were in the handcuffs.
The Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan said that it is an embarrassing situation for the Guyana Police Force especially with all the training the police are receiving.

$1M stolen from Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club.


-95% of items recovered, two in custody

Perpetrators on Sunday evening broke into the Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club

(Above): Rose Hall Town Youth and Sports Club building.
(Below): The house where some of the items were found.

office, located in Area H Ground, Rose Hall Town stole a quantity of cash, appliances, hampers and donated items valuing nearly one million dollars.
Hilbert Foster, CEO/ Secretary of the club, told reporters that on Monday morning he was informed by a market constabulary rank that his office was broken into. He said the grill door which leads to the office was ripped away at the bottom.
Foster disclosed that a businessman had donated a million dollars in back packs. “My first concern was the school bags, but after checking we discovered that the majority was here. However when we checked we noticed that a grass cutter valued at $100,000, 20 school bags, a music set costing $150,000, amplifier, electric saw, electric drill, ten hampers, a large sum of food supply, more than $60,000 in cash and a cordless phone, among other items were stolen”.
Club members, he stated, had raised suspicions after the incident about the persons who would have stolen the items.
“There is a building in front of J.C that was taken back by the bank. We had our suspicions that the materials would have been stored down there. We went with two policemen and I peep through the window and saw a grass cutter standing up next to the wall. When I look I saw (hampers) lying on the ground”.
He revealed that 95% of the stolen items were recovered. The residents of Rose Hall assisted by returning some. “Some bag packs were seen scattered around the area but residents in Rose Hall brought them back”.
Two suspects have since been arrested in connection with the break and enter, while police claim that they are on the hunt for two others.

218 rounds of live ammo found in Annandale house


‘C’ Division ranks of the Guyana Police Force have arrested a 46-year-old fisherman in whose Annandale, East Coast Demerara home they discovered 218 live rounds of both .45 and 9mm ammunition during a search of the premises on Thursday at about 11:45h.
Based on police reports, in searching the home, ranks were acting on information received; and they have since arrested the fisherman, who remains in custody assisting with the investigation.

Fisherman stabbed to death at Meadow Bank


POLICE are hunting for a suspect “Chokadag” following the fatal stabbing of a fisherman at Meadow Bank Wharf, East Bank Demerara (EBD) on Thursday night during a fracas.

Police said they are making stringent efforts to apprehend the male suspect who is alleged to have fatally stabbed a fisher monger. A probe revealed that the victim, Chan Wen Wong, 42, of Lot 14 Seaforth Street, Campbellville, and the suspect had a quarrel which resulted in a physical confrontation.

They were parted by onlookers and the victim walked away only to be pursued by the suspect who whipped out a sharp object and stabbed him to the left region of his chest and fled the scene.

Wong collapsed after being injured and was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The body is presently at the Lyken’s Funeral Parlour awaiting a post-mortem examination. A visit to the man’s residence in Campbellville saw no one at the apartment which is occupied by a group of Chinese nationals, who are employed at Mei Tung Restaurant which is located on the second floor of Buddy’s Building on Sheriff Street.
At the Chinese eating house, employees said that Wong was a cook at the restaurant some years ago, but quit and turned to fishing and used to be at sea for long periods.
Employees added that Wong who used to hang around the wharf area when he was not at sea, came to Guyana as a child with his Chinese parents who have since passed away. They related that his parents had a business in the North West and after they died Wong came to the city and he was a cook at the restaurant for some time.
Police told the Guyana Chronicle that the suspect is known to law enforcement officials and efforts are being made to locate him.

Visiting Guyanese allegedly trailed from bank, shot during robbery


– Gunmen escape with $1.5M


Shot: Kwabena Wright

A visiting Guyanese was yesterday trailed from a city bank on Water Street, Georgetown, and shot to the right arm by gunmen who escaped with $1.5M.
Up to press time, 40-year-old Kwabena Wright, a father of two, was undergoing surgery at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).
Wright, a resident of Campbellville, Georgetown, and his wife, Uldeen, are teachers in the Turks and Caicos Islands. They are on vacation here with their two children and had plans to do some construction work on their home.
According to information received, the couple went to the bank to withdraw money to pay a contractor. The man was at the time driving his father’s car.
After making the withdrawal, Wright drove to Hand-in-Hand Trust Company on Middle Street, Georgetown, where he was said to be waiting on the contractor. While waiting, the victim’s wife left the car to go and get something to drink.
It was during this period that two armed bandits walked up to the teacher and demanded that he “pass the money.”
This newspaper was informed that Wright was about to drive away when the gunmen shot the car’s windscreen and also fired a shot at the man before grabbing the bag which was in the back seat.
Kaieteur News was informed that the victim’s wife, who had witnessed the ordeal from a distance, flagged down a taxi and tried to pursue the bandits, but her husband requested that she take him to the hospital instead.
Wright is the second person who was shot in the vicinity of Hand-in-Hand Trust Company. On November 23, last, a female security guard Natasha Williams was shot while trying to fend off two armed men during an attempted robbery at the company.

Released prisoner goes on robbery spree


… attacks 8 Berbice homes


Residents of East Coast Berbice communities between Palmyra and Seawell in Region Six (East Berbice/Corentyne) were shocked to learn that a man, released on Thursday after serving prison time for larceny, had plundered at least eight homes within a space of three hours, spanning the late evening hours of Thursday and the early morning hours of Friday.
Now safely back in the custody of law enforcement personnel, the man, when apprehended, was found with two bulky bags containing items from villagers’ homes.

One of the cars which was broken into and money stolen

The first reported breakage was in the village of Seawell, where Lolita Ramdass discovered that someone had removed several louvre panes from her window and had entered the lower flat of her two-storey building. The discovery was made at about 07:00h on Friday, when her granddaughter went to the lower flat and discovered both doors open.
Ramdass said items had been removed from her refrigerator, along with household items and three bags containing small sums of money. She also reported missing a cellular phone and its charger.
As Ramdass raised an alarm, persons from the back of the village who were on their way to work found several household items packed in a bag, and partly-used bottles of beverage nearby. A check revealed that some of the items belonged to her.
Askam Ally, who lives two houses away from Ramdass, was reportedly awoken from sleep at about 22:00h on Thursday by strange sounds in his Lot 5 Sewell home. Ally explained that he opened the door and confronted the person, who made a dash for the gate, and picked up a bicycle he had leaning on the fence. On that bicycle was a bulky bag.
And at about 02:00h on Friday, Annan Ajab, also called “Sham,” of Lot 59 Palmyra, said he was awoken but a strange sound; and upon checking, discovered that someone was using a flashlight to search one of his cars. He said that by the time he went out into the yard, the person had departed, but he discovered that two of his cars were broken into and items, including money and a cellular phone, had gone missing.
Ajab said the police were contacted, and after several checks in the community, they found a man walking a short distance away. The man was carrying two bulky bags. Further checks revealed that there were household and personal items in those bags. Several residents were later able to identify some of the items in those bags.
Ajab related that police also found a bicycle parked in a street with a bulky bag hanging on the handle.
Ricky Gowkarran of Lot 57 Palmyra said he was called out, and on his way to the gate, he discovered that his bicycle had been stolen. It was later discovered that the bicycle which was found with a heavy bag belonged to him.
Oma Karram of Lot 43 Palmyra said that when she got up, she discovered that someone had broken into her home and had partly emptied her refrigerator, and had removed a number of other items from her kitchen.
Some of the missing articles were found to be in the bags which the man was carrying when he was nabbed.
Vindud Ramnauth explained that he had heard a strange sound during the night, and later found that someone had removed three boots and other items from the shoe rack in his Lot 83 Palmyra Village home. Someone had also broken the window of his car, but had not entered the vehicle. The boots were among the items recovered in the bags.
A car belonging to Steve Samaroo of Lot 47 Palmyra Village was also broken into on Friday morning, but nothing was stolen therefrom.
Meanwhile, only some of the items discovered in the bags have been claimed by villagers between Palmyra and Seawell, East Coast Berbice.

Mother allegedly pelts teen son with knife


… undergoes surgery after intestine protruded

The Police are now investigating the circumstances surrounding a 13-year-old being rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) after he was allegedly pelted with a knife by his mother.
The teen of Agricola, Greater Georgetown, was rushed to the medical facility in an unconscious state on Saturday last, this publication was told.
Guyana Times understands the lad underwent emergency surgery after the knife allegedly struck his intestine.
According to reports, after the woman pelted her son with the knife, it stuck into his side and upon seeing this, the woman proceeding to pull the knife out. It was after the knife was removed that the teen’s intestines protruded through the wound. The teen then fell unconscious. He was picked up and rushed to the medical facility.
However, it is still unclear what prompted the woman to carry out the act.
Speaking with this publication, A Division (Georgetown-East Bank Demerara) Commander, Marlon Chapman said he was informed that a different report was given to the Police.
According to Chapman, the mother of the teenager is alleging that she sent her son to pick breadfruit from a tree in their yard. However, when the young man was returning, he fell onto a zinc sheet that was lying beneath the tree and cut himself.
Chapman revealed that the mother denied committing the act.
Reports indicate neighbours of the family reported to the Police that the woman indeed threw the knife at the boy, but the woman is claiming that because she and her neighbours are not on speaking terms, they made the allegation against her.
Meanwhile, Director of the Child Care and Protection Agency (CC&PA), Ann Greene has since said an investigation into the matter is ongoing and will provide updates as they are provided to her.


13 escape from Lusignan Prison


… 7 recaptured

…PPP/C expresses concern over latest disaster

Joining the four criminals that are already on the run, another 13 prisoners

The hole which the men dug to escape

escaped from the Lusignan penitentiary between Sunday evening and Monday morning, literally slipping out from under the nose of a Joint Services operation.

Among these 13 men, 10 were charged for murder, while one was charged for attempted murder and two for armed robbery. The murder accused are Clive Forde, Pascal Smith, Kerry Cromwell, Odel Roberts, Kendell Skeet, Rayon Jones, Jason Howard, Shawn Harris, Paul Goriah and Jamal Forde. The armed robbery accused are Teshawn McKenzie and Winston Long, while the attempted murder accused is Jamal Joseph.

By late Monday evening, Roberts, Jamal Forde, Jones, Long, Howard, McKenzie and Jamal Joseph were recaptured. Three were caught at Agriculture Road, Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, including Forde; and two others were caught in Georgetown. Howard was later recaptured in North East La Penitence, Georgetown while Joseph was caught in South Ruimveldt.

It is believed that the men escaped from the swampy pasture of the Lusignan Prison by digging a hole under the perimeter fence. The hole is about five feet in length and another five feet in depth.

While there are three layers of security at the penitentiary, the men were able to escape presumably during the downpour in the wee hours of Sunday.

The first layer of security, Guyana Times understands, is the actual prison security. Then there are the Police ranks who are overlooking the criminals, and outside the parameter are members of the Guyana Defence Force.

The Guyana Prison Service has come in for harsh criticism after it was revealed that the exterior of the prison had thick vegetation, which the men used to their advantage.

Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan, who appeared on the state owned National Communications Network (NCN) to speak to the nation, said a joint services’ operation codenamed ‘Clean Sweep’ has been intensified to recapture the fugitives, as well as the four who are still on the run following the fire at the Camp Street Prison.

Nevertheless, the Minister explained that there were 99 inmates in total in the swampy holding area, 13 of whom have escaped; but he said the remaining 86 will be transferred to the brick prison at Camp Street which has been sufficiently completed to securely hold them.

However, since the escape of the prisoners, Police have been combing the backlands along the East Coast of Demerara, and army and Police ranks have been stopping and searching vehicles along the East Coast Highway. In addition, security presence in the community of Lusignan has been beefed up; but the residents are still in fear. And in success, ECD, members of the joint services have been urging residents not to go into the backdam.

The escapees have now joined the Camp Street escapees: Royden Durant, aka Smallie; Uree Varswyck, aka “Malcolm Gordon”; Stafrei Hopkinson Alexander and Corbena Stephens.


Meanwhile, the Opposition People’s Progressive Party/Civic has, in a statement, expressed its deepest concerns over the latest “disaster to have befallen this nation.” The release stated that most dangerous prisoners escaped the pasture in which they were corralled at Lusignan, East Coast Demerara, and this is the latest tragedy that has catapulted the nation into even greater fear.

The matter, the opposition highlighted, is compounded by the fact that the present Government is manifestly incapable of saying or doing anything to allay the fear and trauma that have gripped Guyana.

“Will they still ludicrously contend that they inherited this situation from the PPP/C Government?” the PPP asked.

As such, the PPP/C reiterates its continued support for the members of the Disciplined Forces, and has urged them to expend their best efforts in seeking to capture all the escapees, so that Guyana can return to some degree of normalcy.

Corentyne family jumps from verandah as bandits invade home


Forty-one-year-old businessman Rakish Harold, also called Anil, his wife Nadia, 41, and their 21-year-old son Andrew were, in the wee hours of Monday, forced to vacate their home at Lot 41 Number 73 Village, Corentyne Berbice, jumping 10 feet from their verandah into a neighbour’s yard, where they sought refuge as a group of heavily-armed bandits invaded their home with intentions to plunder and pillage.

The window which the men used to gain entry to the building

Despite going to such lengths to evade the invaders, however, their efforts to escape injury were in vain, as the businessman and his wife received injuries to their feet as a result of them jumping off the shed; and, upon seeing them fleeing, the bandits discharged several rounds at the victims, hitting Rakesh in the right region of his body as he attempted to climb down a post to lessen the distance he had to jump. They are now patients at a regional hospital, being treated for the injuries they had sustained in the ordeal.
At the time of the invasion, the three family members were asleep in the lower flat of their two-storey building. The businessman told this publication he could not say how many men had entered his home, but there were at least six men, all armed with guns. He noted that none of the men was masked, and all were armed with guns.
According to the businessman, a steel door had thwarted the bandits’ attempt to gain access into the house, hence they entered the home by way of a window in the kitchen. The bandits reportedly used a ‘wallaba post’ to smash the glass window and grill to the bottom flat of the building; and when they realised that they were going to enter the home, the family fled to the upper flat, securing a metal door on the way. However, upon entering the home, the men discharged several rounds on the door to break it open.
“When I see that, we decide to go in the bedroom and lock up; and then I said, ‘No, they gon come in here and kill us’. So we run out before they reach upstairs, and open the veranda grill, and my wife and son, they jump straight in the neighbour yard.”
Nursing a permanent injury, Rakish Harold could not do likewise, and as he was climbing down a post, he sustained gunshot injury. Nevertheless, he headed for the fence, and scaled it as shots rang out behind him. He made it to a neighbour’s house, where he sought refuge and was taken to the Police Station.
The businessman explained that he was taken to the Springlands Police Station drenched in blood, leaving the bandits ransacking his house.


“When I reach the station I see about six Police, all of them with long guns, and they want me to give them my name and address and to tell them what happen, and the men still in my house. I tell them we got transportation to take them…”
He said his neighbour then took him to the Skeldon Hospital and ensured that he was being attended to before returning to the Police station by which time the officers were ready to go.
However, by the time the Police arrived on the scene the men had escaped.
Meanwhile, his wife Nadira Harold sustained a fractured leg when she jumped off the veranda. She was taken to the Skeldon Hospital, from whence they both were transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital.
Rakish Harold was later discharge while his wife was admitted. Andrew Harold, who was also injured when he jumped from the ten feet of the veranda, was treated at the Skeldon Hospital and sent away.
This publication understands that the couple returned from the US three weeks ago with plans to expand their business.
Police in a release have said that three shotgun-toting bandits early Monday morning entered the home of a Corentyne family and carted off an undisclosed amount of cash and gold jewellery, during which the family of three fled their home by jumping off a shed.
According to the police release, among the items removed from the home was the surveillance footage from sixteen cameras which are strategically placed around the house.
Police are investigating this incident.

Teen escapee found hiding in barrel at Agricola


Eighteen-year-old Marlon Jeffery, an Agricola resident who escaped from police

guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) on Wednesday last, was recaptured on Sunday morning, reportedly hiding in a barrel at a house in Brutus Street in that East Bank Demerara community.

Recaptured: Melvor Jeffery

Police Public Relations Officer Jairam Ramlakhan told Guyana Times that four other persons found in the home, two of whom are females, were also taken into police custody.
Jeffery, also called “Melvor Jeffery” and “Buck”, of Lot 120 Agricola, EBD, was sometime last week apprehended by police allegedly for possession of an illegal firearm and ammunition, and to answer two counts of discharging a loaded firearm.
In the police’s efforts to arrest Jeffery, the teenager had reportedly opened fire on the law-enforcement officials, and in that exchange of gunfire, the teen had sustained a gunshot injury to his back, thus he was hospitalised under police guard at the GPHC.
The teenager was, reportedly for some time, planning his escape from lawful custody, since pieces of female clothing and a wig were found in the vicinity of his hospital bed. He had also left a short trail of blood after he had pulled out the tubes attached to the back of his hand in order to escape.
The rank tasked with guarding Jeffery has since been placed under close arrest, after he allegedly had left his guarding post to go sleep, thus giving the suspect an opportunity to escape.

Duo arrested with illegal gun, ammo in Berbice


Police in B Division (Berbice) have arrested two persons after they were found in possession of an illegal firearm along with matching ammunition.

The unlicensed .38 revolver and five live matching rounds

According to Police reports, ranks on patrol duty on Sunday morning around 01:30h, stopped and searched a motor car on the Crabwood Creek Public Road.
During the search, the Police Officers discovered an unlicensed .38 revolver and five live matching rounds.
The two occupants of the vehicle, one of whom is a Caribbean national, were subsequently arrested and taken into Police custody. They are currently being processed for court.


Businessman shot during armed robbery


A 58-year-old businessman is now hospitalised at a private medical facility after he was shot during a robbery under arms committed at his home in North Success, East Coast Demerara.
Based on information received, the incident took place around 03:00h on Sunday.
Investigations revealed that the man and his wife arrived home after an outing in their motor car, PLL 1392. As they were in the process of entering the house, two males pounced on them. One was reportedly armed with a handgun, and the other with a cutlass.
During a brief scuffle with the businessman, the gunman reportedly discharged a round, injuring him while the second bandit bashed him over the head with the cutlass.
The bandits then dragged the victims into the house and demanded cash and valuables. They also ransacked the home as they sought to take everything of value.
Guyana Times understands that the men then fled the scene with an undisclosed sum of loot as well as the 58-year-old’s Toyota Rav4 vehicle.
Presently, no one is in Police custody for the armed robbery. Investigations are ongoing.


Bandits terrorise, rob Better Hope family


A Better Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD) family has been left traumatised after they were terrorised by a group of bandits late Saturday night.
The incident occurred some time after 23:30h.
Guyana Times understands that the family had a small birthday party at their Lot 55 Zohora Street, Better Hope residence, and were cleaning up afterwards when three masked men – including one armed with a gun and another with a cutlass – scaled their fence and ran up into the house, where they beat and terrorised the occupants before making off with a quantity of cosmetic jewellery.
Speaking with this publication, Christine Ramnarain related that it was her 38th birthday and she hosted a small social for a few relatives and close friends. The woman said that her daughter and a few relatives were on the veranda sitting while she and her aunt were in the house.
“I decided to lie on the chair and rest when these three men just run through the door. They come straight to me and start beating me in the head. Then, the one with the gun went in one of the (two) rooms and the other who didn’t had any weapon go in the other room and they ransack it,” she recalled, noting that the one with the cutlass remained with her.
The woman added that shortly after, the gunman returned saying that there was nothing valuable in the room and continued hitting her.
“He put the gun to my head – you could see his hand trembling – and he said “how you ain’t get money and your husband working…” but like he was frighten, so the one with the cutlass push him away. He start lash me, saying ‘don’t make a sound’,” the traumatised woman recounted to this newspaper.
According to Ramnarain, all this was happening while her cousins and daughter on the veranda were unaware of what was transpiring inside. Her husband was asleep in the downstairs apartment, along with her four other children. She continued that after about 30 strokes to her head, she could not take the pain anymore and started to scream. This alerted the others.
“The pain get overbearing, so I decided to scream to let them children know to lock up and hide. Now after my cousins them hear, they get up from the veranda to come see what happened, but the cutlass bandit run out to them and tell them don’t say a word,” the woman related.
The gunman then joined his accomplice out on the veranda while the unarmed bandit remained with her. She added that shortly after the two armed men left and scaled the fence, leaving the third accomplice behind in the house. However, as he made his way down the stairs, Ramnarain’s husband was coming upstairs to check on his wife, but after seeing the bandit, he ran back inside the downstairs apartment and secured himself with the children inside. The bandit then made good his escape.

Christine Ramnarain’s battered hand after she was severely beaten by the bandits

The ordeal lasted for less than 10 minutes, but left not only the family members living there traumatised but their visitors as well. Ramnarain said they could not sleep the entire night and her younger children were up all night crying.
Meanwhile, her eldest daughter related to Guyana Times that when the bandits confronted them on the veranda, they demanded all their valuables. However, most of the guests were wearing cosmetic jewellery that appeared to be gold and so they handed them over to the men. The cutlass-wielding bandit then struck two bottles that were on a table, shattering them and in the process, ended up broadsiding one of the guests on her hand and head.
This publication was told that when the men scaled the fence and ran up the stairs, they were seen by a neighbour, who contacted the Police. However, the ranks and the Community Policing Group (CPG) members in the area arrived about 10 minutes after the bandits left.

Young father kidnapped, beaten, robbed by bandits


A young father of one was on Monday morning kidnapped, beaten, and robbed by bandits after which he was locked in the trunk of his car at Zeelugt New Scheme, West Coast Demerara (WCD).
The man has been identified as 23-year-old Rajendra Narine of Parika, East Bank Essequibo.
According to information Guyana Times received, Narine parked his Toyota Premio motor car in front of a bank in Parika and left to run an errand.
However, while returning to his car, he noticed two males sitting on a nearby bridge, but paid them no mind.

The victim: Rajendra Narine

Narine then proceeded to enter his vehicle and drove off, but was forced to stop when motor vehicle PTT 5888 drove into his path.
The two men who were seen sitting on the bridge entered Narine’s vehicle and one demanded that he hand over a bag, which supposedly contained $600,000.
He relayed to this publication that he informed the men that he was unaware of any such money, but was further traumatised when the driver of the car that stopped him entered the vehicle with a gun and demanded that he drive.
The masked men took Narine to a location aback Zeelugt where they further demanded the money and threatened to kill him if he did not comply.
He told this newspaper, “They ask me ‘bout three times and them seh them gon shoot me and kill meh…Them lash me in the right side knee at the back and them ask me fuh the $600,000 and meh seh me nah know bout $600,000, them mistake me, and them nah answer…And then them seh they gon shoot meh and kill meh.”
Narine was then beaten about his body by the three men who even fired a gunshot a short distance away from his feet.
However, they subsequently knocked him unconscious and placed him in the trunk of his car when they noticed a truck proceeding in their direction.
The robbery victim awakened some time later and made contact with his family after realising that his phone was still in his pocket.
His brother reported the incident to the Police and was accompanied by a Police Officer, who visited the crime scene and released Narine from the car trunk.
Upon inspection, it was revealed that the gunmen had stolen Narine’s $85,000 car instalment as well as $3000 in change before making good their escape.
A report was made by Narine to the Parika and Leonora Police Stations. The matter is currently being investigated and a manhunt was launched for the gunmen.

Cop allegedly beaten, family terrorised during Joint Services operation


A Police Constable and his family members are now left in a traumatised state after ranks in a Joint Services operation invaded his home and allegedly beat him.
The incident reportedly occurred on Thursday last around 21:20h when the Constable, Carloid Austin, 33, along with his wife and 10-year-old daughter, was at home.
Reports indicate that the SWAT Unit with about 15 officers, all armed with weapons and shields, entered the man’s premises and pointed guns at him as Austin opened his door to make enquiries.
However, one rank allegedly used his gun and dealt the Constable blows to his head and subsequently threw him to the ground and continued to beat him.
At this time, other ranks started to ransack the cop’s home, even inspecting the ceiling. Austin’s wife revealed that following this action from the lawmen, she began to enquire what was happening, but was horrified when she was told by one of the ranks, “We come to kill!”
Constable Austin was later blindfolded with his shirt, handcuffed, dragged to a vehicle and taken to a location known as Milly’s Hideout, where he was further beaten, this time with a plastic bag tied over his head.
Following the beating, the rank escorted the man to the Mackenzie Police Station where the handcuffs were removed and he was instructed to find his way home.
However, the Constable refused as he was barefooted and had no money, so he was subsequently taken a short distance from his home.
On Friday last, the family visited the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) where they lodged a formal complaint as to what transpired.
When contacted, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum confirmed that he was aware of the operation, but was unaware of what took place. He also stated that the Constable was aware of the Standing Operating Procedures and should know what action needed to be taken.
Constable Austin, who has been a lawman for over 10 years, is stationed in the construction unit of the Police Force at Eve Leary.

Mentally-ill man shot after mistaken for prison escapee


Up to press time, doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital were preparing to operate on a 36-year-old man who was shot by the police yesterday in Annandale, East Coast Demerara (ECD).

Mistaken for prison escapee, Charles Peters

The victim, Charles Peters of Lot 184 Melanie, East Coast Demerara, and a former rank from the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) was shot to the right arm and back around 12:30 hrs.
According to information received, the police received information that an “untidy looking” man, wearing old clothes, with what seemed to be mud on his skin, was seen in Annandale.
Ranks immediately went to the location where they saw the individual, who began running from them—this resulted in the lawmen opening fire and hitting the man. Upon getting a closer look, residents in the area later identified the victim as someone of unsound mind who did odd jobs for persons in the same village he was shot.
One of the man’s siblings, who declined to give her name, said that after leaving the army, the father of two went to neighbouring Suriname to spend some time. It was when he returned to Guyana that he developed mental issues. She could not say what really transpired, other than receiving a call from someone who informed her that the man had been shot.
Ranks from the Guyana Police Force’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) are investigating the matter. At least two ranks were seen visiting the former GDF rank at the hospital, but he was unconscious.
Divisional commander, Calvin Brutus could not be reached for a comment yesterday, but ranks in his division confirmed that OPR is dealing with the matter.
Meanwhile, heavily-armed police ranks and soldiers were called to the Camp Street Prison around 08:30 yesterday after it was reported that the 86 high-profile inmates taken there Monday night from the pasture at the Lusignan Prison, were trying to break out.
The inmates are being housed in the concrete building, which was renovated after the fire on July 09, last—it was the only standing structure after the blaze was extinguished. It is unclear as to what led to the inmates behaving in such a disorderly manner yesterday.
According to information received, the prisoners removed mattresses from iron beds in the cells and started banging at the walls of the building and threatening to burn the prison once again.
When this newspaper arrived yesterday, fire tenders were seen at the four corners of the prison as well as soldiers and heavily-armed police ranks.
Kaieteur News was informed that four prisoners, who were identified as the ring leaders, were subsequently placed in one cell where they were given mattresses with no frames.
The 86 prisoners were taken to Camp Street after 13 of their fellow inmates dug their way out of the pasture at Lusignan Prison sometime between Sunday night and Monday morning.
Seven of those inmates have since been recaptured.

Crabwood Creek farmer critical after “thrashing” from gang of seven

A 24-year-old Crabwood Creek farmer was on Sunday evening reportedly attacked by a gang of seven men, leaving him nursing serious injuries.
Cheddi Eshwar Sawh of 97 Grant 2767, Crabwood Creek, is currently a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital with a severe head injury sustained during the assault.
Kaieteur News was informed by one of the man’s relatives that after spending a few hours at his girlfriend’s house, Sawh, while on his way home along the Crabwood Creek public road, was confronted by a gang of men who dealt him blows about his body and head before escaping.
According to the relative, an eyewitness revealed that Sawh was mostly beaten in the head during the ordeal.
Relatives are of the belief that the farmer was mistaken for someone else, while explaining that a few houses away from where the attack occurred is a “liquor shop”, “Saturday night dem (assailants) and a boy had a fight at the rum shop, one ah de boy get beat up, so Sunday he come back with he crew,” the relative recounted.

An injured Cheddi Sawh lying helpless after the savage beating

“When we check back, de boy dem fight with at the rum shop Saturday night and he (Sawh) look nuff alike, so dem think is the boy and dem beat he (Sawh) up”. The home of the victim’s girlfriend is located some four houses away from the “liquor shop”.
From reports gathered, four of the attackers names were disclosed, however “dem people ain’t know the other three name, but them say if dem see dem, dem can identify dem”, a relative said.
According to a police source, investigators are presently looking for the other accused, since searches at their known address have come up empty-handed. This publication also understands that Sawh was at the “liquor shop” Saturday evening, but it is unclear whether he was a part of the fracas. Meanwhile, police have confirmed that one person has since been placed under arrest.

Recaptured: Lusignan Prison escapee nabbed in Linden


…7 charged, 3 jailed on escaping charges

…tell court they escaped from pasture not prison

Some three days after escaping from the Lusignan Prison, murder accused Kendall Skeete was nabbed in Wismar, Linden, on Wednesday morning, nowbringing the total of recaptured escapees to eight.

Skeete was found at an abandoned house in Wisroc Housing Scheme, Wismar, at approximately 11:15h on Wednesday.

According to Divisional Commander Fazil Karimbaksh, the Police Anti-Crime Squad, acting on confirmed information from its intelligence network, responded and was able to apprehend the fugitive without any use of force.

A cordon and search was also conducted on the building where the murderaccused was discovered alone. Skeete, who was in prison for the murder of a Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara man back in 2008, has since been transferred back to Georgetown.

Skeete, who hails from Wismar, is believed to have been trying to make his way into the interior.

Commander Karimbaksh noted that Skeete cooperated fully with the Police and confirmed that he indeed escaped from the Lusignan facility.

The 25-year-old murder accused was among 13 inmates, who fled through a hole under the fence at the walled pasture at Lusignan Prison between Sunday night and Monday morning. While there are three layers of security at the penitentiary, the men were able to escape during the downpour in the wee hours of Sunday.

It was reported that the men escaped from the fenced-in swampy pasture of theLusignan Prison by digging a hole under the perimeter fence. The hole was about five feet in length and another five feet in depth.

The first layer of security, Guyana Times understands, is the actual prison security, then there are the Police ranks who are overlooking the criminals and on the exterior, there are members of the Guyana Defence Force.

The Guyana Prison Service has come in for harsh criticisms after it was revealed that on the exterior of the prison, there was thick vegetation, which the escapees used to their advantage.

However, the freedom of most of this group of escapees was short-lived as seven of them were recaptured during the course of Monday by ranks of the Joint Services.

They have since been charged and appeared at the Cove and John Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday, facing charges of escaping from lawful custody.

During the arraignment, three of the men pleaded guilty and were sentenced to one year’s imprisonment. They are: 22-year-old Jamal Forde, Jamal Joseph and 19-year-old Winston Long. The presiding Magistrate, Peter Hugh told the men that because they did not waste the court’s time, their sentence was set at the minimum end of the scale and not the three years’ maximum.

Meanwhile, the four other escapees: Teshawn McKenzie, Royan Jones, Jason Howard, and Odel Roberts, pleaded not guilty and they were remanded until their case is called again in August at the Vigilance Magistrate’s Court.

The men told the court that they escaped from a pasture and not a prison, arguing that the only reason they did so was because of the conditions they were forced to stay in.

Efforts continue to recapture the remaining five fugitives on the run. Additionally, the Joint Services are also on the hunt for the four inmates who initially escaped from lawful custody on July 9 after staging an attack on correctional officers at the Camp Street Prison and setting the penitentiary alight.

In total, the nine escapees are: Clive Forde, Shawn Harris, Kerry Cromwell, Pascal Smith, Paul Goriah, Mark Royden Durant, Uree Varswyck, Stafrei Hopkinson Alexander, and Cobena Stephens

GTT offers $1M reward for information


Vandalised cables

In light of repeated wilful damage to its fibre-optic cable network, GTT has disclosed that the company would be offering $1 million for information that would lead to the incarceration of the vandals.

This was disclosed by GTT Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Justin Nedd at a press conference at the Public Telecommunications Ministry on Wednesday.

“We hope that with the reward; we get more people coming out to say what they

Public Telecommunications Minister Cathy Hughes (centre); GTT CEO Justin Nedd (right) and another official

saw that will lead to the conviction of criminal elements and the reward is $1 million,” Nedd stated.

The CEO believes that rogue elements are continually sabotaging the company’s fibre-optic network and noted there were four such instances of sabotage recorded over the last 10 days. The affected communities included Mahdia, Linden, Mabaruma, Bartica, Kwakwani and Ituni where mobile, and Internet and landline telephone services to over 20,000 homes were disrupted.

Nedd explained that the damaged fibre-optic cables were like pieces of broken glass, which, according to him, have no value unlike copper wire, which is often vandalised. He stressed that the vandals “know what they are doing” and added that the damage to the cables was destroying the country’s communications infrastructure and Information Communications Technology (ICT) growth.

“What we have is damage to the nation’s infrastructure by criminal-minded organisations or individuals who don’t want to see our country progress. It is clear that we have enemies and having enemies means that we stand up for something. The recent spate of sabotage will only impair ICT growth and growth of Guyana,” the GTT CEO told the media briefing.

Under the nation’s laws, persons who destroy various categories of communications equipment are liable to a misdemeanour and can face up to two years in jail. Public Telecommunications Minister Cathy Hughes told the media gathering that Government intended to deal with the perpetrators, and noted that more CCTV cameras would be placed in key areas across the country to catch the culprits. She noted that tele-medicine, online-based school projects and the general ability of the public to access online services were all hindered.

“Anybody that is callous and uncaring to cut a cable that prevents people in the event of a personal emergency, who can’t even pick up the phone to make call; students that might be preparing now for mock exams – whatever the scenario is, it is totally unacceptable and we will deal with the perpetrators,” the Minister strongly expressed.

She reiterated that Government would go to the full extent of the law to ensure that the practice was stopped and she further appealed for fair competition in the sector.

“We will go the full extent of the law. If this happens to be some warped sense of competition, I want to say that in the spirit of fair competition and trade, all should be allowed to conduct legitimate and responsible business,” she noted

An active investigation into the destruction is ongoing, but the company maintained its silence on individuals or institutions it possibly suspects of the reported “sabotage”. The company explained that it has spent some $50 million over the last 12 months – money which it said could have gone to improve bandwidth services, but stressed that the damage would not slow its progress.

The hotline number to report vandalism is 0908

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