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As fast as police close one down another pop up. This is just a publicity stunt by the Granger administration, they deep in with the drug lords, giving them a free pass with the white stuff and making a show of burning ganja.

Police destroy marijuana field, make-shift camp

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The illegal plants and other items that were set on fire

A QUARTER- ACRE plot of cultivated cannabis, a make-shift camp and a quantity of dried cannabis were destroyed by fire during a joint operation in Region Seven on Saturday.

The police in a statement said no one has been arrested and a live 12-gauge cartridge and an identification card which were found in the camp have been lodged.

The operation was organised on the basis of intelligence gathered and about 11:00hrs on Saturday, the team (policemen and soldiers) ascended on Arou Mountain Top and successfully executed their plan, the release said.

Bath family beaten, robbed; cars torched in bandit attack


The police are investigating the circumstances surrounding an incident in which a five-member family of Bath, West Coast Berbice, was on Sunday night beaten and robbed by three gunmen, and two motor cars in proximity were torched.
According to the female shop owner (who asked not to be named), she operates a grocery store and beer garden on her premises, and was in the shop around 22:00hrs (10pm), attending to two patrons. Her husband was at the time in the inner portion of the building sorting some bills to be dealt with the following day, while her two teenage daughters were watching television and six-year-old son was asleep.
It was then that three men armed with handguns entered the premises and began beating the two patrons.
After assaulting the patrons, two of the men proceeded to force their way into the dwelling via a side door, while the third man kept guard over the two patrons who were huddled in a corner. The men brutally assaulted the woman’s husband and two daughters before forcing them to lie on the floor and demanding that they remain quiet.
Amid threats to the woman, the men demanded money, telling her that they had information on her, and that she must hand over all the gold and money she had. All she could do was plead with the men and watch them ransack the shop.
The men eventually stumbled upon sixty thousand dollars in cash which she had in a purse, and they took away an undisclosed sum from the drawer where cash is normally kept.
The men also relieved each family member of whatever jewellery they were wearing, as well as five cellular phones.
According to the traumatized shopkeeper, everything happened very quickly, and the men left after spending less than fifteen minutes on the property.
The youngest of the family, the six year old boy, has been left traumatized by the ordeal, the shop owner said.
While the victims are happy to have escaped serious injuries, one of the patrons can count himself as being very unfortunate. Not only did the robbers use his car in their escape bid, the car was taken into the Hopetown cemetery and set alight. The burnt-out car was discovered early Monday morning with documents nearby conforming ownership.
When the police responded to the report of the robbery on Sunday night, they were on time to witness a car on fire a short distance away from where the robbery was committed, and it is believed that the gunmen may have used that car to get to their objective, and then set it on fire having accomplished their mission.
The police are continuing their investigations.

Contractor shot during attempted robbery in Better Hope

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A Contractor of North Better Hope, East Coast Demerara was shot in the upper region of his right side ribs during an attempted robbery in front of his premises on Monday night.

He has been identified as 31-year-old Terence Ramlochan, who has since been admitted to a private hospital in a stable condition.

According to a police report, at about 21:00hrs, Ramlochan drove up in front of his gate, exited his vehicle and was in the process of opening the gate when a male suspect armed with a handgun pounced and demanded cash and his cellular phone.

He refused and tried to disarm the suspect but the suspect discharged a round which struck Ramlochan, who then fell to the ground; the suspect quickly fled the scene. Investigators are working on all possible leads to have the perpetrator arrested and brought to justice.

Bandits with toy gun attack ECD supermarket

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The GST Supermarket where the robbery occurred

TIMOTHY Bhagwandin, a food vendor of Triumph, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was robbed of one Samsung Galaxy S4 cellular phone valued $36,000 by two masked men, one of whom was armed with a toy gun on Tuesday evening.

Guyana Chronicle understands that the man was shopping at the GST Supermarket, Chateau Margot, ECD when two men, wearing masks, entered the store at around 19:40hrs.

A security guard, who works with GST, confirmed that one of the suspects stood at the entrance to the supermarket, while the other suspect proceeded inside. The suspect allegedly drew what appeared to be a black handgun and pointed it in the direction of the customers and proprietor, 21-year-old Tang Lue and demanded cash and valuables.

According to the guard, the proprietor resisted and threw the suspect to the ground. In the process, the mask fell off and the handgun fell to the ground. The man ran out of the store with the other suspect and snatched the customer’s cell phone in the process.

Both bandits joined a silver coloured car and escaped in an easterly direction. The police responded and discovered that the handgun is a metallic air pistol. No one was injured and no arrest has been made so far.

Bicycle bandit robs canter driver -cart off with $200,000

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The canter truck which distributes gas to the community

A DISTRIBUTOR of RUBIGAS, whose name was given as Roopnarine, was robbed of $200,000 by a bicycle bandit in Campbell Street, Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara (EBD) in broad daylight on Wednesday afternoon.

Sheila Persaud, who usually purchase gas from the man, told the Guyana Chronicle that Roopnarine was sitting in the canter awaiting his co-workers to deliver gas to Persaud’s shop when a man armed with a handgun approached him on a bicycle.

The bandit held Roopnarine at gunpoint and relieved him of the day’s earning.

“I was inside when I heard one of the co-worker told another one to run bai he got a gun…the boy run in my backyard and was breathing hard,” said Persaud.

When she came out of her home, she saw the man on the bicycle riding off, after which she approached Roopnarine, who related what transpired. The police were contacted but the bandit managed to escape.

Persaud told this newspaper that persons are robbed frequently in the area as she pleaded with the police to improve their presence in the community.

Decrease in crime due to multiple approaches by police – Ramjattan


Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan, believes that the decrease in crime is as a result of three approaches adopted by the Guyana Police Force. The force has and continues to strengthen the approaches.

Public Security Minister Kemraj Ramjattan

Ramjattan said that increased community confidence in the work of the force, coupled with a greater focus on professionalism within the organization, and the providence of adequate resources to assist the force to fulfill its mandate is key to recent gains.
It was revealed recently, that for the period January 1 to May 12, last, 41 persons were victims of homicide, as compared to 55 for the same period in 2016. Comparatively, this translates to a 25 percent reduction, or 14 fewer victims for this year, when compared to the previous year, 2016.
“Further, the statistics indicate a clearance rate for homicides for the year 2017 is at an all-time high which is 83 percent. This means that 83 percent of the murder reports received for the year were solved by the Guyana Police Force.
At the beginning of the APNU+AFC government’s tenure in office crime was one of the ‘troublesome’ issue that had to be addressed. Many had even called for the removal of Ramjattan but he was adamant that the force has a plan to arrest the situation.

Community Confidence in Police
In a very candid interview Ramjattan said that while crime is continuously decreasing much more needs to be done in fighting crime. That aside, Ramjattan said that communities across the country have shown greater confidence in the police so information gathering which is critical to fighting crime is much better.
He said that it is no secret that in times past, persons were apprehensive about giving information to the police but this has changed. As a matter of fact, the AFC member said that communities are assisting the police by letting them know who is about to commit a crime or who has committed a particular crime.
And it is collaborative work like that is assisting the police in apprehending many criminals. Additionally, Ramjattan explained that the leadership of the force has been critical in augmenting the gains the force has made so far.
He said it was important that the police are allowed to do their work without any interference for anyone let alone the government. He said that since becoming Minister he has made it his duty not to micromanage the police force.
Ramjattan said that the law enforcement body has enough capable and qualified individuals to do its work therefore there is no need for interference.

Police Professionalism
An issue that has been a ‘thorn’ in the side of this and previous governments is the professionalism or the lack of it, by some police officers. Ramjattan said that he is taking a ‘no nonsense’ approach in this regard.
The Public Security Minister said that rogue cops will be dealt with swiftly and condignly since there is no place in the police force for such officials.
He said that there will be no leniency in dealing with corrupt police officers, “if they want to take bride, we will catch them in sting operations”. Ramjattan said that police officers who have a penchant for collecting a ‘raise’ should know by now that they run the risk of being interdicted from the force for such behaviour.
There is also a more serious risk of them being placed before the court for such practices. Ramjattan said that ‘every single’ complaint made against police officers will be investigated by the Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR).

Additional Resources
Another critical area according to Ramjattan is the amount of money being expended to ensure that police officers are properly trained and have the necessary resources to do their work.
He said that to date more than 200 police officers have benefited from overseas training to ensure that the force is on par with what obtains internationally. He said that Government has been supporting these training and will continue to do so.
On top of that, Ramjattan said that modern vehicles and weaponry have also assisted in this area.
He said that while the direction in which the police force finds itself is commendable, there are some issues that are still of concern to him and are being addressed.
One area that continues to be of concern to the authorities is the Stabroek Market Square. He said that plans are in train to place a number of additional close circuit television cameras (CCTV) in that area.
Ramjattan explained that once the funds become available, from the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) that government has approached, those cameras will soon be installed.
In the meantime, he is advising the citizenry to wear very little gold and other jewelry and to do more cheque transactions and avoid moving around with lots of cash.

Burglars cart off $3.5M from home of Corentyne vendor

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The House that was robbed

TWO persons are in police custody following the burglary of a Manchester Village, East Berbice Corentyne family on Thursday.

The Hally’s are counting their losses after burglars relieved their home of $3.5M cash in local

Daysha Halley points to an empty canister on Friday

and foreign currency.

The incident occurred at the family’s home sometime between 08:30hrs and 14:30hrs on June 1.

Daysha Halley told Guyana Chronicle that she and her husband Dexter Halley sell ground provision and would usually leave in the morning to go out with their canter trucks and return at the nights.

She explained that their home would be locked and the keys left with their eldest daughter 12 year- old Julita Hally, who attends a nearby Secondary School. After school, Julita would return to the family house, do her chores and take care of her 2 younger siblings aged 10 and 8 until her older brother returns from the Technical Institute at approximately 17:00hrs daily.

The emotional mother said that on Thursday when her daughter returned from school she found the door ajar and upon further investigations noticed the home was ransacked.

“When Julita come home and try fuh open the door with the key the door pitch open she go inside and see the backdoor open and when she go upstairs she see the whole house ransack,” said the woman.

The ground provision vendor said her daughter ran out of the home and started screaming, but waited on the bridge until her brother got home at 17:00 hrs as she was scared, did not know what to do. The 12 year-old girl did not have a phone to call her parents.

After her brother arrived home, he called their parents who rushed home. Upon arrival, Halley said she ventured inside to find her home completely ransacked and the canister which they have their savings emptied and left on the sofa.

“When my son call he say mommy! Mommy! Come home now something bad happen when I reach home I meet my canister, all documents and all them important papers gone… the canister was locked with two padlocks and them break it open them had to spend long inside the house cause
is every corner tumble and they had to make a lot of noise to break it open and still nobody aint hear nothing or see nothing”.

Halley related that some of the money stolen was saved for the purchase of a piece of land for her elder son, while the remainder would have been used to expand her business. The devastated woman called on the Guyana Police Force to conduct a thorough investigation so that the perpetrators can be brought to justice.

“ I deh doing this work for over 25 years and little, little we save, we started with a donkey cart and flambo light and then we buy a canter and now …all we savings gone”.

The bandits also carted off with 15 pieces of gold jewelry belonging to the family. It is believed that the bandits gained entry to the house by breaking a picket from the fence and then breaking the locks on the door to the lower flat.

Berbice man killed over $2,000 pension

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The suspect as he was escorted by police to the scene of the crime. He was only indentified as Shadow

AN 88-year-old man lost his life senselessly over a measly GY$2000 on
Friday after he was attacked by an alleged “junkie” at around 12:30
hrs at his Corriverton home.

Fitzherbert Grimes in his
younger days

The octogenarian identified as Fitzherbert Grimes, lost his life at his
Hazel Street home a little after lunch on Friday, after he was allegedly
strangled and brutally beaten to death by a 32- year old man identified as ‘Shadow.’

According to a relative, Dexter Parks, Grimes who was fondly called
“ Grandfather” was at home relaxing when ‘Shadow’ entered the yard and
demanded Grimes’ pension money which, he,Grimes had collected the day before.
The father of eight allegedly refused to hand over the money and shouted at
‘Shadow’telling him to “go and look for work.” This seemed to anger the suspect as he grabbed the elderly man by the neck and started to choke and stomp him.

The badly injured man was rushed to the Skeldon Hospital where he succumbed to his injures an hour later.

The home of the elderly man where the incident occurred

When this publication visited the scene a few of the deceased relatives were present. Inside the home blood stains smeared the wall while the pensioner’s dentures were in a corner on the floor.
Meanwhile, the suspect was apprehended by Parks and other neighbours who restrained him as he made several attempts to escape. Shortly after
the police arrived and  took him to the Springlands Police Station where he subsequently confessed to the brutal beating.

According to a police source close to the investigation, ‘Shadow’
confessed to killing the senior citizen and taking $2000 from his
person when he collapsed.

Meanwhile, a neighbour said the suspect was as a “troubled
individual” who was recently released from prison.

Grimes was described as a quiet, loving and understanding person.

Bandits shoot woman in stomach in attempt to steal car


– attack occurred near police station

Police were last night trying to track down two bandits who shot a 44-year-old woman in the stomach outside her residence at Lot 2, Victoria Road, Plaisance, East Coast Demerara.
The attack occurred at around 22.00hrs, about six houses away from the Sparendaam Police Station.
The victim was identified as Jewel Gibson. She is reportedly employed as a librarian with the Guyana Defence Force.
The robbers made off with Gibson’s cell phone, house keys, and the keys for the Toyota Premio she was driving. The victim was also wearing a gold chain, but an associate of Gibson’s was unable to say whether this was stolen.
A woman who lives at the same premises as the victim said that Gibson had just arrived home and had turned into the driveway when she was attacked.
The woman said she was inside when she heard “a popping sound.” She then heard Gibson screaming, and on looking outside, saw a man “leaning into” Gibson’s vehicle. The woman said that she alerted her husband, who went outside. However, by then, the robber and an accomplice had fled.
The tenant and her husband took Gibson to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). She was said to be conscious and her condition is stable. Kaieteur News understands that the bullet exited through Gibson’s side.
The tenant believes that the robbers had intended to make off with Gibson’s car, which she only acquired a few months ago.

Businessman found dead with gunshot wound


– suicide suspected

A 59-year-old saw-miller was found dead in his Nandy Park, East Bank Demerara yard at around 06.00hrs yesterday with a gunshot around to his head.
‘A’ Division Commander Marlon Chapman gave the victim’s name as Praboo Persaud.
According to Chapman, Persaud’s wife returned from an errand to find that her husband was not at home.
She decided to scour the exterior of the premises and that was when she made a rather gruesome discovery.
Kaieteur News has learnt that upon checking at the back of the yard, the man’s wife found Persaud lying on his back in a cot with a gunshot wound to the head and his licensed .32 handgun nearby.
This newspaper was informed that Persaud was dealing with mental health issues and was undergoing counseling. He was scheduled to attend a clinic sometime this week.
According to reports, Persaud, who owned a sawmill and worked in the interior, had asked his wife to go out and instructed her that upon her return “she should walk with somebody.”
The wife, accompanied by a maid, eventually returned, but could not find Persaud in the house. She then looked outside and saw her husband’s body.
At the Nandy Park residence, relatives were reluctant to speak, as they gathered to console the man’s grief stricken wife and son.

Young bandits killing victims for gold jewellery a worrying trend

– senior police official

Police say they have observed what appears to be an emerging trend in which criminals are killing their victims for their gold jewellery.
“The perpetrators are very young persons, and the confessions we get are almost identical, in that the suspects had their victims under surveillance prior to committing the act,” a senior police rank said.
“More noteworthy is the fact that they targeted the victims for their gold jewellery and they were brutally murdered. The impression imposed by the suspects is that they are determined to get your property ‘by any means necessary.’ In one case, the suspects confessed that they had earlier observed the victim wearing several pieces of gold jewellery. Hence they hatched a plan to rob him at his residence, and in the process he was shot and killed.”
The official also identified Haymant Persaud, the brother of Commissioner of Police, Seelalal Persaud, as a victim of robbers who were prepared to kill their target for his jewellery.

Murdered for his jewellery: Andre Alexander

Murdered for his gold chain: Beepat Taijram

Haymant Persaud, of Affiance, Essequibo Coast, was stabbed to death on February 19, allegedly by a 15-year-old, who relieved him of his gold chain before making good his escape in a bus. The suspect has been charged.
An even more recent target was Sophia bread vendor Andre Alexander, who was shot dead on May 5 by bandits at ‘C’ Field Sophia, Georgetown.
“He was observed wearing three gold rings…and like the other victims, he was targeted and killed in the process,” the police official said.
Police have charged two suspects with Alexander’s murder.
There are others.
On July 29, 2014, Bernadette Campbell, known for wearing lots of gold jewellery, was sitting in the front seat of a Plaisance-bound bus, when a passenger shot her in the stomach and stripped her of her jewellery.
Campbell succumbed almost three months after the attack.
In February, 2015, minibus driver and ex-policeman Beepat Taijram, 28, known as “Biggs,” was driving in the vicinity of Golden Grove, East Bank Demerara, when he was shot dead and robbed of his gold chain by two passengers.

Neighbourhood brawl turns deadly

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Wanted: Troy Tasho

-labourer chopped to death
-wanted bulletin issued for suspect

POLICE are investigating the murder of Roy Beckles, 45, a labourer of ‘B’ Field Squatting Area, Sophia, East Coast Demerara, which occurred about 18:30hrs Monday at the said address.

The house where the chopping incident occurred in Sophia

According to a police report, the man was chopped to death, allegedly by his 42-year-old neighbour, during an argument. The neighbour, who is a mason, has been identified as Troy Tasho called “19”. He has since gone into hiding and police are yet to apprehend him. Police did not retrieve any weapon from the scene.

Investigation revealed that the victim was on his way home when he observed his wife and the suspect arguing. He intervened and the suspect, who armed himself with a cutlass and knife, attacked and stabbed the victim to his right shoulder.

The victim was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation where he succumbed while receiving treatment. The body is currently at the hospital’s mortuary awaiting a post-mortem examination.

Police hours after issued a wanted bulletin for the suspect. Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of Troy Tasho a/k “19” is asked to contact the police on telephone numbers 229-2289, 229-2019, 222-2232, 229—2655, 225-6411, 225-8196, 225-2227, 225-0575, 911 or the nearest police station.

Masked men break 12 stalls at Mon Repos Market


A section of the Mon Repos market

Three men were captured on surveillance camera breaking into at least 12 stalls at the Mon Repos Market, East Coast Demerara (ECD) yesterday morning.
The men wore jerseys to conceal their faces. One wore a motorcycle helmet. The suspects appeared to be in their early 20s.
In the footage, one of the men can be seen walking with a nipper in his band and cutting padlocks on one of the stalls’ doors.
They escaped with pharmaceutical, condoms, a computer, cash, fan, GPL’s prepaid meter among other items. The break-in occurred around 01:00 hr yesterday.
One stall owner, Sabita Luknauth said that the men gained entry into her saloon by breaking the padlock.
They escaped with her blow dryer, fan and other items.
The owner for the Pharmacy who identified herself as Dr. Christine said that the men took cough medicine and other medication. She said at least every year stalls are being broken and nothing is being done to prevent such incidents.
At the time of the robbery, two security guards were on duty and none of them heard anything. No patrol was done, also, based on surveillance footage.
The Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC)’s chairman, Ayube Mohamed said that there will be a meeting shortly where a number of issues will be addressed including the security of the market.
He said that the NDC cannot employ a security firm to monitor the market because some stall owners are paying as little as $60 a week.

Taxi driver rob, dumped from car


A 46-year-old taxi driver was robbed and thrown out of his own car by three armed bandits in broad daylight, Tuesday.
The incident occurred in the vicinity of the Graham’s Hall Church, Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara (ECD) around 15:10 hrs.
The victim has been identified as Bernard Persaud of Lot 34 Owen Street, Kitty, Georgetown.
According to information received, three men hired Persaud from in front of Demico House, Stabroek Market and requested to be taken to Cummings Lodge.
Just before reaching their drop off point, all three men reportedly pulled out a gun and robbed the taxi driver before pushing him out of his HC7861, a yellow Toyota Premio. A police source said that the carjackers then drove off and headed up East Coast Demerara using the railway embankment.
It is believed that the carjackers might have been from Berbice based on the way they spoke.
With this information, road blocks were set up along the East Coast Tuesday afternoon but ranks were unable to locate the vehicle.
Residents in the area where the incident happened said that the area is isolated and a lot of crimes occur there. There is the Graham’s Hall Primary School, a church and the cemetery.
“There is a road that leads from the East Coast main road to railway embankment and it’s very lonely because the cemetery is there.
If anyone walks there, they get robbed,” a resident said.  It was in that very same area – in the cemetery – workers attached to the Ministry of Public Works discovered the decomposed body of Georgetown businessman, Mohamed F. Khan in October 2014.

Technician injured in Uitvlugt bar shootout


Bullets began to rain inside of the Colombian Gold Night Club at Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara, at about 01:00h on Wednesday, after four young men robbed and stabbed two businessmen and made good their escape with a licensed firearm belonging to one of the businessmen.
Police said a 47-year-old technician was stabbed to his left hand and thigh and relieved of cash and his cellular phone, along with his licensed firearm. They added that one of the suspects may have been shot during the ordeal and they are making every effort to apprehend them.

A bullet at the scene

Police investigations revealed that the victim was in the company of a friend outside of the bar imbibing when the suspects suddenly pounced and demanded cash, at the same time striking him with a bottle which broke and stabbed him with same. The victim then whipped out his firearm and discharged several rounds at the bandits, who managed to disarm and relieve him of his weapon and valuables before escaping.
Club owner, Varsha “Shorty” Dhanpaul, said the four men entered her business place while the two businessmen were sharing a drink. She added that they ordered three beers and some cigarettes and left.

“Four boys come into the club and they asked for three beers with $500 and the waitress tell them that three beers is not for $500 that they can get two. The girl gave them the two beers and then they come back and said that they want a $100 cigarette and she gave them two cigarettes. Then they asked where is “Shorty” and she said that they can’t wake the boss lady and then they say go wake she up and they go outside and then they push open the door and they start fire shots at the two men,” she related.
Dhanpaul said that after the quartet opened fire on the two men, the waitress ran for cover. The bullets hit both men in their legs and shoulder and they were subsequently stabbed with a broken bottle.

Gunmen on bikes snatch company payroll


-use car to block roadway
In a brazen robbery at around 15.00 hrs yesterday, gunmen on motorcycles and in a car escaped with a $910,000 payroll after holding up a security vehicle near Farm, on the East Bank of Demerara.
According to reports, the victims were heading to Houston, East Bank Demerara, to cash for workers when a car blocked their path.
It is alleged that two motorcyclists then went to opposite sides of the vehicle transporting the payroll. One of the bikers then discharged a round from a handgun and forced the occupants to hand over the money-bag.
The robbers then escaped.
A police official was unable to confirm whether investigators have detained a suspect.

Police shoots at suspected bandits in high speed chase


…one arrested

Police in ‘A’ Division on Friday evening arrested one person following a shootout at Victor Street, Lodge, Georgetown. The incident occurred just before 20:00h.

While details are sketchy, Guyana Times was told that the Police reportedly thwarted an attempted robbed which resulted in an exchange of fire between the lawmen and the alleged perpetrators.

No one was injured during the shootout however it was reported that one woman, a nurse who was nearby, after hearing the gunshots jumped into the nearby canal for cover. She was subsequently assisted out by the police officers.

When this newspaper visited the area, residents were tight lipped about what transpired, only saying that “the Police opened fire.”

While it is unclear how many gunmen there were, it was also related to this publication that the police managed to arrest one of them.

Miner chopped to death at Omai Landing


A miner was on Friday morning chopped to death during an argument at Omai Landing, Essequibo River. Dead is Carlos Wong, 46, of Half Mile Wismar, Linden, Region 10 (Upper Demerara-Berbice).

Reports are Wong and the two male suspects had a misunderstanding over a water pump, when one of them, who was armed with a cutlass, chopped him to his right hand.

As a result of the chopping, it is believed that the man bled to death. After the chopping incident, the two men fled the scene.

The man was picked up and taken to the Linden Hospital Complex where he was pronounced dead on arrival. The Police are hunting the two men.

Meanwhile, the Police in a release in May reported that a total of 35 murders were recorded up to the end of April when compared to 53 during the same period in 2016. This saw a 34 per cent decrease.

Of the 35 murders, 20 were as a result of disorderly behaviour, four as a result of domestic dispute, five stemmed from robberies under arms and three were as result of execution style killing. The Police are yet to determine the circumstances surrounding the remaining three.

Fourteen of those murders were committed in A Division (Georgetown-East Bank) followed by 10 in F Division (Interior locations); six in B Division (Berbice) and four in D Division (West Demerara). One of the heinous crimes was committed in C Division (East Coast Demerara).

For the entire month of May and up to June, several other murders were committed.


Cops probe two suspected murders…Bound body of male found in bush – Woman with battered face discovered in rice field

Investigators are probing two suspected cases of murder—one involving the bound body of a

Items that were found next to the female victim.

man and the other being that of a woman whose face had been battered and her body dumped in a rice field at New Road, Vreed-en-Hoop, West Coast Demerara.Around 10:52 hrs on Monday the decomposed body of a male was found in the bush at Long Creek, Soesdyke/Linden Highway, while the woman’s body was discovered around 07:30 hrs yesterday.

Investigators suspect that the two victims might have been murdered and their bodies were dumped in the isolated areas. DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) testing will be required, since both remains cannot be visibly identified.The female is of Amerindian descent and her body was discovered by rice field workers.

According to information received, the police were called to a rice field after the body of the woman, clad in a blue short pants and yellow jersey, was found.

The victim sustained severe injuries to her face.A dark-silver and black ‘Nine West’ shoulder bag was found next to her body. It was soaked with water from the field.

The police also found a pair of pink rubber slippers. In the bag there was a handkerchief, a pack of cigarettes, sweets, sugar, tablets, and pieces of white paper that resemble a hospital’s prescription.The name, Patricia Ronald was written on one of the papers, but ranks are not certain that that is the name of the victim.

The papers were wet and muddy.Kaieteur News understands that the woman was seen consuming alcohol at the Vreed-en-Hoop Stelling the day before.

Meanwhile, mid-morning on Monday, the decomposed body of a male with both hands tied behind the back with a multi-colour rope was found in a clump of bush at Long Creek, Soesdyke.

The victim was found lying face down.Based on information received, a 27-year-old labourer reported to the police that one of his relatives discovered the body.Crime scene ranks at the Timehri Police Station went to the scene and examined the remains. Due to decomposition, it was difficult to ascertain whether there were marks of violence on the body.

The victim, who is believed to be in his mid-thirties, was clad in a black jeans, white jersey and black and brown slippers.The labourer, along with four others, had gone to the area to cut wood when they saw several crows circling the area. They subsequently saw the decomposing remains.

Missing pensioner’s car…Con man caught…minus vehicle!


O’Neil Simon, the man accused of fleecing 72-year-old Sukdai Ramsammy of her blue Toyota Corolla, HC 5044, was yesterday nabbed by the police, but not with the woman’s vehicle. He is currently detained at a city police

A detective cautions O’Neil Simon and places him under arrest.

station and according to a source, will likely be placed before the court and charged with fraudulent conversion.
The alleged victim, Sukdai Ramsammy, a resident of Sachi Bazaar Street, Prashad Nagar, told Kaieteur News that she placed an advertisement in a local newspaper in late March of this year for a hire car driver, since the vehicle was parked in her yard “doing nothing”.
Ramsammy said that when Simon initially came he was accompanied by a young child and she thought that she was about to make a good decision. Simon reportedly told the pensioner that apart from plying the taxi trade, the only other business he would use the car for was to attend church and take his children to school.
Further, the woman said that she had anticipated that she would have used the money from the hire car to help with her medical expenses, since she has severe arthritis in the left knee.
An emotional Ramsammy said that she agreed with Simon that he would ‘work’ the car and at the end of the week he would be expected to give her $15,000.
Things went well for the first two weeks, so much so that the woman even added Simon’s name to her insurance policy. It was at the end of that 14-day period that everything changed for the worse.
Simon stopped taking the elderly woman’s calls, and she enlisted her son to help in this regard. The son said that he managed to make contact with Simon, and was given all assurances that the car would have been returned.
The man said that after constantly calling Simon, he was instructed to uplift the vehicle, but when he and the pensioner went to the location provided, all they were confronted with was a track filled with bushes.

O’Neil Simon, the man accused of fleecing a 72-year-old woman of her car.

The man said knowing how the issue had taken a negative effect on his mother, he drove for a few seconds down the desolate pathway, but soon saw a group of men approaching with cutlasses and he retreated.
They soon left, and when Simon was contacted he told the woman’s son ‘don’t call me back’. Not knowing what else to do, the woman said she went to the police and when she showed the ranks at the station the man’s photograph the policemen exclaimed, ‘is dah thief you give your car mommy?’
The day after the story was published, a passenger who travelled with a hire car from the Stabroek Market car park, recognised Simon as the driver. The car (not the pensioner’s) was attached to a city taxi service.
‘A’ Division Commander Marlon Chapman was informed of Simon’s whereabouts and he arranged for two officers from Kitty Police station to accompany the individual who had made the report to the taxi base.
All this time, Simon was unaware of what was about to go down. He turned up at the base in good time after hearing about a potential Georgetown to Parika drop being requested.
When he arrived, however, he was promptly arrested and taken to the Kitty police station. He reportedly told ranks there that he no longer has the elderly woman’s car, since he parked it on a bridge in the Joint Services Scheme in North Ruimveldt. He claimed that he had called the woman’s son and informed him where the car was parked.
The pensioner’s son repeated the story to the lawmen that when he went to the location the car was not there, and instead, he saw men with cutlasses approaching, thus he quickly retreated.
Simon admitted that he should have taken the car to the pensioner rather than leaving it where he claimed he did. He explained that his only reason for doing that was because he had some outstanding money for Ramsammy and he had a minor accident with the vehicle.

Nine arrested; bullet-proof vest, toy guns seized in Sophia raid

Police believe that they have put a dent on crime with a raid in ‘C’ Field, Sophia, yesterday.

(Above) The marijuana that was found at the Itaballi checkpoint
(Below) Items seized from the Sophia raid

According to a release from the Guyana Police Force, an intelligence-led operation conducted by its ranks between 13:30-14:20 hrs, resulted in the arrest of nine adult males for various offences.
Items found during the operation included a bullet-proof vest, a full-faced mask, a wig, a pair of black gloves, a police beret and two toy guns.
Investigations are continuing, police said.
Meanwhile, in the hinterland, at about13:00hrs yesterday, ranks on duty at the Itaballi Police checkpoint conducted a search on the jacket of a 39-year-old female Kitty resident, and found in the pockets, four taped parcels of cannabis weighing in excess of one kilogram.
The suspect is being processed for court.

Duncan St. man jailed for coke, illegal guns


Taxi driver Trevor Rodrigues, who police say is in the habit of threatening to kill his wife with a gun, has been jailed for four years and 144 months for possession of cocaine and illegal firearms and ammunition. The illicit items were

JAILED: Trevor Rodrigues

found at his Lot 6 J Duncan Street, Campbellville, Georgetown home on May 26.
Yesterday, Rodrigues appeared before Magistrate Annette Singh and pleaded guilty to having had 11.363 kilos (25 pounds) of cocaine in his possession for the purpose of trafficking, and one 9MM pistol, one Glock 9MM pistol and one .357 Taurus Magnum revolver and matching rounds in his possession without being the holder of a firearm license.
He was sentenced to four years in jail on the cocaine charge.
Rodrigues was also sentenced to 24 months imprisonment on each of three counts of possession of unlicensed firearms, and 24 months on each of three counts of possession of illegal ammunition. This brings the combined custodial sentence to four years and 144 months. These prison terms will run concurrently.
Police in a statement said the taxi driver and his wife were arrested after three illegal firearms, matching rounds and 11.363 kg of cocaine were found at their home during a raid.
Police were summoned to the couple’s home to probe a report that the man had threatened to kill his wife, Amanda Rodrigues, with a gun. Reports indicate that ranks, acting on intelligence, conducted a search on the house at Duncan Street, where they found one .357 Taurus Magnum Revolver and six live matching rounds, two 9MM pistols and 36 live .45 rounds.
According to facts presented by Police Prosecutor, Gillian Simmons, Rodrigues is in the habit of threatening to kill his wife. On the day in question, Rodrigues threatened to kill his wife with a black-handled gun at their home. The fearful woman called a co-worker who came over to the home and took away the firearm from the defendant.
Police were notified and swooped down on the home. They conducted a search, during which they found two gas cylinders – a 20-pound and a 100-pound – with false bottoms. The cocaine, guns and ammunition were discovered inside the cylinders.
Rodrigues also faced four other charges – two each for making use of threatening language and threatening behaviour to his wife. These charges were however dismissed.
No charges were laid against the wife.

Eight gunmen storm auto repair outlet – escape with licensed guns, cash and phones


The office that the gunmen tumbled

The owner of an auto repair outlet was robbed around 15:00 hrs yesterday when eight heavily-armed bandits stormed his establishment at Lot 27 Industrial Site Ruimveldt, Georgetown during a brazen attack.
The assailants, who came from the East Bank Demerara Public Road in two Toyota Allion motorcars and escaped using the same route, made off with two licensed firearms, cash and phones.
Kun Ge, owner of Rich Thriving Auto Repair and Service Centre was hit with a gun over his left eye by one of the gunmen. They took his .32 pistol with live rounds. They also struck James Lee, a translator to the left eye with a gun. They took his phone and $5000.
Businessman Zhi Yun Gao, who went to uplift his vehicle at the establishment, was also robbed of his phone and cash. He was chopped to the back of his head by one of the men who took away his Taurus Pistol.
All the workers at the location were robbed of their belongings during the seven-minute ordeal.
According to information received, the two cars pulled up in front of the outlet and the six of the eight men rushed in.
Kaieteur News was informed that one of the six men was armed with a cutlass while the other five had guns.
Two of the men grabbed the owner of the establishment, and the businessman took them up to the office, while four of the intruders remained downstairs with the workers. The two men outside acted as lookouts. The men were not masked.
Kaieteur News was informed that the gunmen demanded that their victims lie face down on the ground as they relieved them of their belongings.
When this newspaper visited the scene, the injured persons had already left for the hospital. Workers there said that “everything happened very fast”. They could not say what the gunmen took from the office. Tiny drops of blood were seen on the steps and the concrete floor.
One of the workers said that when one of the gunmen cranked his gun, a .32 live round fell out—the police reportedly have it.
A knife which was used to open the drawers in the office was recovered and fingerprints were taken. The police will be checking surveillance footage in the area since none was available at the repair outlet.


Lindeners accused of robbing driver at gunpoint


Two men were remanded to prison yesterday after they made an appearance before Magistrate Sunil Scarce, accused of robbing a motorcar driver at gunpoint.
Seon Mayers, 37, of 1031 First Alley, Wismar, Linden and Shemroy Dover, 31, of 181 Blueberry Hill, Wismar, Linden, pleaded not guilty to the charge which alleged that on June 5, at Providence, East Bank Demerara, while being together with others and armed with handguns, they robbed Samuel Austin of a Toyota Premio motor car valued $2M, property of Mohamed Rahaman, together with a gold chain worth $250,000 and other items to the value of $364,000, property of Austin.
Police Prosecutor Aduni Inniss told the court that on the day in question, Austin was about to reverse the motorcar when he was attacked by the two defendants who held him at gunpoint and relieved him of the articles mentioned in the charge before escaping.
According to Prosecutor Inniss, the matter was reported and police apprehended the defendants who were positively identified by the victim. The court was told that Mayers sustained a wound above one of his eyes. None of the items were recovered.
During an application for bail, Attorney-at-Law Mark Conway told the court that Mayers has no prior convictions. The lawyer added that his client is not a flight risk and is willing to subject himself to any conditions attached to bail.
Meanwhile, Attorney-at-Law Jochebed Pollard, who represented Dover, told the court that the police went to her client’s home and informed him that a car registered in his name was used in the commissioning of a robbery. The lawyer stated that her client was never found in possession of a weapon or any of the articles mentioned in the charge.
While Prosecutor Inniss had no objections to the accused being admitted to bail, Magistrate Scarce remanded both of them to prison citing the seriousness of the offence.

Irate man shoots another for “interfering” with wife


Police in Georgetown rushed to Norton Street, Wortmanville, on Wednesday afternoon following the discharge of a gun in the area.
According to information reaching Guyana Times, the incident occurred about 15:00h. The shooter has been identified as “Yankee” and “Cuzz” of Norton Street and West Ruimveldt, Georgetown.

Police ranks recovered a spent shell when they arrived on the scene shortly after the suspect opened fire

Eyewitnesses related to this newspaper that the suspect had opened fire on another Norton Street resident, Troy Brandt, accusing him of “interfering” with the mother of his child.
The woman, who also lives on Norton Street, had gone to the shop with a younger relative. At the time, Brandt was sitting on a corner of Norton and Hardina Streets along with two others.
As the woman was returning home, Brandt reportedly asked if she wanted an umbrella to which she did not respond. However, when they got home, the younger relative allegedly informed the suspect about what transpired.
The angry man was subsequently seen riding a bicycle to the spot where Brandt and his friends were sitting. The suspect dismounted the cycle and reportedly told Brandt “don’t breathe!”
He then whipped out a firearm and cranked it. Upon seeing this, Brandt ran towards his home, which is four houses away, as the suspect discharged a round in his direction. Luckily, he escaped unhurt.
The suspect then jumped onto his bike and rode away. About five minutes later, three vanloads of Policemen arrived on the scene, but were unable to apprehend the suspect.
Investigations are ongoing.

Police foil robbery -recover stolen items, suspects escape

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The business, Andrew's Stationery was robbed


A police officer attached to the Albion Police Station came in for high praises when he managed to foil a robbery in progress in the area.

Constable 23653 Jacobe McCallman acted on his intuition when he noticed a suspicious car parked in front of a business place, situated a few houses in the opposite direction of the Albion Police Station.

According to reports at around 02:00hrs on Wednesday, three men broke and entered the business place of Andrew’s Stationery Computers and Car Auto Sales at Lot 10 Albion Front, Corentyne ,Berbice. The men gained entry into the business by breaking four padlocks on the front door and carted off with items totaling $1,915,000. The items included 10 Amplifiers, two laptops, an inverter, a battery, ten car decks, eleven speakers, one camera set and $68,000 cash from the register along with the surveillance footage.

Proprietor, Andrew Motiram, told Guyana Chronicle that he was informed of the incident by ranks of the police mobile patrol. He said he immediately visited the scene and was shocked to find his place opened and parts of the store ransacked with items left at the entrance.

This newspaper understands that after Constable McCallman noticed the suspicious vehicle, he decided to walk towards the business, and upon getting closer, noticed two men packing items into a burgundy car.

The getaway car which the bandits abandoned

As the cop got closer, he noticed one of the men pulling an object out of his waist and it was at this point that Constable McCallman fired two shots in the air. According to reports, the two men jumped into the vehicle and drove away. They left behind the third accomplice in the store, however he quickly emerged and ran through a street and despite the efforts of the police, the man escaped.

A mobile police patrol was informed of the incident and while heading to the location, ranks noticed a vehicle matching the description of the getaway car and decided to follow it. The chase ended at Reef Section, Rose Hall Town where the getaway car crashed.

The suspects exited the vehicle and made good their escape.  The abandoned car, PHH 3733, was subsequently pulled out by the police and the stolen items were recovered in the car .The car and the items are lodged at the Albion Police Station.

Meanwhile, Commander of ‘B’ Division, Ian Amsterdam confirmed that the owner of the car, Freddie Butler, who resides at Section B Turkeyen, East Coast Demerara is currently in police custody assisting with investigations.

However, this newspaper was informed that prior to his arrest, Butler turned up at the Whim Police Station and reported that his car was stolen. He told police that the car was hijacked and that he was tied up and thrown out of the car at Auchlyne Cemetery, which is a village away from Whim Police Station.

The man told police that he was hired to take the men to Berbice. But according to the Commander, Butler’s story is not “checking out,” hence he remains in custody.

“We are checking the timings he claimed he crossed the Berbice Bridge, among others. His story is not matching,” the Commander said.

Mitwah posted:

Wow! 30 pages of cut and paste. Nice tread deh Druggy.

In fact this is a good thread in support of you slop can carriers, it shows PNC doing a pretty good job with keeping crime down. Before I used to post crime every day, now its a few times a week and just larency and minor criminal activity.

Bandits cart off $3M


Two armed bandits around 1:00am yesterday tied up a security guard attached to the Ministry of Public Security office at Ogle, East Coast Demerara (ECD) and carted off over $3M worth in items.
The building is being used as the office of the Citizen Security Programme which was launched with the aim of reducing crime and violence across the country.
Kaieteur News understands that the men escaped with a motorcycle, two cellular phones, an Ipad and computers after tying the lone security guard with rope.
The building has no security cameras.
Divisional Commander, Calvin Brutus said that no one has been apprehended.

Bandits beat, rob ECD family


…open fire on Police during escape

A Triumph, East Coast Demerara family is now traumatised after armed bandits stormed their home on Friday night, robbing them of their valuables, but not before tying them up and terrorising them.
The incident occurred at sometime around 10:15h at the family’s home at Lot 9 Triumph Sideline Dam, Agriculture Road. The Police reported that three men, two of whom were armed with a handgun and a knife, confronted the family, holding them at gunpoint while ransacking the house in search of “money and gold”.
Harry Ram Bishundat, owner of the home, told Guyana Times that his son-in-law, his daughter, and his two granddaughters were downstairs at the time, while his son was in a room upstairs and he and his wife and grandson were in another room.
The gates were locked, but the bandits gained entry into the yard by removing several pickets from the fence at the front of the yard. A neighbour had seen the men removing the pickets and had thought a drunken relative of the Bishundat family was having difficulty accessing the yard. He was about to help, but when he realised what was transpiring, he retreated into his home and immediately summoned the Police.
In the meanwhile, the bandits pounced on Bishundat’s son-in-law, holding him at gunpoint as they escorted him into the downstairs quarters, which his wife and two daughters were occupying at the time.
One of the gunmen then proceeded into the upper flat, dragged Bishundat’s son out into the hallway, and held him at gunpoint.
Upon hearing the commotion, Bishundat’s wife got out of bed to investigate, and as she entered the hallway, she screamed when she say what was happening.
The gunman forced her to lie on the floor, but her scream had alerted her husband to what was happening.
The gunman then hit her son on the head with the firearm. By this time, Bishundat got up and went to the bandit, telling him to take whatever he wanted. The second accomplice then brought up the four other family members and put them to lie on the floor with the other three.
They then cut the telephone and computer cords, using it to tie up the family members. Afterwards, they started to ransack the rooms, confiscating cash, jewellery and a few cellular phones.
The bandits were by this time in the house for about 10 minutes. It is believed that the third accomplice was keeping watch, since Bishundat said he only saw two of them in the house.
Bishundat recalled that about five minutes into the search, one of the perpetrators turned to the other to inform him that Police were outside the building. The men left the home shortly after.
Bishundat said he heard a gunshot and told his family to get back down on the floor, since they were up trying to free themselves from bondage.
The man said that with the Police in front of the yard, the bandits attempted to scale the back fence in their bid to escape, but the fence collapsed with them. Police have since recovered a hat and a pair of slippers near the fence. The family also recovered one of their stolen cell phones in the yard.
While Bishundat is not certain who had fired the shots, he said that neighbours claim the first shot was fired at the Police from a car in which the bandits arrived on the scene, which was parked nearby.
The neighbours allege that after discharging a round at the Police, the person in the car drove away when the ranks returned fire twice.
However, in a statement, the Police said ranks of a mobile patrol responded to a robbery-in-progress, and upon seeing the police, the armed bandit “discharged several rounds at the lawmen, who returned fire, but unfortunately, the suspects managed to elude the cops by scaling a southern fence and escaping.”
Up to press time, no arrests had been made.

No arrests in auto shop robbery


An arrest is yet to be made into the robbery of the Rich Thriving Auto Repair and Servicing Company, located at Industrial Site Ruimveldt, Georgetown.
On Wednesday last, eight armed bandits loaded in two cars, a white Toyota and a silver Allion, stormed the Ruimveldt business.
Since the incident, the company’s owner has indicated that improvements will be made to heighten security at the entity.
According to the business owner, he was told by the investigating Officer that no progress has been made since the robbery.
However, he told Guyana Times that to make the facility safer for customers, management has taken measures to improve security services.
Employees of the facility along with customers were all attacked and beaten about their bodies during the robbery after which several of their belongings including two guns; seven cellphones and over $400,000 in cash were taken by the bandits.
The bandits were all armed and fully clad in black hoodies, long sleeve jerseys and tope headwear, as such, they are unidentifiable.

One of the injured employees of Rich Thriving Auto Repairs

After the daring attack, the men bolted in the awaiting cars which bore “straight plates” as if they came from an auto sales dealer and made good their escape.
When Guyana Times arrived on the scene of the crime, it was noted that at least nine persons were badly beaten and injured.
According to one victim, the bandits beat the employees and a customer over their heads with guns while demanding that they hand over their valuables.
One employee relayed “they had jersey to cover their nose but they’re eyes and head were showing. I doing me work and see the two cars pull up and I see this thing long in he bag.

The injured customer

They [were] just arguing with one another and one said, we got to get something before we leff here,” the young man added.
The Police were called and reported promptly to the scene of the crime.
The business currently employs eight workers; five Chinese and three Guyanese. Investigation into the incident is continuing.

Miner nabbed with gun, ammo


A 63-year-old miner was on Saturday nabbed with a gun along with 23 matching rounds of ammunition at Iruna Backdam, Cuyuni River, Region Seven (Cuyuni-Mazaruni).
According to Police reports, ranks were at the time of the man’s camp responding to reports made against him but as they approached him, he threw the gun into a box.
Reports are at about 09:30h, the man originally of Duncan Street, Kitty, Georgetown, was seen lying in a hammock. However, when he noticed the ranks approaching him, he threw the pistol in a nearby carton box. The ranks then descended on the box and uncovered an unlicensed 9mm pistol along with 23 live rounds and two magazines.
The man was taken into Police custody and is currently being processed for court.
A Police statement on Saturday said that the weapon is being tested to determine if it was used in the commission of a crime.
Investigations are continuing.

Woman, lover, sons slapped with narco trafficking charge


A 53-year-old woman, her two sons and her lover were on Friday slapped with a narcotics trafficking charge and taken to the Albion Magistrate’s Court.

Gloria David, her two sons Dwayne, 23, and Dellon David, 24, together with her lover Mexford London, all of Timmers Dam, Angoy’s Avenue, New Amsterdam, appeared before Magistrate Marissa Mettelholzer on a joint possession of narcotics charge.

It is alleged that the quartet, on June 13 at Timmers Dam, Angoy’s Avenue, had in their possession 1.735 kg of cannabis for the purpose of trafficking.

Dwayne David pleaded guilty to the charge, and was sentenced to five years’ imprisonment and fined $347,000.

Dellon David and Mexford London were both granted bail in the sum of $120,000 each, after denying the charge. However, Gloria David, who also denied the charge, was released on $60,000 bail.

The court was told that on Tuesday last, a party of Policemen acting on information when to a home which is situated at Timmers Dam and conducted a search. A white plastic parcel was unearthed which contained seeds, stems and leaves. Further checks were made in the yard and a black plastic bag was discovered containing the same contents. The bag was found in the compartment under the seat of a motorcycle that was allegedly left in the care of Dellon David.

At the time of the search, there were three occupants at home: Gloria, Dellon and London.

They were placed in custody, and the following day Dwayne visited the Central Police Station and claimed ownership of the cannabis, stating that the other occupants had no knowledge of it. (Andrew Carmichael)

Four arrested in ganja sting operation

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The seized compressed cannabis

TWO intelligence-led operations on the East Bank of Essequibo and New Amsterdam, Berbice between Monday and Tuesday morning resulted in the arrest of four males and the seizure of four and a half kilograms of compressed cannabis and thirty-one point three grams of

The cocaine pellets found inside the hammock


Police in a press statement noted that about 17:00hrs Monday during a sting operation, ranks went to a house at Tucber Park, New Amsterdam, Berbice, where three men were arrested and taken into custody with nine taped parcels of cannabis weighing 4.5kg.

Meanwhile, over at Parika Seadam, East Bank Essequibo police conducted a search at a shop about 03:30hrs Tuesday morning and in the presence of the 47 year old owner, the ranks found a quantity of cocaine pellets inside a hammock, in which he was seen resting. The suspects are being processed for court.

GRDB accountant nabbed in Canada

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…to be extradited to face fraud charges

FORMER accountant of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), Peter Ramcharran, was on Tuesday arrested by the Toronto Fugitive Squad, authorities here have confirmed.
Ramcharran, who has been charged jointly with several other former top officials of the GRDB, had fled the jurisdiction prior to the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) instituting criminal charges. His arrest in Canada followed an extradition request which was made by the Guyana Government to their Canadian counterparts.

The Guyana Chronicle was told that Ramcharran will be subjected to a court hearing to determine the extradition request before he is sent back to Guyana. He is currently in police custody. Just recently, Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan issued an arrest warrant for Ramcharran, even as SOCU had made formal representation for him to be extradited to face the charges.
Head of SOCU, Assistant Commissioner Sydney James, had told the Guyana Chronicle that the arrest warrant was issued for Ramcharran on five counts of falsification of accounts. James had appeared before the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court to explain why an arrest warrant should be issued for the former accountant.

Ramcharran was responsible for ‘signing off’ on a number of questionable transactions that were traced to the six officials who were recently charged and others caught up in the GRDB probe. Last week, five charges of falsification of accounts were filed and sworn to in court by an investigating rank; however Ramcharran was not present in court, since he reportedly fled the jurisdiction to Canada during SOCU’s investigation. But SOCU’s Special Prosecutor Patrice Henry had explained to Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan that the accused was informed about the court proceedings and was ordered to be present in court.

The magistrate had adjourned the matter until June 5, 2017 at 13:15hrs and ordered that the Head of SOCU be present at the next hearing to satisfy the court why an arrest warrant should be issued for Ramcharran.
The allegation was made against Ramcharran during SOCU’s investigation in which six former GRDB officials were charged and released on $500,000 bail for failing to make a proper entry into a register of a company two week ago.

The six officials charged are former GRDB head, Madulall Ricky Ramraj; former General Manager Jagnarine Singh; former GRDB board members Dharamkumar Seeraj, Badrie Persaud, PPP Parliamentarian Nigel Dharamlall and former Deputy Permanent Secretary (Finance) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Prema Roopnarine. During SOCU’s investigation, Ramcharran was found to have falsified accounts at the GRBD of over $400M between the years 2011 to 2015, while being the accountant at the company.

Mintie-Karamchand-and-daughter.jpg [550×614)

Mother of 5 chopped to death

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Dead: Mintie Karamchand

–deportee husband on the run

A MOTHER of five, who rejected sexual advances from her recently-deported reputed husband, met a gruesome death at their Lot 19 Sheet Anchor Village, East Canje, Berbice home on Wednesday.
Mintie Karamchand, 40, a waitress, was chopped and beaten repeatedly about her body, even as she attempted to escape through a wooden window on the lower flat of the house. The suspect, Goldburn December, is being vigorously pursued by a team comprising of police and civilians in the Canje River area. Police said that an argument erupted between the couple over the victim being unfaithful.
As a result, the suspect became annoyed, picked up a small wooden stool and dealt the victim several lashes on her head, causing her to flee the house by jumping through a window.

Not satisfied, the suspect armed himself with a chopper, went after the victim and inflicted several chops to her hands, feet and head, causing her to collapse, after which he allegedly collected a piece of rope and fled across the nearby Canje River.

On the run: Goldburn December

The victim was rushed to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where she succumbed at about 10:30hrs while receiving treatment. This newspaper understands that the couple’s eldest daughter, Drucilla December, was on the upper flat with her 18-day old baby, when she ran to her mother’s assistance. At this time, her father was chopping the woman; she got between them, but her father warned her to move.
“I became afraid. I had the baby in my hand. I recently delivered via caesarian section. I looked at my father. He looked strange. I decided to go. I hugged my daughter and ran, alerting neighbours of the tragedy as I fled. But no one went to her rescue as they were all afraid,” the distraught daughter said.
A neighbour, identified as “Miss Barbara,” said it was just before 09:00hrs when she her loud screams emanating from the couple’s yard.
“I looked through my door and I saw Drucilla running off with the baby, screaming loudly. I rushed to the house and I saw Goldburn chopping at his wife. I shouted at him to stop, and he told me to mind my own business. He later left the yard as the woman left bleeding ; but seconds afterwards he returned to the yard, picked up a bench and dealt her several lashes to her head before walking off with a rope,” Miss Barbara said.
The witness said after neighbours converged at the scene, attempts were made to arrest the suspect, but he fled towards the Canje river where he was seen plunging overboard.

Meanwhile, Drucilla related that when she returned to the scene, she saw her mother’s bloodied body, and it was her step-grandfather who assisted in taking her to the New Amsterdam hospital where she was pronounced dead.
Further, this newspaper was told that the suspect, Goldburn December, was in the habit of abusing his wife, and it was because of acts of cruelty that he had left Guyana eight years ago. It was also revealed that eight years ago, Karamchand was in a relationship with someone else, who was also beaten by the suspect, resulting in criminal prosecution. However, the status of the matter is unknown.
Guyana Chronicle understands that in December 2016, the suspect had threatened to kill his wife, but the threats were not taken seriously. However, later that month, he was returning to Guyana from Suriname via overland, when he was intercepted by Surinamese police. A search was carried out on his personal belongings and it was discovered that he had a pistol concealed in a radio. The suspect was arrested, charged and was sentenced to six months imprisonment in Suriname. At the conclusion of his sentence, he was deported to Guyana in May 2017.
Upon his return home, the now unemployed man would allegedly attempt to make sexual advances to his wife, but an argument would usually erupt.

Prison brawl turns deadly

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Dead: Neshan Jagmohan known as ‘Bully’

-murder accused stabbed to death, brother critical

A BRAWL at the New Amsterdam Prison has left one brother dead and another in a critical condition following a fight at the facility, located at Penitentiary walk, New Amsterdam.
Dead is 27-year-old Neshan Jagmohan known as “Bully”, while his 23-year-old brother, Ramnarine Jagmohan is currently battling for his life at the New Amsterdam Hospital; they both previously lived at Hamphshire Squatting Area. They have been on remand since 2013 for the murder of a businessman. Neshan is a father of five while Ramnarine is a father of one.

The New Amsterdam Prison

This newspaper understands that Ramnarine received several stab wounds to his neck and chest, while his younger brother also received injuries in the region of the chest. Director of Prison, Gladwin Samuels told Guyana Chronicle that an improvised weapon was used to carry out the attack on the brothers. He noted that the police are continuing their investigations.
The incident occurred at approximately 14:30 hrs on Wednesday, when three murder accused pounced on the two inmates as they returned from court. The suspects have been identified as 25-year-old Dillon Boucher of Haslington, East Coast Demerara, 23-year-old Ramchand Latchman of Number 65 Village, Corentyne and Rooplall Abrahim of Lot 4, Bath Settlement,W.C.B.
According to reports, as the brothers were heading into their cells, the trio cornered them and inflicted several stab wounds with an improvised weapon. Up to press time, it was still unclear as to what prompted the incident.
The mother of the two inmates, Pamilla Jagmohan, told the Guyana Chronicle that she saw her sons earlier at the Albion Magistrate’s Court but they returned to the prison after the Magistrate failed to show up.

The improvised weapons which were seized

“Me cook duck curry and take fuh them and they seem ok. Meh seh like dem people go kill out ayo in here. Every time them ah give ayo date fuh come and ah magistrate ah just postpone am or he nah ah come …and he meh left and come way,” the grieving mother said.
She related that at around 17:00hrs, several relatives came by her home and asked if she knew what occurred at the prison with her sons.
“Them come tell me them see pon the internet, them boy get stab up , suh me just get up and rush to go down at the hospital …until now me ah wait fuh hear what happen,” the distraught woman told this newspaper.
Jagmohan said she wants justice for her sons and for the authorities to get to the bottom of the story. When this newspaper caught up with the mother, she and her husband were sitting at the entrance to the New Amsterdam Prison awaiting information from officials; they were subsequently given permission to visit the other injured son at the New Amsterdam Hospital.
The brothers were charged with the murder of businessman, Devendra Deodat called “Dave”, of Lot 72 Hampshire Village.The businessman was shot and chopped during an armed

Parents of the two brothers, Pamilla Jagmohan and Jagdat Jagmohan

robbery at his home on October 13, 2013 .His father-in-law, Rafeel Abdul was also shot twice during the attack when he came to the rescue of the family.
The businessman’s wife, Shaneza Deodat was not spared the attack as she too was also injured.


Police probe mysterious death of Sophia boy

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Dead: Isaiah David Smartt

-relatives believe he was ‘sacrificed’


POLICE are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of eight-year-old, Isaiah David Smartt, whose body was found by a relative in a shallow trench in Sophia, Greater Georgetown late on Tuesday afternoon.

Relatives believe that the F. E. Pollard Primary School student of Lot 148 Block ‘E’ Plum Park, Sophia, died as a result of a ‘sacrifice’ perpetrated by a female villager, whom they suspect performs ‘spiritual works’ for material gains. As such, they are asking the police to look deeper into the boy’s death.

The lad was discovered missing from home since Monday when he left to go visit his sister, who lives a short distance away; he would take the same route (short cut) on a regular basis to go to his father’s residence.

Smartt’s eldest sister, Anisha Williams, told the Guyana Chronicle on Wednesday that her sibling visited another sister and then left for his father’s residence on Monday afternoon. She explained that another sister was supposed to accompany him but she fell asleep, thus he went alone.

Williams said her brother’s body was found in a shallow trench in a villager’s yard; she does not believe that he drowned as she noted he was an excellent swimmer. According to Williams, the family does not have issues with anyone in the village; she is baffled as to how he met his death.
Williams related that when Smartt’s body was found, family members broke down in tears at the scene but the suspect they have in mind in his death, told them that they [the family] “should not make noise” because they “did not have time for him.” The suspect then reportedly instructed the family to leave the scene.

Guyana Chronicle understands that Smartt’s body was found by his cousin, who decided to walk the same path the lad would take to visit his father.

Williams reported that the person they suspect in the death lives next door to their sister and they would like the police to talk to that woman because she is involved in “nasty wuk”, such as human sacrifices.

Meanwhile, Commander of ‘A’ Division, Marlon Chapman told the Guyana Chronicle that Smartt’s body bore no visible marks of violence and was found at about 19:45hrs in approximately two feet of water in the trench.

He related that after the child left his sister’s house alone and did not show up, a search was initiated by relatives, who discovered his body and summoned the police. Chapman added that detectives, who visited the scene, spoke to several persons including, the relatives of the victim and they are awaiting a post mortem report to determine the path of the investigation.

At the F. E. Pollard Primary School, David Street, Kitty where Smartt was a student, a pall of gloom permeated the atmosphere as teachers and students received the sad news of his death on Wednesday. Grade Two teacher, Rhonda Estwick told the Guyana Chronicle that Smartt was a disciplined child but at times very chatty and was an average student, academically.

Smartt is survived by nine siblings and scores of relatives, including his parents. A post mortem examination is expected to be performed on the body on Friday.

Bandits crash getaway car after robbing walking victim of Nike boots


He came all the way from Kuru Kururu, Soesdyke/Linden Highway to visit his kid’s mom at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara. But the 20-year-old labourer never catered for being robbed of his expensive Nike Air-Max shoes.
That is exactly what happened Wednesday night to the victim, who was abducted, robbed and then pushed out of a car.
According to police, around 21:15hrs, the victim was proceeding south along the Mon Repos School Road, when he was pounced upon by the driver of a motor car, PRR 1787, who placed a knife to his neck.
The man was forced into the back seat of the car where two male suspects relieved him of his footwear, silver jewellery, mobile phone and other items.
Police said that the robbers then pushed the man out of the vehicle which sped away.
It was reported that while the bandits were making their escape, their vehicle came into contact with another vehicle causing minor damage. However, the robbers failed to stop.
The owner of the damaged vehicle summoned a Community Policing Group (CPG) patrol which responded promptly and intercepted the car and its driver in a nearby village, minus the two accomplices.
According to police, the driver was arrested and escorted to the Beterverwagting Police Station along with his vehicle by the CPG members.
The robbery victim who was there to make a report, positively identified the driver and the vehicle as being the one used in the crime.
Police said that a search of the vehicle unearthed a knife fitting the description of the one used to rob the victim.
The 21-year-old suspect, who resides at Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo and Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, is said to be cooperating with investigators.
The police lauded the efforts of the CPG members.
“The Guyana Police Force wishes to recognise the swift and professional approach by the members of the Community Police Group, in apprehending and handing over the suspect and vehicle to the police.”

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