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Cop accused of stealing money from man he was about to arrest


A rank of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) attached to B Division (Berbice) is now under investigation after he allegedly stole money from a house at which he went to make an arrest.
Reports indicate that the incident occurred on February 25, 2017 at a Lot 39 Stanleytown, Berbice home. The home is reportedly the dwelling of Tyrone Griffith, who was at the time being arrested.
It is understood that after Griffith – who was in the process of being arrested – accused the specific officer, the other ranks who had accompanied him [the accused officer] reportedly left without completing the arrest.
However, Griffith followed them and demanded that the officer return his money.
The complainant said he later visited the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) and was directed to the Police Complaints Department after which he met with the Deputy Commander, Errol Watts and laid his complaint.
B Division Commander Ian Amsterdam has confirmed that the Police are investigating the matter. According to him, when the matter was first reported to him, the officer at the centre of the investigation was on leave.
Amsterdam explained that upon approaching the officer, who is said to be attached to the CID, he [the said officer] had assured him [Amsterdam] that he would repay the ‘stolen’ money.
However, the accused lawman’s position on the matter quickly changed and he began to deny ever stealing the money from Griffith’s home.
Amsterdam said he ordered an investigation into the matter and a file containing statements has since been sent to Police headquarters in Georgetown.
Since the incident, Griffith told Police that the specific officer had indicated to him that he [officer] wanted money for the Berbice Mash celebrations. The complainant disclosed that the stolen money belonged to his 76-year-old mother.

Ganja bust at John Fernandes Wharf

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(File Photo)

— drug found in container of perishable goods

ANTI-narcotics agents on Saturday morning intercepted a quantity of compressed marijuana in a container at the John Fernandes Wharf, Water Street, Georgetown during a joint operation.

Reports are that the drug, which was still being quantified at midday, was discovered in a container among perishable goods.
The container arrived recently from Jamaica. Investigators believe the container was tampered with before it arrived at Port Georgetown.
Officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) of the Guyana Revenue Authority, and Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) were engaged in the operation on Saturday morning.
It is unclear if any arrest was made.

Last December, the Government unveiled a four-year National Drug Strategy Master Plan. The key elements of the plan include the establishment of the National Anti-Narcotics Agency (NANA) to counter all aspects of the illicit drug trade, a court to deal with special cases, and reduced sentences and treatment for some offenders.

Pnc operative got robbed by one of her own, karma is  bytch.

Rights activist robbed at gunpoint

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Rights activist, Ms Jean LaRose

RIGHTS activist, Ms Jean LaRose was on Monday robbed at gunpoint after making a transaction at a city bank.

LaRose, who serves as the Programme Administrator at the Amerindian People’s Association (APA), shared her experience via a Facebook post following the incident.
According to her, she was “traced from the ATM [automatic teller machine]” by a man who pushed his way past three other customers in the line waiting to transact their business. She said that the man entered the room with the ATMs, but even after she had completed her transaction, he was still in the room.
“He was not at any machine when I noticed him, but appeared to be doing something just a bit off. I’m recalling all of this in hindsight,” LaRose related.
She said that once she made her way out of the ATM, she drove off, and subsequently stopped to make a purchase.
“While reaching for my bag on the car floor after parking to make a purchase, a man pushed a gun at my temple and told me he was going to shoot me if I did not let go of the bag which I was holding on to,” she recounted.
Fearful and terrified, she said she let go of the bag, while the man continued pointing the gun at her and saying he would shoot her if she only screamed.
The woman said she did eventually scream when he hopped into a car that was parked just behind hers and drove off.
“Everything happened so fast! I’m still shaken!” Ms LaRose said, adding: “I’m posting this so you people can be even more careful.”
She later told the Guyana Chronicle that all of her personal belongings, including her house keys, work information, various cards and an undisclosed sum of money were in the bag.
With the loss of these personal items, Ms LaRose said she’s now left feeling very vulnerable.
She has since made a report to the police.
Ms LaRose, who has been a prominent leader in the Indigenous Peoples struggle for their rights, is also a former chair of the Board of Directors of the Guyana National Newspapers Limited (GNNL).

The jackass Granger administration encouraging child rape, no action taken to jail the perpetrator.

Teen reportedly raped by stepfather -accused threatened to kill family, released on station bail

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A 13-YEAR-OLD girl of Corentyne, Berbice was reportedly raped four times by her stepfather and is now living in fear after he threatened to kill her and her family.

The man was in police custody for some six days and was released on $100,000 station bail, pending advice from the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). This newspaper understands that the 43-year-old Carpenter allegedly raped the teenager four times between August 2016 and February 2017. The teen did not tell anyone about the first three instances but decided to tell her mother on February 23, 2017 after the incident occurred the fourth time.

According to the mother, her daughter told her she cannot live in the house anymore and after she inquired the reason for such a decision, the teenager made the revelation. The teen pleaded with her mother not to confront the alleged rapist, since he threatened to kill the family if she told anyone.

The 40-year-old mother of four explained that when she confronted the accused about what her daughter related, he initially denied it and accused the teen of lying. However, when the mother continued to press the issue, the man reportedly whipped out a cutlass and threatened to kill her and the entire family.

“When she tell me about what happened, he wasn’t at home so I called but he didn’t answer so when he came home I confronted him. I said [name withheld] you troubled her but he turn and say she lying but I said to him I believe her because she said you did it to her bigger sister and your daughters too,” the tearful mother said.

She continued, “He say ‘I gonna murder all of ya’ll in here today!’ My other children were in the house too and when they hear that they run out the house. He had a cutlass in his waist and he pulled out to fire but my 16-year-old son see when he pull it out and we both wrestle with he.”

The woman related amidst tears that as the struggle continued, the cutlass fell out of the man’s hand and she made a dash for the bedroom as her son ran out the house in a bid to escape the enraged man.

“After me son and he scramble and the cutlass fall down my son run out de house and I try fuh run in the bedroom but he pick up the cutlass and start firing chops at me but he keep missing. The fuss one catch the fridge or that would a chop off me neck cause I duck and the second one catch me on the shoulder,” the mother said.

The woman recalled that she started to scream, after which neighbours gathered and took her to the police station in her bloodied state, where she was made to wait for over an hour before anyone took her report.

She was then referred to the Port Mourant Hospital where she received six stitches for the wound. Police eventually arrested the accused and he was detained for six days before being released on station bail.

This newspaper confirmed that the file was sent to the DPP for legal advice last week.

Meanwhile, with tears streaming down her face, the woman told the Guyana Chronicle that she and her family are living in fear since the man is walking freely on the streets.

“One time he threatened saying he gonna chop me up and put me in a septic tank and nobody would know,” the mother said. She related that her daughter detailed the first time the man raped her.

According to the mother, her daughter said she was in the shower when the step-father attempted to force his way in but she managed to push him away; however he later made his way into her bedroom where he forced her to have sex.

“She told me when he came in the bedroom she begged him not to do it but he told her its ok he did it to her older sister and two of his daughters, even as she pleaded with him to stop.”

The teenager is visibly traumatised and according to the mother, she [the daughter] is suicidal, since she blames herself for what happened.

“I told her I believe you and we will get through this. She’s a really bright girl and in class she wasn’t concentrating. I had to go into school a few times…she tell me ‘mommy I gonna kill myself’ when she had to help me clean the cut.”

The mother accused the police and the Child Care and Protection Agency of not taking the issue seriously and called on the relevant authorities to ensure justice is served.


Armed bandits attack, rob Good Hope family …escape with Prado, millions of dollars

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The house where the robbery occurred

A GOOD Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD) family is left traumatised after four armed men attacked them, minutes after arriving home from the Mandir. This is the seventh time that the family has been robbed by bandits.

The bandits pounced on 64-year-old Mahadeo Shiwpal, along with his wife and daughter in front of their lot 36 Good Hope, East Coast Demerara home at about 21:30hrs Sunday night and escaped with millions of dollars in cash, along with the family’s Prado Jeep – PKK 3132.

The jeep was subsequently found abandoned two streets away on the Good Hope Line Top. The elderly businessman and his wife own a stall in the Mon Repos and Plaisance Markets. The wife, Mrs Shiwpal, told the Guyana Chronicle that the family had just returned from the Mandir and she was about to open the gate, when four masked men emerged from a silver Toyota Primo and rushed into the yard. The driver of the Primo was waiting on the gunmen outside.

The distraught woman said that her gold rings and watch were taken away by one of the gunmen, while her 23-year-old daughter and husband were physically assaulted. According to the businesswoman, two of the gunmen then jumped into her husband’s jeep and drove away with it while the other two bandits joined the waiting Premio and escaped.

This is the first time that the family has been robbed at home but they were attacked on six other occasions by bandits at their market outlets. Mrs Shiwpal said that her husband applied for a firearm license but the process has been unsuccessful thus far. The Shiwpals have been operating their business since 1987.

Woman forced to drive around city with gunman in car


– Relieved of cash, cell phone; two children unharmed

With a gun held to her head, a 31-year-old woman was forced to drive around Georgetown on Saturday night with her two children, after a lone bandit managed to break into her car while it was parked at Camp and Middle Streets, Georgetown.
Luckily, Suzette Peters, a teacher of Melanie Damishana, East Coast Demerara, and her children were not harmed, but the suspect escaped with the victim’s money and cellular phone.
According to information received, Peters’ car developed some problems and she called for a friend’s assistance. When the friend left, she and her children went into a fast food outlet which is located in that area and spent some time.
It was upon their return to the vehicle that they were confronted by the gunman, who was already in the car, waiting on them.
Kaieteur News was informed that the individual, who brandished his weapon, demanded that the trio get into the vehicle and requested Peters to drive.
Reports are that the woman drove around Georgetown before the bandit exited her vehicle in Alberttown with her cash and cell phone.
A police report was made but no one has been arrested.

Bandits shoot Cuban national


A 60-year-old Cuban national is nursing a gunshot wound to the abdomen, after he was attacked by robbers on Sunday.
A hospital source identified the victim as Arregelto Jorge. He is said to be staying at a city hotel.
According to reports, Jorge and his wife were walking along Regent Street at around 07.00 hrs when robbers attacked and shot him.
He was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation, and has since been admitted to the Male Surgical Ward.
His condition is listed as stable.

Pork-knocker killed during fight

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ONE man is in custody as police in “F” Division investigate the death of a pork-knocker, who was killed Monday in Cuyuni-Mazaruni, Region Seven.

Dead is Phillip Cort, 53, of 32 Queen Street, Courtland Village, Corentyne Berbice. His body was discovered Monday night after police received a call about a fight between two men close to Armu Landing in Cuyuni-Mazaruni.

Police responded quickly and managed to apprehend a suspect, who was involved in the confrontation with the porknocker. The suspect is a 35-year-old gold miner from Wismar Hill, Linden. Investigations have so far revealed that about 15:00hrs on Sunday, April 02, 2017, Cort had an altercation with a male suspect, who is also said to be a miner, over some missing raw gold, during which he was allegedly beaten by the suspect and subsequently died.

The body is presently at the Bartica Hospital Mortuary awaiting a post-mortem. Police said the body was found with multiple marks of violence.

When contacted, Commander of “F” Division, Ravindradat Budhram, confirmed the death, noting that ‘disorderly murders’ have always been a problem in the hinterland. According to the Commander, miners imbibe heavily and get into drunken brawls over women, among other things, which ultimately lead to death. The Commander related that the leading contributors are alcohol abuse, domestic violence and worksite disputes.

Army investigating grenade find at Timehri school

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THE Guyana Defence Force (GDF) is investigating how one of its smoke-grenades came to be in the possession of a 10-year-old, while at school on Monday.

The discovery was made during school hours at the Timehri Primary, on the East Bank, and the child’s uncle, an army sergeant, was on Monday night pulled in by the police for questioning.

According to reports, police were called in to the school around 13:30 hrs on Monday after a teacher saw the 10-year-old walking up the school’s stairs with the grenade in his hand.

It is alleged that when asked by the teacher what he had in his hand, the child replied that it was “a spark” he got from his seven-year-old cousin, who lives at Timehri.

The sergeant, who is stationed at Special Forces Base Camp Stephenson, reportedly told investigators that on March 10, he uplifted 50 smoke grenades with which to train ranks.

He is reported to have said that of the lot, only 46 grenades were used for the training, and that three of the remaining four were diffused. The other, he said, was inadvertently left in his travelling bag.

He said that upon returning home, his seven-year-old son must have taken the grenade out of the travelling bag and given it to his cousin, mistakenly thinking it was some sort of toy.

Police subsequently searched the sergeant’s home and found nothing else.

Gunmen escape with DVR after robbing goldsmith


– “Bandit mek I making fish cake and egg ball to pay 2012 debt” – victim

Armed bandits escaped with over $500,000 in cash and 90 pennyweight of gold after robbing a goldsmith at his Lot 160 Uitvlugt, West Coast Demerara home around 14:00 hrs last Friday.
The three armed bandits attacked 35-year-old Seenan Deru and tied his uncle, Radha Krishna Chandra while demanding cash and gold.
According to information received, the three men called out for Deru, the goldsmith, and told him that they wanted to make a band, similar to what one of the suspects was wearing.
When Deru went into his workshop for a scale to weigh the band, one of the men confronted him with a gun.
Deru’s aunt, Toolsidas Chandra said that her husband, Radha Krishna Chandra left their home to go visit her nephew. Deru’s workshop is located at the back of his home.
Chandra said that Deru left her husband in the workshop and went over to a shop next door to purchase something. On exiting the shop to go home, he saw two men in front of his yard calling out for “the goldsmith.”
“He (Deru) said that one of the guys tell him that he wants to make a band that is similar to the one he wearing so he (nephew) tell him to come in and wait under the house while he go for the scale,” Chandra said.
The woman explained that when her nephew returned with the scale, one of the men told him that he had something to show him and pulled out a gun from his pocket.
“He (bandit) put my nephew to lie down and then he see my husband in the workshop and they tied him up. They took him upstairs and ask him where the gold and money were, but my husband tell them that he didn’t live there,” the woman said.
She further related that one of the bandits returned downstairs and took her nephew up in the house and demanded money and gold.
“My nephew gave them the money and gold and they took other things like phone and the DVR,” the woman related.
A frustrated Chandra said that she reported the matter but the police failed to contact her with any developments.
“This is three times we get robbed. Bandit mek I making fish cake and egg ball to pay out my debts in 2012 when they robbed us,” Chandra said. She explained that after being robbed so many times, she moved from her home and gave her business to her nephew to run.
Divisional Commander, Leslie James could not be reached for a comment on the status of the investigation.

Knife-toting bandit robs pensioner


An elderly woman of Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara (WBD) has been left traumatised following an encounter with a knife-toting bandit who had broken into her home.

The broken window through which the bandit entered Ramsamooge’s home

Speaking with this newspaper, Chan Ramsamooge said she awoke at about 23:45h on Sunday after hearing a loud noise in the bottom flat of her home. Upon inspection, she saw a man in her kitchen with a knife in his hands. Ordering her not to raise an alarm, the man said, “Don’t move, and don’t scream!”
Ramsamooge told Guyana Times that she managed to flee from the house and seek refuge at a neighbour’s house, from where the Police were contacted.
Public-spirited persons, upon learning of her predicament, went in search of the lone bandit and gave chase, but he made good his escape with the woman’s laptop among other valuables.
When the Police arrived on the scene, eyewitnesses told them that they knew who the bandit was, alleging that he resides at Bella Dam, West Bank Demerara and is a known drug user in that area. The man had reportedly gained access into the woman’s house through a window which he broke.
The Police are hunting for the suspect as investigations continue.

Miner killed at Mahdia Landing

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TWO men have been arrested in connection with the murder of 30-year-old Reginald Charles, who was stabbed during the wee hours of Wednesday at 111 Miles Mahdia, Region 8.

According to the police, the miner was walking in the vicinity of a night club at about 02:00hrs when he was engaged in a confrontation with the suspects, during which he was stabbed to his neck and chest with a broken bottle.
Charles managed to run to the Mahdia Hospital where he succumbed whilst receiving medical attention. Swift action by ranks resulted in the arrest of the duo, one of whom reportedly confessed to the crime; he is 24-years-old and hails from Surama Village, Lethem.
The body of Charles is at the Mahdia Hospital Mortuary awaiting a post-mortem examination. Meanwhile, on Monday police within the division also apprehended another suspect in connection with the death of a pork-knocker in Cuyuni-Mazaruni, Region 7.
The dead man was identified as Phillip Cort, 53, of 32 Queen Street, Courtland Village, Corentyne,Berbice. His body was discovered Monday night after police received a call about a fight between two men close to Armu Landing in Cuyuni-Mazaruni. The suspect is a 35-year-old gold miner from Wismar Hill, Linden.
Commander of ‘F’ Division, Ravindradat Budhram, said that the police will be sending the file for legal advice to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). According to the Commander, within the last few weeks, police within the division were able to apprehend and solve multiple murders, largely due to cooperation from the public.

Parika man on the run after reportedly killing wife

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Dead: Dhanwantie Ram [Photo taken from Newsroom]

Police ranks in ‘D’ Division are making stringent efforts to apprehend a male suspect who allegedly strangled his reputed wife, in his Parika, East Bank Essequibo home, about 07:30hrs Wednesday.

According to the police, Dhanwantie Ram, 29, was found by a relative motionless, in a sitting position with a bed sheet tied around her neck. The suspect was seen fleeing his house towards the backdam.

The victim was rushed to the Leonora Cottage Hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival. Her body is presently at the Ezekiel Funeral Home awaiting a post-mortem examination.

Investigations have so far revealed that four days ago, Dhanwantie decided to end the abusive relationship she shared with the man for several years; she left his house with her three children and went to live at her residence at Parika Façade.

On Tuesday evening, 28-year-old suspect, a Labourer, went to the victim’s house and demanded that she return to his home to which she refused and he allegedly abused her and left.

At about 06:00hrs Wednesday, the victim was on her way to the Parika Police Station to lodge a report against the suspect, when he intercepted and took her to his home where he allegedly killed her.

Church members robbed at gunpoint on Regent Street

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One of the CG motorcycles left at the scene of the crime by the bandits

-two in police custody

TWO men are in police custody after several church members were attacked and robbed Monday night on Regent Street, Georgetown by bandits on two CG motorcycles.

Police later confiscated two motorcycles – HC 4146 and CH 9013. Reports indicate that the robbery occurred at around 21:55hrs when approximately 20 persons were attending a farewell and were sitting on the northern pavement on Regent Street. The victims are all members of House of Prayers church located at Mocha, East Bank Demerara.

Police said the suspects arrived from the western direction and came off their motorcycles, pointed their guns at the victims and robbed them. Some persons resisted and the gunmen fired about six shots in the air and made good their escape south along Oronoque Street.

This newspaper understands that two of the bandits escaped on a motorcycle, while the other bandit escaped on foot and left his motorcycle, HC 4146 at the scene. One of the gunmen was identified and police later visited his residence on Durban Street, Georgetown but he was not found.

However, a motorcycle allegedly used in the robbery was seized. Police subsequently arrested two men and they were swabbed for gun powder residue as investigations continue.

The persons who were robbed included Lester Andrews, 38, a clothes vendor of North Ruimveldt; he was robbed of one Samsung phone value $160,000. Quincy Waldron, 33, a High Priest of William Street, Mocha, EBD  was robbed of one Blu cellular phone, valued $30,000; Daidree Liverpool, 57, a Bishop of Nelson St Mocha was robbed of two gold chains valued $300, 000 and Robin Firebrace, 56, of East Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was robbed of three gold chains value $185,000 and one Samsung cellular phone.

Police said no one was injured at the scene but they are reviewing CCTV cameras in the area.

Hard times under the pnc forcing the people to resort to smuggling once again a la pnc pre 1992. 

Smugglers escape as GEA seizes boats, illegal fuel in Mahaica operation


Some of the drums of fuel seized by GEA

Inspectors of the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA), with support from the Guyana Police Force (GPF) and the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), on Monday conducted an operation in the Mahaica area, seizing two boats of illegal fuel.
According to GEA yesterday, during the course of the operation, officers observed two boats, linked together, containing several drums in the area of Helena Number One.
The agency said that the occupants of the vessels refused to comply with instructions issued by the officers for them to come ashore.
However, shortly after, they abandoned the vessels by jumping into the river and escaping.
Efforts by officials to pursue them proved futile.
A public spirited citizen assisted by swimming and pulling the boats ashore. Upon retrieving the vessels, it was discovered that there were efforts by the occupants to sink the larger of the two vessels.
The officials discovered 38 drums containing fuel which is estimated to be 1,900 gallons.
Field tests carried out by GEA’s inspectors revealed that the fuel was illegal as the marker concentration was below the legal level.
As a result, all 38 drums of fuel were seized along with both vessels, an outboard engine and a gasoline powered pump. Investigation into the incident is ongoing, GEA said.
“The GEA lauds the efforts of its inspectors and Field Operation Coordinator for their diligence and commitment in managing the operation.
Thanks is also extended to the GRA and GPF for their support and partnership which aided in making the operation a success.

PNC fund raiser?

Gunmen snatch cash from paint company employees


Two employees attached to Automotive Arts on Croal Street, Georgetown were on Wednesday relieved of a bag containing close to $1 million in cash by two armed men. The incident occurred just after 13:00h.

The workers, according to reports, had just returned from a commercial bank and as they exited their motor car, a black car pulled up alongside them and stopped. As the black car came to a halt, one man who was carrying a hand gun exited and grabbed the bag that contained the money.

The gunman then reportedly discharged a round into the air and hurriedly entered the waiting motor car, which fled the scene. By this time, several persons from within the building rushed out and immediately summoned the Police.

An official of the paint company told media operatives that two workers went to the bank to collect “change money” and confirmed that it was less than $1 million. A Police source told Guyana Times that they were up to late Wednesday evening reviewing the surveillance footage captured by the business place.

He noted that the man who exited the getaway car was not wearing a mask and the Police would check their database to see if there was a match.

The manager of the company was happy no one was hurt during the robbery, but related that the two employees were traumatised.

And the beat goes on as PnC operatives continue to be involved in criminal activities out of Sophia.

Duo busted with illegal firearms, ammo


The Police in A Division (Georgetown-East Bank) , acting on intelligence, stopped a motor car on Land of Canaan Public Road, East Bank Demerara about 12:25h on Thursday and conducted a search during which two illegal weapons (.44 Revolver and a 9mm Pistol) with 11 live matching rounds were found.

The two illegal weapons

The occupants of the vehicle, a 41-year-old resident of Bel Air Park, Georgetown and a 22-year-old resident of North Sophia, Greater Georgetown, were taken into custody and were assisting with the investigation.

PNC cops are thiefmen. 

Cop caught with stolen phone after it vibrates in his crotch


A Tactical Services Unit (TSU) rank was reportedly exposed as a petty thief, after a phone that he had stolen from a colleague rang while the ranks were on parade.
The embarrassing episode started last Tuesday, when the constable saw the phone, which belonged to a TSU driver, in the barrack-room. He then stashed the device in his crotch before joining his colleagues on the drill square.
Unfortunately, the rank who had lost his phone borrowed a colleague’s device and dialed the number, while passing by the drill square.
Ranks on the drill square were reportedly shocked when the phone began to vibrate and ring in the culprit’s crotch. The device was quickly recovered and the culprit placed in custody.
On being questioned, the constable allegedly claimed that someone had hidden the phone in his crotch.
Kaieteur News understands that relatives of the detained rank have offered the victim a financial settlement. However, the constable is likely to be dismissed and placed before the court.

Looks like another pnc fundraiser gone bad.

wo nabbed in E’bo taxi with 11 pounds of coke


Two men are in police custody following a cocaine bust on the Essequibo coast yesterday

The taxi in which the men were travelling.

afternoon. It is reported that sometime between 15:00hrs and 18:00hrs, ranks found 11 pounds of cocaine in the possession of two men traveling along the coast. The men were travelling in a taxi bearing licence plates, HB 5808
The men were detained at the Aurora Police station.
It was not immediately made known where the cocaine was heading. The suspects are currently being held at separate police stations. The car has been impounded.

Looks like the PNC govt encouraging some major slackness as molestation of boys rise. Maybe they have many child molesters in their ranks who are immune to prosecution.

Molestation of young boys on the rise


– 17 cases in two months

It would appear as though reports of young boys being sexually molested are on the increase. Statistics emanating from the Childcare and Protection Agency (CPA) revealed this worrying trend.

CPA Director, Ann Greene

In just the first two months of this year, the Ministry of Social Protection has received 17 reports of boys being sexually abused.
The previous year, 2016, saw a total of 118 reported cases of boys being molested. This represents a troubling increase from the 108 reported cases recorded in the previous year. In 2014, there were a total of 60 reported cases of boys being sexually molested, with 80 in 2013, and 89 in 2012.
The majority of boys suffering from abuse in all of its forms, are between the ages of eight and 13. According to the January and February figures, a total of 130 boys who fall within this age range, were being abused in some way or the other. About 49 of the victims were ages 14- to 18-years-old.
Disturbing to note, is the fact that even the toddlers weren’t spared. Eighty-five of these boys were abused during the tender age of zero to three-years-old.
Director of the CPA, Ann Greene has indicated that these figures may just represent a fraction of the trauma being faced by Guyana’s children.
“The irony of this is that, it is not the true picture, since child abuse is a hidden crime. This may only be a tip of the iceberg,” Greene told a forum recently held by the Rights of the Child Commission.
She explained that a number of cases go unreported, since some children literally do not have a voice.
“They are either too young to report the abuse, and in many cases, they are reluctant to tell on the perpetrator, who is more often someone they trust and love,” Greene said.
She added that parents have proven to be a serious threat to their children’s health and development.
“…and the high incidence of child sexual abuse cases are cause for concern, because they do not correspond with the perpetrators being brought to justice.”
Between January and February of this month alone, a total of 765 cases of children being abused were recorded. Of this extremely troubling figure, 58 of these cases resulted in the intervention of the Guyana Police Force. However, only nine of these cases passed through the court system.

In 2016, there were 118 reported cases of boys being molested.

Although the unreported instances of children being abused may reflect an even higher and more disturbing state of affairs, Ms. Greene is warning against interpreting the increase in the number of reports, to mean an increase in the number of cases of abuse.
“Many times it just means that more people are aware of what constitutes child abuse, and are more active in reporting some of the atrocities committed against children,” the CPA Director said.
She explained, too, that the increase in the reports of boys being sexually abused also signals a shift in their behavioural pattern.
“What you would find these days, is that more boys are opening up. More of them are talking about their experiences and that kind of thing. A few years ago, it was more difficult for them to do so,” Greene noted.
She explained that while the number of girls being abused is significantly higher, young boys are also burdened by a lot of silent suffering.
In 2016, there were a total of 734 children being sexually abused. This figure reflects an increase from the 676 cases recorded in the previous year. Some 628 cases of children being molested were dealt with in 2014, followed by 670 in 2013 and a massive 753 in 2012. (Rehana Ahamad)

Police hunt armed bandits in separate robberies


POLICE are looking for a white, new-model Toyota Premio and an armed bandit who shot a man in his thigh Saturday morning before robbing him.

The incident reportedly occurred on Barr and Alexander Streets, Kitty, where the 20-year-old victim, after being incapacitated, was relieved of a gold band and two finger rings.

Reports are that the youngster, who hails from suburban Prashad Nagar, was liming when he was attacked, and that after the suspect got what he wanted, he made off in a white car.

The victim, meanwhile, was taken to the Woodlands Hospital, where he was treated and sent away.

That same day, reports say, two men visiting the Meadow Bank squatting area to buy a car were robbed of their valuables by an armed bandit, who later fled on foot.

The perpetrator reportedly walked up behind the men, while they were inspecting the vehicle and committed the robbery. The bandit escaped with a cell-phone and a total of $175,000 in cash from the victims, identified as Bishram Latchman and Farouk Bacchus.

Woman arrested after allegedly attacking mother, stabbing brother to death


Controversy surrounds the death of a 21-year-old man who succumbed at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) yesterday, hours after being stabbed.

Dead: Vishaul Hansraj

The victim has been identified as Vishaul Hansraj, a trawler operator of Covent Garden Squatting Area, East Bank Demerara (EBD).
The young man was stabbed twice in the back around 18:00 hrs on Easter Monday.
Hansraj’s older sister was taken into police custody for attacking her mother, Sumintra Brijmohan, and inflicting a wound to her neck. The sibling is also being questioned about her brother’s death, even as her mother denies that the woman stabbed her brother.
Brijmohan informed investigators that while her daughter attacked her, she did not stab her brother. In fact, no one knows who stabbed the young man.
Investigators however believe that Hansraj’s stabbing is linked to his mother’s attack and as such, the young woman has been detained at the East La Penitence Police Station.
Brijmohan in an interview denied that her daughter killed her son. “No, she didn’t stab him. We had a quarrel because I ask her why she drink (alcohol) and she picked up a knife and cut me on my neck, but it’s not deep,” the woman said.
The woman explained that after she was attacked, neighbours called a taxi for her to go to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre.
According to Brijmohan, while preparing to go to the hospital, Hansraj came home, covered in

The dead man’s mother, Sumintra Brijmohan

blood, claiming that someone stabbed him but he didn’t say who it was—the ground is not far from their home.
“He say he can’t breathe and he gone die and we take him in the same taxi to the hospital. We don’t know who stabbed him and he didn’t see, because he say it was dark,” Brijmohan explained.
She related that her son left home early Easter Monday to go and lime at the Covent Garden ground with his brothers and friends.
“He doesn’t stay one place, so his brothers them ain’t see anything. All we know is that he get in an argument with some boys and they stab he and he lil hot headed. If he and someone get it out, he does jump to fight,” the woman related.
Brijmohan maintained that she doesn’t want any story and that she is a poor woman. “My daughter didn’t stab him.”
Police sources however said that neighbours have indicated that the young man was indeed stabbed by his sibling.
“They are always fighting with each other,” the rank said they were informed, while adding that there is enough information to suggest that the young man was stabbed at home.
Investigation is ongoing.

North West resident shot dead by police

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SHAKA Bourne, a resident of Yarakita, North West District, Region One was shot dead by a police rank Tuesday morning, after he [Bourne] allegedly pointed a loaded firearm at the cop.

According to a police report, the incident occurred at approximately 07:45hrs at Yarakita Village. The police report noted that a Police Constable armed with a service revolver, responded to several reports against Bourne by members of the community.

“Shaka Bourne (deceased) on seeing the police rank, immediately drew a loaded unlicensed revolver, threatening to shoot the constable, who instinctively discharged a round from his service revolver hitting him in the head,” the police report noted.

He was disarmed and rushed to the Mabaruma Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. His body is presently at the hospital’s mortuary awaiting a post-mortem examination.

The unlicensed .38 revolver with five live matching rounds, as well as the service weapon used by the policeman have been lodged. A thorough investigation into the incident has since been launched by Divisional Commander, Senior Superintendent Ravindradat Budhram.

Bourne’s mother, Debra Sandiford told this newspaper that she was told that her son was heading to the police station to clarify a matter pertaining to the mother of his child when a specific police rank, who had always had a problem with him, intercepted him on the way resulting in a confrontation during which he was killed.

“This specific policeman that shot him has always been behind the cases and may have had a problem, resulting in his erratic behaviour…I want to get my son down to Georgetown to bury him, because I don’t want his body to be left up there,” the mother of seven said. She said her son was a father of two and a speedboat operator.

Lethem bank guard killed while defending wife from robber


A security supervisor at the Guyana Bank For Trade and Industry, Lethem, was yesterday tragically killed after he rushed to the defence of his wife against a bandit.

In happier times: Haimchand ‘Raj’ Persaud with his wife and two children.

The incident has left that Region Nine community in deep shock and two young sons are now without a father.
Dead is Haimchand ‘Raj’ Persaud, 31, of Tabatinga, Lethem, and from the Essequibo coast, Region Two.
According to reports, shortly before 2 am yesterday, Persaud and his wife, Shenika Xavier, 22, were heading home from a pageant held at a hotel in Lethem when they were pounced upon.
Persaud had gone there with a motorcycle, but decided against riding home because of a few drinks he had. He instead opted to walk with his wife.
Family members indicated that the incident happened not far from the GBTI compound, in the vicinity of Carly Bus Service.
The robber, who was dressed in a red shirt, had a cloth wrapped around his face to mask his identity.
The couple had reportedly turned onto a dark street in the direction of their home, and appeared to have been followed. The robber ran up to the woman and attempted to grab her bag. However, Persaud immediately rushed to her defence. During a scuffle with the robber, the bank official was stabbed in the chest.
The assailant is believed to have panicked and abandoned the robbery bid. He escaped on a motorcycle that was ridden by another man.
In the meantime, his wife reportedly ran screaming to a nearby army base, but no one came out. She then went for help at a nearby hotel.
Relatives said that by the time Persaud was taken to the Lethem Hospital, he was dead.
Police in a statement said that Persaud, a Central Rupununi resident, was pronounced dead just after 2:30hrs at the hospital. He was bleeding profusely from a single knife-stab wound to the left region of his chest.
Police said that from investigations, Persaud and his wife had left an entertainment bar about 01:55hrs, in their community, after imbibing with some friends.
“…as they were in close proximity of their home, the suspect pounced with a knife and attempted to rob them, during which a physical encounter ensued between the victim (deceased) and the suspect who stabbed him (victim) and escaped on a motorcycle.”
Kaieteur News was told that the pageant, part of the annual rodeo activities, had been postponed from Friday because of poor weather.
According to Opposition Parliamentarian, Alister Charlie, who is from the area, Persaud was a hardworking man who moved to there about six years ago. He was at the time of his death in charge of security at the bank.
“We are deeply shocked at his death. He is a committed family man and well-liked.”
Kaieteur News was told that persons in the community believed that robber was from neighbouring Bon Fim, a community in Brazil that borders with Lethem via the Takutu River.
Persaud’s two boys are both said to be under five years of age.
There was an outpouring of grief on Persaud’s Facebook page yesterday with former classmates of his, from Abram Zuil Secondary School, Essequibo coast, expressing deep shock.

Father of two dies after beaten by ‘drinking buddies’


A father of two died in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) around 05:00 hrs yesterday, two days after he was allegedly beaten during a suspected robbery by a group of men with

Dead: Balwant Ramsaran

whom he had been imbibing.
Balwant Ramsaran of 504 Herstelling, East Bank Demerara (EBD) was attacked after he reportedly put up a fight when his “drinking buddies” tried to rob him in a rum shop at Farm, EBD.
According to information received, the father of two was imbibing at a ground in Farm with a group of men. Reports are that when Ramsaran became intoxicated, the men he was drinking with allegedly tried to rob him to which the victim put up a fight and left.
The victim’s brother-in-law, Devon Winter said that Ramsaran reportedly left the ground and went to a shop a short distance away. It was there that the men followed him and attacked him.
“When he drink, they usually rob him,. but this time he put up a fight,” Ramsaran noted.
Kaieteur News was informed that when the 41-year-old man was attacked by the group of men, one of the individuals picked up a piece of wood and dealt him several lashes to the head and back.
The victim collapsed and was rushed to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre, and later transferred to the GPHC where he succumbed.
Winter explained that while the man lived at Herstelling, he spent most of his time in Land of Canaan where he worked as a joiner.
No one has been arrested.


Body of miner found in shallow grave, two weeks after beating


– Employer, colleague in custody

A little boy flying his kite on Tuesday at Karrau Backdam, Three Miles, Mazaruni stumbled upon the body of a man buried in a three-foot deep grave some two weeks ago.
The victim has so far only been identified as Kevin, a resident of Region Seven.
According to reports, after the body of the miner was discovered, the child’s parents informed the police, who went to the scene to investigate. Shortly after, an arrest was made.
Divisional Commander, Ravindradat Budhram confirmed that two persons have been arrested and are said to be cooperating with investigators.
Kaieteur News understands that the suspects have been identified as the victim’s employer and a colleague.
The victim, whose body was decomposed when it was discovered, was reportedly attacked with pieces of wood and a cutlass after he was accused of stealing raw gold.
When investigators removed the remains from the shallow grave on Tuesday afternoon, it was determined that the victim was clad in a pair of blue pants and a jersey.
A police source explained that the victim started working with one of the individuals in custody, at a mining camp in Mazaruni some months ago.
Two weeks ago, a quantity of raw gold went missing from the camp and the victim’s employer accused him of stealing the valuables. It is being reported that the two men got into an argument which resulted in a scuffle.
This newspaper was informed that the two men went their separate ways and later in the night, the victim’s employer returned and dealt him several chops with a cutlass and struck him with a piece of wood.
Kaieteur News was informed that the victim’s colleague did not play a part in his death but may have witnessed part of the incident.
He is providing police with information as investigations continue.

Kildonan man charged with fiery death of father


Charged: Collin Ross

A 50-year-old farmer of Kildonan Village, Corentyne, Berbice, was yesterday remanded to prison for murdering his father.
The charge states that Collin Ross on Monday 10th April, last, murdered 82-year-old Rudolph Ross in a dwelling house. He was not required to plead to the indictable charge before Magistrate Rabindranauth Singh at the #51 Magistrate’s Court. The accused was remanded to prison until May 8th. The matter was transferred to the Whim Magistrate’s Court.
According to initial reports, Rudolph Ross, a pensioner of lot 14 Kildonan Village, Corentyne, Berbice, was burnt to death in his home on April 10, last. The inferno which reportedly started in the kitchen quickly engulfed to the two-storey concrete structure while the senior Ross was still trapped inside.
It was during the time he was fighting to escape the blaze through a heavily grilled front window leading to his verandah, that he succumbed to the smoke and heat.
A kerosene bottle was found at the scene, and this was reportedly an indication that it was the substance that was used to set the house alight.
Collin Ross, his son and former member of the Guyana Police Force, who had re-migrated back to Guyana sometime ago, was residing with his father in the three-bedroom house. He was arrested the very next day and questioned.
In the beginning the accused had an alibi of his whereabouts, but upon checking into the alibi given, investigators found that the man’s explanations were not “adding up”. He reportedly continued to give authorities conflicting reports, and investigators in Berbice with the help of the Force’s Major Crimes Unit gathered what they determined was sufficient evidence to institute charges.

Woman narrowly escapes death after lover attacks her with cutlass


An injured Melissa Durga yesterday

Thirty-six year-old Melissa Durga narrowly escaped death yesterday morning after her 59-year-old lover, allegedly attempted to murder her. The incident is believed to have occurred sometime around 04:30 hrs at the couple’s property, lot 79 Walton Hall, Essequibo Coast.
Neighbours said that the man has a reputation in his community of being abusive towards his neighbours and wife.
Durga, who is from the Pomeroon, said that she had been sharing a relationship with the man for a number of years, and although she bore two children for him they never got married. She noted however that the relationship recently became abusive, as such she left for the Pomeroon.
Durga said that she only came back on Monday last to spend Easter with her children. She said that she had no intentions of getting back with the man. The woman said that she recommended they sleep in different rooms, “I tell he that I gun sleep with the two girls downstairs and he can sleep upstairs ’cause I brought my other daughter to see her brother and sister.”
Durga said that on that night, the man was very insistent that they have sex, “he come downstairs two time and try fuh hug me, and I push he off and tell he don’t bother me”.
She said she fell asleep and he came back a third time. She was then awakened by a sharp strike to her back, “after he hit me in me back I jump out me sleep, and when I watch I see he standing over me with a cutlass in he hand. He tried to chop me neck, but he miss and chop me cross me face, when I feel the blood I start pass out but I barely make it to find the door and run through.”
At that time Durga had already had alerted her children and they fled the premises running approximately 400 metres into Paradise village screaming for help. She said that the only person that came out to her aid was her assailant’s aunt. She managed to stop a passing taxi and her daughters rushed her to the Suddie hospital.
Police went to pick up the man from his property sometime around 06:00 hrs yesterday. When they arrived on the scene, they discovered that he had ingested what was believed to be a poisonous substance from a bottle located next to him. He was rushed to the Suddie hospital and immediately treated. He was later taken into police custody.
Durga suffered chop wounds to her fingers and across her face with minor lacerations on her back. Her condition is currently listed as stable.

Bandit injured after trading shots with cops


A 23-year-old man was shot after trading bullets with police ranks during a robbery at Kitty, Georgetown around 14:45 hrs on Friday.
The wounded bandit who has not been identified is hospitalized at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). He was shot to the right foot.
Reports are that the suspect and another accomplice robbed a Bourda Market vendor of $400,000, as the victim was about to enter his Pike Street, Kitty yard.
The vendor was about to open his gate when the suspects, one armed with a handgun, approached him on a motor cycle, pounced and relieved him of his cash and escaped.
The matter was immediately reported and shortly after ranks on a mobile patrol responded and confronted the bandits, who discharged several rounds at the officers.
The police returned fire hitting one of the suspects who fell. His accomplice managed to escape. Later that day, the police received information of the location of the stolen items.
Acting in information received, the ranks went to a house in Duncan Street, Kitty, where they conducted a search and found an unlicensed revolver with two live rounds and one spent shell.
Four males and two females who were in the house have been taken into custody. One of the females is said to be the girlfriend of the wounded suspect.
A part of the money was recovered.

Chef swallows 35 cocaine pellets — excreted 14 thus far


A CHEF employed by an established fast food outlet was on Sunday morning arrested for trafficking in narcotics at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) just as he was about to board a flight destined for The Bahamas.

The arrest was made at 04:30hrs, police said in a release.

The 26-year-old East Ruimveldt resident, who was on the police radar for sometime now, has admitted to the law enforcement officials that he swallowed 35 cocaine pellets.This was subsequently confirmed by an x-ray.

The suspect, who is under police guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital, has so far excreted 14 pellets which amounted to 146 grams.

Female cop critical, wrist hacked off in brutal cutlass attack

– lover on the run

Police are on the hunt for a cane cutter who chopped off the left wrist of his lover, Police Constable Alana Hazel, with a cutlass last night at Beterverwagting, East Coast Demerara.
After the brutal attack, Constable Hazel, 28, who is stationed at the Police Officers’ Mess, Eve Leary, Georgetown was found in a trench from where she was picked up and rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) in a police pick-up.
She also sustained chop wounds to her face and back and is said to be in a critical condition.
Kaieteur News understands that the woman who resides with another man at School Street, Beterverwagting, left her home to visit her 12-year old son, who resides with her sister-in-law in the same village.

CHOPPED: Constable Alana Hazel

Her attacker who has been only identified as ‘Warren’ lives a few houses away from the sister-in-law.
The circumstances surrounding the chopping are still unclear. However, a friend of Constable Hazel who is also from the area, said she was at home with her son when she heard someone screaming.  The woman said that when she ran out she saw ‘Warren’ with a cutlass in his hand and Constable Hazel lying in the trench.
“He (Warren) did mean to kill she. Me and my son lay down in the verandah and I heard the hollering. But by the time I reach out he did done chop she and get away. He hear he son screaming and he still chop she.”
Based on information, Constable Hazel shares three children with ‘Warren’ who is said to be in his forties. They reportedly lived together for several years during which she was allegedly subjected to physical abuse.
Her friend said that ‘Warren’ had threatened to kill the policewoman several times, but she was unaware if the woman reported the matter. Relatives of the injured Hazel said they had warned her on numerous occasions to desist from going in the yard to see her son, since ‘Warren’ resides nearby. The relatives disclosed that they even urged the mother of three to move out from the village. Prior to the incident, Warren was reportedly seen by Constable Hazel’s relatives sharpening a cutlass.

The jackasses in power chasing down ghosts while the economy crumble.

Alleged plot against President Granger…Probe stalled as cops fail to find man who claims he was hired


The police investigation into claims by a man that he was offered $7M to assassinate President David Granger has hit a snag.
Police have no idea where the individual who made the allegation might be.
The latest twist in the bizarre story was revealed yesterday by a senior police official.
“Despite diligent efforts to contact the complainant, based on advice by our Legal Officer, he wasn’t located. Efforts are ongoing to find him,” the official added.
Based on instructions by the Police Legal Advisor, investigators had intended to arrange a confrontation with the man making the allegation and an alleged eyewitness.
Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud had told journalists on Friday that police had hoped to receive legal advice on the matter early this week.
The Commissioner had said that “the matter was investigated and sent for legal advice (and) we got advice today (Friday). There was a witness that the police contacted, who the Police Legal Advisor asked that we confront with the person making the allegation to  clear up some issues, and then to resend it (the file).”
He had also stated that the Police Legal Advisor was the best person to say “whether the allegation can be proven, or whether there was mischief.”
The Top Cop and Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan have angrily refuted claims, allegedly aired by a television station, that police ranks were involved in the alleged plot.
They had threatened to take strong action against the television station. Ramjattan had said that such a report could constitute public mischief that could lead to prosecution, “and could lead to severe consequences about their licenses.”
Urging journalists to be responsible in their reporting, Commissioner Persaud recalled the genocide in Rwanda, which was triggered by unprofessional media reports.
It was during his weekly post-Cabinet briefing last Thursday that Minister of State, Joseph Harmon, confirmed that the Cabinet and the Guyana Police Force (GPF) were aware of the reported threat made against President Granger’s life.
Minister Harmon stated that the matter has been referred to the Police Legal Adviser, but declined to give further details, noting that an investigation was already underway.
“Security is not something you play with. The professional people know what they do and they put certain measures in place.”
The alleged plot was reportedly revealed when a man whose name was not disclosed was interviewed by HGP TV and a section of the footage was released on Thursday.
During the interview, the man who had no problems with his identity being known, detailed a plot in which he was offered $7M to kill Granger near or at State House, the official residence of the president.
The man claimed that he went to borrow $6M from a businessman, said to be a gold miner. Instead, the businessman offered $7M.
The businessman allegedly showed the person being interviewed a long gun and said it was to be used in the assassination. However, the man claimed he turned down the offer.
The police reportedly have been investigating the matter for a month now.
The man was reportedly picked up and questioned.
It was claimed that police officers and a businessman with links to the gold industry were said to be involved.
The man, who insisted that he has never harmed anyone before, said he was threatened with death by the persons who attempted to hire him.

Berserk man badly chopped after wounding neighbour


– had tried to burn down sister’s home

A mentally ill man is at risk of losing one of his arms after he was brutally chopped by relatives of another man, whom he attacked with a cutlass at Sophia yesterday morning.
Hospitalized in a critical condition are Paul Douglas, also known as ‘Zeff’, who is of unsound mind and Calvin Mercurius.  Both of them are age 25.
Kaieteur News understands that Douglas who is in the habitat of ‘smoking’ and threatening villagers had an altercation with one of his sisters during which he struck her with a bottle and promised to burn down the apartment she occupies at Lot 207 Seventh Field Section ‘A’ Sophia. Around midnight yesterday, Douglas made good on that promise and set alight a mattress that was in his sister’s room on the ground floor of the two story premises.
The Guyana Fire Service responded promptly and the blaze was contained.

The room that was set alight

The circumstances surrounding the chopping of the two men are unclear but some reports indicate that Mercurius might have confronted Douglas after he set the room alight.
According to reports, the mentally ill man became angry when he was confronted by the other man and dealt him several chops about the body before the man’s relatives came to the victim’s aid. Based on reports, after the other man’s family realized the severity of the attack they attacked Douglas and dealt him several chops about the body.
The injured men were immediately rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). From all indications Douglas got the worst of the altercation and chances are that his arm might be amputated.

The house where the chopping took place yesterday

Neighbours say that the man who has his ‘moments’ will normally be in the area brandishing a cutlass and threatening to harm residents. Another neighbour said that Douglas was taken away many times by police because of his erratic behaviour but as soon as he is released from hospital he always returns home.
It was only yesterday that neighbours contacted the police after they became concerned by the man’s ‘odd’ behaviour. When the police visited neighbours said that the ranks were unable to remove the man from the house and they subsequently left.

Police brutality, but the pnc slop can carriers will only scream during PPP time.

Shopkeeper suffers broken leg after allegedly pushed out police vehicle


– matter with Brickdam Complaints Department

A 46-year-old Albouystown shop-keeper has filed a complaint against two police ranks, who he claimed caused him to suffer fractures to his legs after they threw him out of one of their vehicle.
Sceon Grose, of Lot 137 James and King Edward Streets, Albouystown, alleged that the incident occurred last Tuesday.
Kaieteur News understands that the incident was reported to officers at the Police Complaints Department at Brickdam.
Grose said that he also returned to the station on Thursday, and provided a senior police official with the names of the two ranks.

The injured Sceon Grose

The alleged victim, who turned up at Kaieteur News on Tuesday last with his left leg in a cast, and a torn vest, said that his troubles began on Sunday when police ranks arrested a teenaged cousin, who had a dispute with a woman.
The ranks reportedly released the relative on Monday without charges.
But Grouse said that around 20.30hrs on Tuesday, about five police ranks in uniform, and a corporal in plainclothes, came to his shop and re-arrested the cousin.
“He was scuffling and crying, and I said to the police, ‘Let me go with this child.’”
According to Grouse, the ranks allowed him to enter their vehicle, but shortly after driving off, the driver stopped in James Street, Albouystown.
“The vehicle stopped, one of them say ‘How you were getting involved in this matter? Come off the vehicle.”
According to Grose, two of the policemen then hoisted him and tossed him out of the vehicle.
The shopkeeper said that he rolled into a gutter, and suffered injuries to his legs. Residents took him to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where an X-ray examination revealed that his left ankle was broken. He also suffered a broken right toe.
He received a medical document to submit to the police, after visiting the Ruimveldt and Brickdam Police Stations.
“I intend to carry this very far. I need to see some kind of justice,” he said.

Corruption under the PNC targets the Amerindians but the jackasses slop can carriers keep quiet, even d2 mum on this rape. I suppose this dummy can only complain during ppp time. 

Region 9 teen allegedly raped by regional official


A 15-year-old girl from Awarewanau Village in Region Nine (Upper Takutu/ Upper Essequibo) has allegedly been raped a regional official, but this was only recently discovered after the teen’s parents became aware that she was pregnant.
Police Divisional Commander, Senior Superintendent Ravindradat Budhram, acting upon information received, has dispatched officers to the village to obtain greater details on the situation.
Minister within the Indigenous Peoples Affairs Ministry, Valerie Garrido-Lowe, has also confirmed to Guyana Times that she has heard about the issue, but she said that, to date, no official report has been made. She said she has spoken to the community’s toshao, who has also acknowledged awareness of the issue but has disclosed that no official report has been made.
Guyana Times understands that the pregnant teen was among three young females who had been suspended from the Aishalton dormitory after they had escaped from the premises and had spent the night elsewhere —  reportedly with a top regional official sometime in November 2016.
Before the Aishalton school was recessed last term, it was discovered that one of the girls was pregnant. This newspaper was informed that the teenager allegedly told her parents that she had shared a relationship with the regional official.
Guyana Times understands that the teenager’s parents are hesitant to make an official report to the police, since they have been promised an attractive compensation package.


Brazilians robbed at gun point

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The two Brazilians leaving the crime scene in a taxi (Tamica Garnett photo)

A Brazilian national and his son were robbed at gun point by three armed men on Monday afternoon in front of their apartment at Fulton Court, Church and Irving Streets, Georgetown.

The son, identified only as Nathan, believes that they may have been trailed just after leaving a downtown gold dealership. This newspaper was told that the men fired a shot as they snatched his chain and two bags. The victims would not say what was in the bag, or estimate the cost of their loss.

The Brazilians had just pulled up in front of the apartment complex when the son observed a brown Toyota Corolla with three men inside parked behind his vehicle, and before he knew it a gun was being pointed in his father’s face.

Fulton Court at Church and Irving Streets, where the robbery took place (Tamica Garnett photo)

“As soon as I parked the car, I left the car and I noticed a brown Toyota Corolla vehicle parked behind me. There was a driver, there was a guy beside the driver, with a bandana, and a guy behind. The guy that was behind in the passenger seat stepped out real quickly and gun point to my father. Snatched my father’s bag, came back and snatched my stuff and ran away. While he was snatching my stuff, he came to snatch my gold chain and when he did so his finger got stuck in my T-shirt and a shot went through my t-shirt and then they left,” a traumatized Nathan said.

The men have since contacted the police and are hopeful that the bandits would be brought to justice and they could perhaps recover some of their property.

This is not the first time that such a robbery has occurred at the Fulton Court. Back in 2010, five Brazilian nationals and a Guyanese were attacked and robbed by three gunmen.

The PNC boys going after small time pushers while letting the big time drug lords to ply their trade with immunity.

Teacher, Farmer remanded on drug charge

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Fifty-seven year old farmer Linden Gordon, known as ‘Priest’ of 5118 Central Amelia’s Ward Mackenzie, Linden was arrested in Amelia’s Ward by ranks of the Guyana Police Force with 93 grams of cannabis on April 19.

He was charged with Possession of Narcotics for the purpose of Trafficking and appeared before Magistrate Clive Nurse at the Wales Magistrate’s Court on April 21, 2017, where he pleaded not guilty and was remanded to prison until May 24, 2017.

Additionally, on April 20, 2017, police ranks on duty at Mabura Check Point arrested Jad Atkinson, 18, a teacher of Aishalton Village, South Rupununi with 50 grams of Cannabis.

He appeared before Magistrate Nurse on April 21, and pleaded not guilty to charge. He too was remanded until May 24, 2017 for trial at the Linden Magistrate’s Court.

Also on April 22, 2017, a 26-year-old miner of Beverly Hills, Lethem was arrested about 11:30hrs by ranks of a mobile patrol in Marudi Backdam, with 140 grams of cannabis, which he had in a haversack he was carrying. He is being processed for court.

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