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Even the top cop brother not immune from Granger's angels.

Top Cop’s brother murdered

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More than one week after a miner was stabbed to death in the vicinity of the Stabroek Market area, he was on Monday positively identified as the younger brother of Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud.seelall brother

The dead man was identified as Haymant Persaud by the Police Commissioner at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) mortuary. The Police, on Sunday, sought the assistance of the public to identify the man who was stabbed on February 19 last.

Guyana Times understands that after the photo of the dead man was published, it was only then, the Police Commissioner knew it was his brother.

At the time the man was stabbed to death, he was clad in a pair of long jeans and a blue and white chequered long sleeve shirt, slim built, about six feet in height, low haircut and fair in complexion.

Based on reports reaching the Guyana Times, a woman suspected to be involved in the stabbing to death of Persaud, was arrested but was released since at that time, the Police did not know the identity of the man.

It is believed that Persaud, who had apparently returned from the interior, was sporting in the vicinity of Stabroek Market and was throwing money ‘wild west’.

The female suspect, who was close by, joined in the drinking spree after which Persaud was reportedly lured to the washroom area at Stabroek Square where he was attacked by two men who attempted to relieve him of his money and other valuables.

The now dead man reportedly put up a fight, but was stabbed by one of the men who whipped out a knife. Several people in the area reportedly witnessed the stabbing incident and believed that it was the female suspect who set up the robbery.

Further, the Guyana Times was told that after the stabbing incident, public spirited citizens ran to the Guyana Fire Service for assistance in taking the injured man to the hospital, but the ranks on duty at the time refused.

The ranks reportedly went to the scene and after they realised he was dead, they left the scene. The ambulance service was then contacted and the man was picked up and taken to the GPHC where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Upon receiving news of the fatal stabbing, Guyana Times contacted the Public Relations Department, but at the time it was not in receipt of any report of the murder.

Nevertheless, the Police are continuing their investigations with the hope that the female suspect would release the names of the men who committed the heinous crime.

Bandits terrorize West Canje teacher during home invasion


A teacher of West Canje Berbice was a victim of armed robbery and attempted sexual assault after four masked and armed men, with guns and cutlasses invaded her home.

The teacher’s home that was invaded.

The men reportedly broadsided her with a cutlass and held her at gunpoint while demanding cash and jewelry. One of the men also attempted to sexually assault the woman, who was home alone at the time of the invasion.
Esther Reid, said that it was around 1:32 am yesterday when she heard her dogs barking and her security guard yelling. “I was just about to peep through my window when I heard my security yelling at someone.”
Upon inquiring the woman said that her security told her that two men had just attempted to scale her fence.
Reid told the media that she immediately tried to contact the police who told her that they were on their way. According to her, within minutes she saw three men walking near her home and another standing near a utility pole located next to her home.
Reid further stated that she heard a gunshot and her security guard became quiet, “Then I heard another gunshot and I started screaming for the security and I didn’t hear anything, so I started to scream for thief and run to the bedroom,” she said.
She then heard a banging on her back door and a crashing sound at her window, “Then I heard glass breaking I didn’t know where it was breaking. I heard when the back door open and I called the police again and screaming into the phone that they were in the house”.
Three of the four men barged in to the house and into my bedroom and began to demand money.
“One of them took my phone, then they asked for money. I told them I don’t have money. “
She said one then exited the house, while the three enquired about the person living downstairs. “They came and they ask me wah happen to the old man that was downstairs, and I said my husband was not here. They say ‘No, the man from downstairs’ and I said ‘I’m up here with you guys I can’t know where he is.
“He had the gun to my head and he put me to kneel down on the bed and they search up and they broke up stuff in the house. They didn’t get anything else; they just ransack and take what they wanted to take.”
The woman also disclosed that the men took her downstairs and asked where was the key for the storeroom. All the while holding the gun to her head. “Them ask me where me stash the gold and the money and I said I don’t have. The one said strip let me see, so I started to pull down my dress”.
However, one of the men told the others to desist from asking her to remove her clothing.
According to the teacher, while she was searching for the storeroom key in her bedroom, the three men ran downstairs where they left the security guard and started to hit him again.
“I heard them beating him and I heard chopping sounds.” They then returned while still attempting to sexually assault her.
“I hear them saying boy come along we got to go; police and then they ran out”.
The security guard sustained several injuries about his body, and to his face. The men escaped with two gold rings, a DVR from the security cameras and an E-networks control box. She described one of the men as short and (Amerindian) by decent, while the others were reportedly of African descent.
Law enforcement reportedly arrived a while after the almost 30-minute ordeal.

The Granger police are involved in crime, this is no surprise as we see robberies all over the nation with ex police involved. Now in this scenario an active police is involved in securing arms for nefarious purposes. 

Cops nabbed trying to steal AK-47

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FOUR ranks attached to the Tactical Services Unit (TSU) was placed under close arrest after an intelligence-led investigation found they were instrumental in facilitating the smuggling of an AK-47 assault rifle out of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) Criminal Investigations Department (CID) Headquarters, Eve Leary, on Tuesday.
An official statement from the Guyana Police Force on Wednesday noted that on February 28, ranks from the Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters conducted an operation, during which a motor car was intercepted and one AK 47 rifle was discovered in the said vehicle. The driver was promptly arrested.
According to the statement, detectives acting on further information, contacted four ranks from the Tactical Services Unit and placed them under close arrest. “Earnest efforts are underway to trace the origin of the high-powered rifle. The probe is ongoing,” the police statement noted.
However, this newspaper was reliably informed that a private vehicle drove into the CID compound on Tuesday evening and stayed there overnight. This was observed by ranks in the compound and they decided to place the vehicle and its occupants under surveillance.
When the vehicle attempted to drive out the CID head office compound, a search was carried out and a force issued AK-47 was found. This newspaper understands that a Police Corporal was immediately placed under close arrest while his civilian friend was detained for questioning.
In addition, several other ranks, including a senior officer,are being grilled by their colleagues as the probe widens. Senior officers of the GPF,including the Public Relations Officer,were tight-lipped about the incident yesterday.

Pirates terrorise fishermen at Waini River

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Several fishing boats were on Sunday last attacked and robbed of their outboard engines and other items by suspected pirates operating in the Waini Area of the North West District (NWD) of Region One.
The fishermen were also terrorised and beaten by the group of pirates, who had painted their faces as a disguise and were reportedly speaking English and Spanish.
One of the boat owners, a resident of Annandale, East Coast Demerara who requested not to be named, told Guyana Times during a telephone interview that he received a call from his captain at about 4:00h on Sunday, relating what occurred. He explained that, based on reports received, the men pulled up in a boat propelled by a 75-horsepower engine and painted in red, blue and yellow, and made their way into his boat, where they held the captain and four workers at gunpoint.  Thereafter, several of their numbers took off his boat’s two-48 horsepower Yamaha outboard engines and placed them into their boat. One worker was struck to the head and other parts of the body as he attempted to resist the pirates, who then boarded their boat and left the scene.
The victims managed to make their way to the Waini police outpost, where an official report was made. The boat owner posited that police in the area searched the water top, but found no sign of the boat fitting the description that the victims gave the police. The victims had gone to fish in the area six days ago, and were due to return home in a few weeks’ time.
This East Coast resident has been in the fishing business for the past six years, and has never previously been robbed by pirates. He recounted that he had once been attacked, by the attackers had left without taking anything.  Meanwhile, in order for his crew to continue working in the Waini area, he has made arrangements to send them another outboard engine that he had at home.
The businessman is calling on the relevant authorities to looking into the issue of piracy. He claims that while it is not being perpetrated on a large scale, small fishermen are targeted. Since taking office, Public Security Minister Khemraj Ramjattan has focused heavily on piracy in the Corentyne area, and from all indications, a decline in this illegal activity has been recorded.

Even PNC strong hold in Sophia not immune from crime.

Woman shot in attempted home invasion


Twenty-five year-old Marieseo George of 175 Block ‘E’, South Sophia, was shot in the

The wounded arm of Marieseo George.

arm when a bandit attempted to invade her home sometime around 01:00h (1a.m.) yesterday.
The woman said she was awakened by an unusual noise coming from the back of her house and upon checking she was confronted by a man who was halfway through a window that was left open. George said that upon seeing the man she screamed. At this point the bandit pulled back.
The woman said that she quickly closed the window and went to the front of the house to see if the man, whom she described as brown-skinned and tall, had fled the premises. George said to her surprise when she peered through her front window, the brazen individual was standing just outside the window.
George said that for some unknown reason she attempted to open the door to confront the man, but thought better of the situation and did not do so. The woman said that all this time,

The smashed window from where the woman was shot.

a female friend of hers was asleep in their room.
Realizing that it was now a tall order to enter the house, the bandit whipped out what the woman described as a ‘black’ gun and smashed the glass of the front window. George said she then went into retreat mode and before long she could see the man pushing his hands through the window. He then fired one shot. The round struck George in her lower right arm.
The woman said that soon after her arm began to feel ‘numb’ and it was then that she saw blood flowing profusely from the wound.
“I start to holler thief! thief! And I ran back to the room.” The shaken woman said her screams alerted neighbours who came to her aid, and by this time the gunman had fled.
George was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where she was treated and sent home. The police have since visited her home and statements were taken. Up to press time no one was arrested.
George’s home had been burglarized previously when she was out. Jewellery, appliances and other items were stolen. The woman believes that it is the same person that attempted to invade her home yesterday. She said that she is thankful for life, since the gunshot could have been fatal. (Brushell Blackman)

Lot of private vengeance going on in Guyana as people, frustrated at the corrupt police and court system, seek their own justice. .

Security cameras record man torching Berbice businessman’s vehicles


Police in ‘B’ Division are hunting for a lone arsonist who set fire to two vehicles belonging to Berbice businessman Feroze Mohammed during the wee hours yesterday. According to reports received, the incident occurred around 02:30hrs at Mohammed’s supermarket at Main and Pope Streets, New Amsterdam.
Mohammed was at home with his wife, daughter and his parents when they were awoken by shouts of fire from the security guard.
Upon responding, the owner, who was awake watching movies at the time, saw both of his vehicles engulfed in flames. The man quickly removed the vehicles from under the shed where they were parked in an effort to prevent the fire from spreading to nearby gas bottles and the building.
The vehicles, valued at an estimated US$70,000, were damaged beyond repair.
It was disclosed that fire tenders responded 30 minutes after they were summoned but it was too late to save the vehicles.
Surveillance footage captured the perpetrator dressed in a white shirt, blue pants and a white hat carrying a white bottle containing what is believed to be a flammable fluid, suspected to be gasoline.
It was shown that the suspect threw some of the liquid on the man’s Toyota Camry (PNN 2263) and his Prado Land Cruiser (PKK 2035). The suspect then used a lighter to ignite the substance and made good his escape.
It was then that the security guard awoke and alerted the businessman.
According to sources close to the investigation, the police are looking at one suspect said to be the main culprit behind the act.
Although the family remains tightlipped about the incident, this was not the first attack on Mohammed. In October 2015, bandits attempted to torch the businessman’s gas station but were thwarted.
Investigations are ongoing.

Gunmen rob customer outside Diamond bank

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… suspect on bail for $9M casino robbery – Crime Chief

A suspect in the Princess Hotel Casino $9 million heist, along with four other suspected accomplices, was on Saturday nabbed moments after committing a robbery at Diamond, East Bank Demerara. Richard Junior Stewart, who was granted bail for the casino heist, is presently in Police custody assisting with this investigation.

Robbery suspect: Richard Junior Stewart
Robbery suspect: Richard Junior Stewart

Guyana Times was told that a customer, having just withdrawn $330,000 from a commercial bank at Diamond, East Bank Demerara, was departing the bank’s premises at about 11:00h when he was pounced upon by Stewart and his four accomplices and relieved of the bag containing the money. Thereafter, the five men jumped into a car and fled the scene. The Police were contacted, and based on the description given to them by the victim, intercepted the getaway vehicle and arrested Stewart and the four other men, who are all characters known to the Police. When contacted, Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum confirmed both the occurrence of the robbery and the arrest of the five suspects. He also related that Stewart had been released on bail in connection with the Princess Hotel heist, which occurred on April 29, 2016 at Providence, East Bank Demerara. In addition, Stewart is on bail on illegal possession of firearm and ammunition charges that were brought against him.
Stewart, Wayne Griffith of Bagotville, West Bank Demerara and Andrew Blackman of 60 Middle Street, McDoom East Bank Demerara were arraigned in connection with the casino robbery. It was reported that the trio, along with others, robbed the Princess Hotel cashier of a total sum of $8,951,000. During the robbery, several workers and patrons of the casino were shot and injured. In addition, Lance Corporal Andrew Richardson was shot during a gunfight with the men while responding to a report of the robbery.
It was reported that Stewart and three other men, all armed with guns, entered the casino and discharged rounds in the air. The men held up the security guard who was on duty, and took away his shotgun and ammunition before ordering everyone to lie on the ground. They then took the security guard to the cashier’s cage, where they held up the cashier and took away the money. Police ranks responded to a report received and confronted the bandits at the hotel; and in the ensuing gunfight, the police rank was shot.
The five men are, in the new week, expected to be charged in connection with this robbery which occurred on Saturday at Diamond, EBD.

One of Granger's angels from Sophia was the culprit in the killing of the top cop brother. What a country where even the brother of the highest ranking police is not safe.

Teen admits to killing Top Cop’s brother

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The teenager who was positively identified as the prime suspect in the stabbing to death of Police Commissioner Seelall Persaud’s brother has admitted to his involvement in the heinous act.Top Cop - Brother
The teen, who hails from C Field, Sophia, Greater Georgetown, during interrogation, reportedly gave a detailed account of how he murdered 51-year-old Haymant Persaud of Essequibo Coast, on February 19, 2017.
Guyana Times was told that on the morning of the murder, the suspect was at a friend’s stand at Stabroek Market Square when he saw the now dead man at another vendor attempting to purchase an item. His friend, also a vendor, was asleep and the suspect was looking over the business.
The teenager reportedly told detectives that as he looked closer, he noticed Persaud wearing a “fat” gold chain. As the man was finished with his purchase, the teenager admitted that he followed Persaud and in the vicinity of the washroom area, he carried out the attack.
During the confrontation, the teenager and Persaud were engaged in a scuffle and it was during this time, the suspect whipped out a knife and inflicted the fatal blow on Persaud’s body. After the miner fell to the ground, the teenager reportedly ran to the Sophia bus park where he boarded a minibus and went home.
Persaud was picked up and taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. At that time, the identity of the dead man was unknown. However, almost a week after the Police decided to publish the photo of the dead man and it was then, Police Commissioner, Seelall Persaud who is on annual leave recognised it was his brother.
An investigation was launched during which the Police received information and went to the house of the teenager where he was arrested. Upon his arrest, he was positively identified as the killer by persons, who witnessed the murder.
The young man is expected to be charged this week. The Police are in the process of wrapping up the case file to be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions, Shalimar Ali-Hack for legal advice.

Butcher stabs butcher in Bourda Market brawl

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One butcher attempted to butcher another butcher in a violent altercation that occurred on Monday at Georgetown’s Bourda Market, and one man has been hospitalized following that stabbing incident.

One butcher attempted to butcher another butcher at the Bourda Market in Georgetown
One butcher attempted to butcher another butcher at the Bourda Market in Georgetown

Reports are that during a heated argument which erupted between the two butchers in the vicinity of the Hack’s Butchery inside the Bourda Market at about 08:00 hrs on Monday, one of the butchers grabbed a knife and stabbed the other, even as traumatized patrons looked on helplessly.
This newspaper was told that after he was stabbed, the injured man was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital in an unconscious state. His identity has not been disclosed to this publication; and late Monday afternoon, two senior ranks of the Guyana Police Force indicated that they were not aware of the incident. Hospital sources have, however, confirmed that the injured butcher is a patient at that facility.

Burglar escapes with almost $300,000 in cash, phone cards from pharmacy


Poonai’s Pharmacy and Animal Health Care in Rose Hall Town, Corentyne, Berbice was burgled yesterday morning after a lone intruder cut open the locks to the business and made off with close to $300,000 in cash and

The pharmacy that was burgled.

phone cards.
Pusmattie Bhigroog, who stays with her son Poonai Bhigroog, proprietor of Poonai’s Pharmacy, told Kaieteur News that they all retired to bed on Monday after closing up, like any other day, but during the early morning hours yesterday, someone passed and saw the pharmacy’s front door open.
”In the morning when someone pass on the road they call on Mr. Poonai, my son, and they told him that his store is open…his shop door is open, so the person ask if he close it, and he said yes.”
The woman said that upon hearing this, her son and her daughter-in-law ran downstairs to check on the premises when it was discovered that all the locks to the front entrance had been cut open. According to her, the intruder managed to break the cashier’s booth, where it was discovered that money that was left there had been removed.
She also pointed out that on that evening the security systems failed them, since the alarm did not go off, “we have an alarm and if any little thing pass across it goes off, but it didn’t”.
An estimated $250,000 in cash was stolen along with $30,000 in phone cards.

Things so bad in Guyana that even University students are harboring criminals.

UG student charged with harbouring wanted man


Aliscia Dennelle Simon, a third-year Business Management student at the University of Guyana (UG)

Charged: Aliscia Dennelle Simon

has been charged with harbouring a man wanted by police for trafficking narcotics.
Simon, 23, of 2785 Community Lane, South Ruimveldt Park, Georgetown was indicted yesterday before Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.
Particulars of the charge against her alleged that between February 2 and 8 at Community Lane, South Ruimveldt Park, Georgetown, she harboured Shawn Neblett, whose name and photograph were published by police in connection with trafficking in narcotics.
Simon who was represented by Attorney Tiffany Jeffrey in association with Keoma Griffith, pleaded not guilty to the charge. She was released on $100,000 bail and ordered to report to Superintendent of Police Wayne De Hearte, Head of the Police Narcotics Branch, Criminal Investigation Department (CID), Eve Leary.
Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore did not oppose bail for the defendant. He disclosed that the prosecution intends to call a total of six witnesses.
Simon was instructed to return to court on March 15, before Magistrate Dylon Bess.

Back in PPP time the afc/pnc would be protesting police brutality, now they all quiet like lamb.

Bandit killed during attempted robbery

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Abotched robbery executed in the wee hours of Tuesday morning has resulted in the shooting death of one of three male bandits. According to information received, the would-be robbers invaded the premises of the Guy Gas Complex at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara just before 02:00h Tuesday.

The scene of the robbery, Guy Gas Complex at Land of Canaan
The scene of the robbery, Guy Gas Complex at Land of Canaan

Reports are that an armed security guard observed the suspicious movements of the three men at about 01:30h, who at the time were making their way into the complex via the western fence. The men armed with a cutlass and a knife approached the security guard who in response discharged several rounds at them.

One of the men fell to the ground a short distance away, while the two others ran towards a nearby creek which leads to the Demerara River. The Police were summoned and a knife and cutlass were discovered at the scene. The dead bandit’s body was discovered with two gunshots wounds and was found in the vicinity of the western fence.

Guyana Times understands that up to late Tuesday afternoon Policemen were still combing the waterways in pursuit of the other two bandits. Up to press time, this publication did not ascertain the identity of the bandit who was fatally shot.

Overseas-based Guyanese robbed by gun-toting nephews

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The Police are on the hunt for three East Coast Demerara residents, who carried out a brazen robbery on an overseas-based Guyanese, mere hours after arriving in the country on Tuesday evening last.
Two of the wanted men are nephews of the victim, while the third in a known bandit in the area. The robbery was committed on Ganesh Looknauth of Lancaster Housing Scheme, Unity, East Coast Demerara.
Reports reaching Guyana Times indicate that as the man drove his motor vehicle into the garage, he was confronted by the three men; one of whom was armed with a handgun. They reportedly held him at gunpoint and relieved him of the suitcases he was carrying. The trio then demanded cash and jewellery among other valuables. The man was relieved of a large quantity of cash he had in his possession.
This publication understands the money was proceeds from a property he sold recently. Looknauth was also relieved of close to US$3500, a wedding band, a quantity of clothing and several pairs of footwear. The clothing and footwear were reportedly emptied from the suitcases.
After committing the robbery, the men made good their escape after which the victim raised an alarm. The neighbours ran to the scene and after realising that the man was robbed, they immediately contacted the Police.
Police are continuing their investigations.

Dead bandit identified as Covent Garden resident

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The suspected bandit who was shot and killed while attempting to commit a felony on the Guy Gas main office at Land of Canaan, East Bank Demerara (EBD), was identified as Troy Simmons of Covent Garden, EBD.

Guyana Times understands that the dead man’s reputed wife positively identified the body at the Lyken Funeral Home on Wednesday.
A Police source told this publication that the woman claimed that after her reputed husband did not return home, she decided to check at the mortuary since she saw the news about an unidentified man being shot and killed.
It was reported that an armed security guard attached to the gas company observed the suspicious movements of the three men at about 01:30h on Monday morning, who at the time were making their way into the complex via a fence.
The men were armed with a cutlass and a knife and approached the security guard who in response discharged several rounds at them.
One of the men fell to the ground a short distance away, while the two others ran towards a nearby creek which leads to the Demerara River.
The Police were summoned and a knife and cutlass were discovered at the scene. The dead bandit’s body was discovered with two gunshots wounds and was found in the vicinity of the western fence. The Police however, are still hunting the two other suspects.

Bandits pounce on overseas-based couple, relatives

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An East Bank Demerara (EBD) family is now terrified after three armed men invaded their property and executed a brazen daylight robbery on Wednesday afternoon.
Their intended target, however, was two overseas-based Guyanese who arrived in the country hours prior to the robbery, leaving investigators to believe that the robbery was set up by the taxi driver, who transported the couple to the Lot 1 Brickery, EBD house from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

Edwin Persaud and his wife Nazeema Persaud were relieved of their jewellery they were wearing at the time but not before being gun butted and beaten. Persaud’s elderly father, Anand Persaud, was also beaten and relieved of his jewellery and so was the housekeeper, who was in the house at the time of the ordeal.
Daughter of the overseas couple, Simone Lall told Guyana Times that her brother travelled to the airport to collect her parents but as he was waiting on them to clear immigration, he went to purchase a cup of coffee.
Whilst there, her parents, she explained, came through the arrival section and did not see her brother and thought that he did not show up to collect them. They were, however, approached by a “tall slim guy” who enquired if they needed a taxi.
They started to converse with the guy and after waited for some time and not seeing her brother, they boarded the taxi. The taxi, she recalled, dropped off her parents at her grand parents’ home and receiving his payments, he left. It was a white car, the terrified couple told investigators.
At about 15:30h, the daughter explained that her father and grandfather were sitting in the veranda when they saw a dark brown Toyota Primo motorcar pull up in front of the house and three armed men exited.
Upon exiting, the men, all who were armed with handguns rushed to the veranda and held the elderly man at gunpoint while instructing the occupants of the house not to raise an alarm. Nevertheless, one of the bandits whose face was covered with a handkerchief discharged a round shattering a glass table.
“They then took my father into the house, put him to kneel on the ground and demanded money… as they were asking for money, they were relieving him of the jewellery he was wearing… they then turned to my mother and asked her for the money and again they took off her jewellery,” Lall noted.
After relieving the couple of their gold jewellery, they demanded money. Lall further explained that the men ransacked the bedrooms with the intention of getting the suitcases but came up empty handed. The suitecases, she said, were kept in another room that was not easily accessible.
After the 10-minute ordeal, the men jumped into the car they arrived in and fled the scene. Her father, grandfather and mother were taken to the Diamond Diagnostic Centre where they were treated and later sent away.
The Police were contacted and an investigation was launched. No arrests have been made.

Even the mayor's son ain't safe in crime infested Guyana.

Georgetown Mayor’s son shot, robbed


Richard Mittleholzer, 46, the son of Georgetown Mayor Patricia Chase-Green was shot and robbed around 1:00 AM yesterday at a bar at Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara.

Richard Mittleholzer

According to ‘D’ Division Commander Leslie James, Mittleholzer was having a few drinks at a popular night spot in the area when he was approached by a lone male carrying a firearm. James said that the gunman accosted Mittleholzer who resisted and was shot in the abdomen. He was also robbed of a chain and a wrist band.
The Commander said that the injured man was transported to West Demerara Hospital and was later transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he was listed in a serious but stable condition. James said that the bandit fled and no one has been arrested as the police continue to investigate the incident.
Speaking to Kaieteur News, Ms. Chase-Green said she was informed about the incident around 1:30 AM yesterday and was told that her son was with a female companion and another friend when the incident occurred. She said that Mittleholzer was celebrating his birthday and having a few drinks when he was approached by male demanding valuables.
According to the Mayor, Mittleholzer is not in a critical condition, but he is still not out of danger. According to reports, emergency surgery was performed on the injured man to remove the bullet that was lodged in his abdomen.
Chase-Green said that she is worried as any parent but has to stay strong and is hopeful for her son’s speedy recovery.

Even the jackass police shooting each other accidentally, much less the bandits.

Cop accidentally shoots policewoman


A policeman accidentally shot a policewoman yesterday morning when he attempted to clear a weapon taken from a supernumerary constable during a routine stop and search exercise.
According to 36-year-old Glenroy Skeete, a supernumerary constable attached to a gold and diamond trading company, around 10:30 am yesterday he was driving his vehicle along Vlissengen Road in the vicinity of Camp Ayangana when he was stopped by a police patrol vehicle.
Skeete said that the police signaled him to stop and instructed him to exit his vehicle. He complied. The man said that the three officers that comprised the patrol asked if he was carrying a firearm and he answered in the affirmative.
It was at that point that Skeete indicated to the officers that he was license to carry the weapon because of the nature of his work. One of the officers then instructed him to hand over the weapon and as he was attempting to clear the breach of his 9MM pistol he was advised against doing so.
The weapon was subsequently taken from him by the officer sitting in the front passenger seat of the vehicle and handed over to another officer identified only as Constable Singh sitting in the back seat of the vehicle.
It was at this point that Singh attempted to clear the weapon when it accidentally went off hitting the driver, a policewoman in the buttocks. “All I hear is pow”, Skeete said at this point he heard the driver exclaimed “Singh you shoot me; wha you shoot me for”. Unaware of his actions the officer responsible for the shooting said, “No; me ain’t shoot you”.
When it was realized that the woman was indeed shot an attempt was made to take her to the hospital, but the other two officers could not drive. Skeete said he parked his car and drove the injured woman and the other officers to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC).
He opined that had the officers heeded the request for him to clear the weapon the woman would not have been shot. He believes that the over exuberance of the officer to clear the weapon could have resulted in the death of his colleague. The man said that it must have been that the attempt to clear the weapon was not done according to normal procedures.
Had the officer cleared the weapon training it downwards or upwards as in standard operating procedure the accident would not have occurred.
At the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC), the police officers there were mum on the issue. A staff at the hospital said that the woman was being treated and was not in a serious condition. According to reports the police have since taken a statement from the officer who accidentally fired the weapon. (Brushell Blackman)

Cop shoots taxi driver while chasing bandits who robbed him


A police corporal has been detained after he shot a man twice while in pursuit of two bandits who robbed him of gold jewellery in Saffon Street, Charlestown yesterday.
Kenneth Hoyte, 46, a taxi-driver of Tucville, Georgetown was shot to the left hand and knee during the confrontation and was admitted to the Georgetown Hospital in a stable condition.
Kaieteur News understands that the police rank of Better Hope, East Coast Demerara, was driving  south along Saffon Street in the busy La Penitence Market traffic, when he was confronted by two males; one on a bicycle and the other on foot. The rank has alleged that the cyclist held him at gunpoint, while the other robber snatched his gold chain and a gold band and escaped.
According to information, the police corporal claimed that he exited the vehicle and pursued the suspects, who discharged several rounds in his direction. The rank said he returned fire.
Shortly after, it was discovered that Hoyte, who was in the vicinity, received two gunshot wounds. He was transported to the hospital by the same policeman.
Police in a release said that a female passer-by found the jewellery which purportedly belonged to the police rank and handed it over to him. Nine spent shells were recovered from the scene.
There however has been conflicting information surrounding the shooting and the ranks’ firearm has been lodged.

Teen shot twice in minibus


A nineteen year old man is now hospitalised after he was shot twice Saturday night while travelling in a route 41 minibus.

SHOT: Leon Blake

Leon Blake of Lot WW3 North East La Penitence, Georgetown was shot to the left hand and thigh during a confrontation with two men who boarded the minibus after him.
The injured man’s mother, Carlotta Lynch said that she received a call around 22:00hrs on Saturday, during which she was informed that, her son had been shot.
According to the mother, her son left home for Stabroek Market Square, where he was “playing Phagwah with some girls.” He then reportedly boarded a bus for home.
The mother said she was told that two men entered the same bus. She added that one of the men stepped on her son’s foot, which resulted in an exchange of words.
Lynch stated that one of the men pulled out a gun and called her son a “*****” before discharging two rounds at him. Blake, a trader was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital.
When asked if her son had any problems with anyone, Lynch said the shooting might have stemmed from grievances her son had with persons he played football with.

Guyana under the PNC crooks is not a safe place.

Bandits invade vendor’s home

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A New Amsterdam Market vendor (who has requested not to be named) awoke from slumber at about 04:20h on Monday last; and as per normal, opened the door leading to the lower section of her two-storey home – only to be pounced upon by three masked men!

The vendor’s bag found along the cane field dam
The vendor’s bag found along the cane field dam

“I just open the door and come outside, and I see this red pants coming up to me; and when I raise up, the man got a gun,” the incredulous vendor detailed. She said the shirtless man was masked and was accompanied by two other masked men, both carrying knives.
The vendor said she screamed, and a neighbour responded. “She asked, ‘What happening?!’ (as she started) running over; and the one with the gun run inside and pick up my bag from the wall, and another (bag) that was lying down.”
That alarm alerted family members, and they rushed to the woman’s aid. The men fled the scene by jumping a fence and then traversing a canal as the vendor’s neighbours gave chase. The men then made their way into the cane field and disappeared.
Later, nearly one mile away, residents discovered a handbag lying along a dam with a few documents scattered beside it. According to the market vendor, there were mostly medical documents in the bags, along with an identification card. The Police were subsequently alerted and an investigation has been launched.
Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner Ian Amsterdam, on Monday said that Police are searching for members of a gang that fit the description of the men who had attacked and robbed the vendor.

Gunman placed gun to driver’s neck, hijacks car


Kevin Prince, the driver of HC 6287, a black Fielder wagon is lucky to be alive after the motor car he was driving was hijacked by a man who allegedly placed a gun to his neck.

The stolen vehicle.

According to the owner of the vehicle, Barbra James, 57, of South Sophia, around 01:00hr yesterday, the driver called her and informed her that the car was hijacked .The woman also stated that the driver told he was on his way to the Sparendaam Police Station to make a report.
The woman said that she was informed that Prince picked up a female passenger at the Demico outlet, Stabroek Square.
The passenger, she said, was going to Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara.
According to reports the woman said that while the driver was heading to the destination, the female passenger told him to stop and picked up her husband whom she observed standing on the road.
The driver then picked up the male passenger. Upon arrival at the location the male passenger paid with a $5,000 bill.
However, when the taxi driver turned his back to make change, the male passenger placed a gun to his head and demanded that he exit the vehicle. Prince being fearful for his life, complied.
According to reports the driver jump out the vehicle while the man drove away with his wife sitting in the front passenger seat.
The woman further stated that Prince has been driving the car for the past six months and she recently had to pay over $300,000 to repair the said vehicle which was involved in an accident last year December.
The woman said that after the incident she went and made a report at the Sparendaam Police Station.

MMA-ADA head office robbed

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A Police investigation is now in full swing after the Mahaica/ Mahaicony/Abary Agriculture Development Association (MMA-ADA) main office in Number 27 Village, Onverwagting (Region Five) was ransacked by bandits during the wee hours of Thursday.

MMA-ADA head office in Number 27 Village, Onverwagting was ransacked during the wee hours of Thursday
MMA-ADA head office in Number 27 Village, Onverwagting was ransacked during the wee hours of Thursday

General Manager of the establishment, Aubrey Charles related to the press that the incident reportedly occurred at approximately 00:30h; however, he explained that he was only made aware around 02:30h.
The General Manager expressed his reluctance to impart any information given the premature stage of the investigation.
This newspaper understands that no one was injured during the robbery. Details surrounding the stolen articles remain undisclosed.
Efforts made by the media to contact the Divisional Commander proved futile.

Moruca farmer hacked to death


-suspect in custody

The mutilated body of a 52-year-old man was found on the trail to his farm yesterday morning in the Moruca Sub-district, Region One (Barima/Waini).

The body of Ganga Persaud Changa on the trail yesterday.

The deceased has been identified as Ganga Persaud Changa of Santa Rosa Village, North-West District.
According to the Divisional Commander, Senior Superintendent Ravindradat Boodram, the incident occurred sometime around 9am, and the suspect has been taken into custody.
The suspect, according to another source, has been identified as a 31-year-old resident of Koko Island, North West District.
According to reports, Changa was heading to his farm at Koko Island, when he was approached by the suspect who was armed with a cutlass.
The man reportedly began assaulting the Persaud who was dealt multiple chops about his body. His left hand and both feet were severed, reports have indicated. He also received wounds to the neck and back.
The alleged assailant was found sometime later and a cutlass with bloodstains was recovered.
Commander Boodram told this publication that investigators are yet to narrow down what would have led to the attack and subsequent death of the farmer.
Boodram asserted that the suspect is believed to be of unsound mind. However, there was no way to immediately verify this claim.
“We will have to await maybe a certificate to confirm whether or not this is true,” Boodram explained.
Meanwhile, Persaud’s body is at the Kumaka District Hospital Mortuary awaiting a Post Mortem Examination.

Robbers strip car to shell

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The bandits completely stripped the car

A TAXI driver is counting his losses after robbers stole his silver grey 212 motorcar from in front of his Lot 28 East Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara home last week.
Surujlall Mamass, known as “Dave”, said at around 13:45hrs on Monday, he heard when someone drove off with the car, but by the time he made it outside, it was too late.
The man placed an advert in the newspapers and with the help of a resident; found the shell of this car HB 5488 aback Herstelling, East Bank Demerara, on Thursday, March 16.

Surujlall Mamass, known as “Dave”

“I found the car in the bare shell alone. Everything strip from the car; the door, bonnet, engine, everything gone,” the frustrated taxi driver told the Guyana Chronicle.
According to Mamass, surveillance cameras in the area captured two men stealing his car; however, due to the place being dark at the time, it was difficult to see the faces of the perpetrators.
The driver said even though the police set up road blocks at Vreen-En-Hoop, La Grange and at the Demerara Harbour Bridge, when the incident occurred, he is not satisfied with the pace of the investigations.
“Up to now, the police them nah do nothing to assist me in searching. All wah them tell me, go and search, when me find the car, give them a call. They tell me to go and search,” Mamass lamented.
He believes that if the police were more proactive, the car could have been found the same day it was stolen.

Chinese businessman beaten, robbed

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Ke Toung Wu was assaulted by the bandits [Fareeza Haniff photos]

KE TOUNG Wu woke up early Saturday morning to start his daily chores but as soon as he opened his door, he was greeted by two armed men, who immediately attacked him.
The 45-year-old Chinese businessman resides at Lot 36 Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara, where he owns and operates the ‘Lucky Supermarket.’

The ‘Lucky Supermarket’ where the incident occurred

Commander of ‘D’ Division, Leslie James, confirmed to the Guyana Chronicle that the robbery occurred approximately 06:45hrs on Saturday.
He said the businessman was attacked by two men who were armed with a metal bar. According to the Commander, Ke received a laceration to the head and received five stitches after visiting the Leonora Diagnostic Hospital.
This newspaper understands that the bandits managed to cart off $600,000 in cash, and according to reports, they demanded that the businessman hand over the keys to the gate, after which they opened the padlock and escaped in a minibus.
During the course of the robbery, the businessman panicked and scaled the fence to his neighbour’s yard, where he sought help.

The bandits were captured on surveillance cameras

When this newspaper arrived at the scene, investigators were still trying to figure out how the bandits gained entry. The men were not masked as investigators managed to secure surveillance video from a resident in the area.
While no one has been arrested as yet, the Guyana Chronicle was reliably informed that one of the bandits was identified as “Spanna Toe” while the other is known as “Tattoo Boy” from Parika, East Bank Essequibo.
This is the third time that the Chinese businessman has been robbed.

Looks like d2 and company killing each other off and the ppp is not to blame.

Corpse of man shot with arrow found in shallow grave at Rupununi


– cousin is prime suspect
Police are on the hunt for a 28-year-old man who allegedly clubbed and shot his cousin with an arrow last Thursday before burying the body in a shallow grave.
The body of Arnold Gordon, 24, a labourer of Crapaud Pond, Kumu Village, Central Rupununi, was found in a grave around 16.30hrs on Friday in an area known as Tiger Plate, Central Rupununi.
The victim was shot with an arrow under his right arm-pit. An iron rod was also found near the murder scene.
The sole eyewitness to the killing is said to be a six-year-old boy, who is the slain man’s cousin.
According to reports, Gordon and his six-year-old cousin left home around 17:00hrs on Thursday to fish at a pond next to the Tiger Plate area. While in the area, Gordon encountered the 28-year-old cousin, who is unemployed, and an argument ensued.
It is alleged that the suspect picked up a piece of wood and a metal rod and struck Gordon.
The six-year-old, who was with Gordon, ran back home and told his grandmother.
When Gordon failed to return home the following day, Gordon’s mother reported the matter to a Toshao, who informed the police. The Toshao and a team conducted a search for Gordon and eventually located what appeared to be a shallow grave in some bushes about twenty feet from the suspect’s camp.
After a few minutes of digging, they saw a hand protruding from the grave. They notified police, who dug up the grave, which was about two feet deep, and found Gordon’s corpse.
The body was taken to the Lethem Hospital. The suspect was still at large yesterday.
There have reportedly been five murders, all due to disorderly behaviour, so far in F Division.

Bandit killed in botched robbery –accomplice flees scene

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The .32 Beretta pistol that the bandit used in the commission of the holdup

AN armed bandit was shot dead in the wee hours of the morning on Sunday during a confrontation with a businessman in suburban Bel Air.
Fortunately for the businessman, he was not injured in the shootout, but a friend of his, the driver of the vehicle in which he was travelling, was and is currently hospitalised at a private institution.
The fallen bandit, who is yet to be identified, was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.
According to reports, the businessman had just seen one of two friends home in Belvoir Court after a night out at the movies when the incident occurred.
It happened around 00:30hrs as the friend was about to secure the gate to his premises, where he was accosted by two men, one of whom brandished a firearm and ordered him to ‘Freeze!’
The driver, sensing that something was amiss, decided to reverse the vehicle to check on his friend, and came under a hail of bullets as the armed bandit opened fire. In the fusillade, the front windscreen of the vehicle was shattered and the driver was hit on his arm.
The businessman, who was seated in the rear of the vehicle, immediately drew his licensed .32 Taurus pistol and returned fire, hitting the bandit squarely in the chest. His accomplice, not wanting to wait around, took to his heels, leaving his fallen accomplice behind.
The police were subsequently informed of the shooting, and upon arriving at the scene, found a .32 pistol believed to have belonged to the deceased suspect.
They also found seven .32 calibre spent shells and a cellular phone.
The police are reportedly reviewing footage from several CCTV surveillance cameras in the neighbourhood to build their case.
The body of the slain bandit, meanwhile, is currently at the Lyken Funeral Home awaiting identification. A post-mortem is expected to be done today.

Bandits target East Bank Berbice homes over the weekend


Several families of Glasgow, New Housing Scheme, East Bank Berbice were left traumatized and fearing for their safety after a suspected gang of serial robbers wreaked havoc in the small community early Sunday morning.

Two of the Glasgow homes that were targeted by bandits over the weekend.

Kaieteur News understands that the gang allegedly split themselves up and targeted four homes, only being successful on their last attempt.
Clement John, a gold miner of Lot 1724 Crack Ville stated that at around midnight, he was awoken by his sister who informed him that someone was in their home.
According to John, the man gained entry into the home by prying open a grill to his back window.
“She was not sleeping at the time and the house was in darkness, so he had a small torch light, and she saw the shadow and ask is who, and they didn’t say nothing, so she ask back again and turn on the light and then is when he run.”
The man relayed that checks were made in home but nothing was missing.
John explained that all of the rooms in the house are sealed; hence, no one heard when it was being broken into.
Another member of the suspected gang then targeted the home of a Provision vendor.
Sohan Ramdeen, of 890 Glasgow Housing Scheme told this publication that he had retired to bed around midnight, but minutes later was alerted by the sound of his dog barking.
Reports are that a tin of sardines was punctured and put into the yard to distract the dog. According to Ramdeen, it was not until sunrise that he discovered that a louvre pane was missing.
“I don’t know if is because of the dog bark hard or what, but when I come downstairs, I see that they remove my window and that is it. Nothing ain’t missing or suh. But this place nah safe bai. Is nuff thing going on in this community and people nah safe.”
Meanwhile, at about 00:30hrs, the bandits tried to hammer their way into another house despite screams from the occupants.
The traumatized woman who operates a small grocery parlour in the lower flat stated that she heard a loud banging sound coming from the lower flat and immediately awoke her son.
“I wake he and we listen for hear if anything else gon’ happen, but like they stop lil bit and he say mussy cat, and me say no this nah cat sound. Then is when we hear the big pounding and realize is thief. So right away we start holler, and dem still trying to break the grill, but it nah budge. And me daughter and me mother was sleeping downstairs, but the room seal, so they ain’t hear the noise. And we holler and holler til a neighbour come out with he cutlass and then is when they run.”
According to the woman, neighbours allegedly saw three men running from the direction of her home.
The final attack was at a teacher’s home.
According to Debra Ward, at about 02:30h there was at least one person in her home.
She explained that the person pushed open her bedroom door and when she recognized that it was an intruder, she jumped out of bed and armed herself with a cutlass, but the man escaped through the front door.
It was later discovered that one Government laptop computer, a cellular phone and about $5000 in cash was missing.
Ward mentioned that a crowbar was used to prize open the backdoor and the grill.
Meanwhile, last Wednesday, two other houses were also targetted.
A businessman in the community told Kaieteur News that the men only made it to the lower flat and removed close to $1M worth in equipment.
As police responded to that report, three masked men went into another home, a few blocks away.
Reports are that the shop owner and her school-aged daughter were at home when the building was broken into. The men reportedly took $200,000 in cash and a similar amount worth in jewellery before fleeing the scene.
Commander of ‘B’ Division Mr. Ian Amsterdam in an invited comment disclosed that police are currently on the hunt for a male resident in the community fingered to be the main suspect in crimes.
Investigations are ongoing.

Gunmen wreak havoc in Providence

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ON Tuesday night, the silence at Parker Street, Providence on the East Bank of Demerara (EBD), was shattered after two gun-toting bandits robbed several persons.
Reports are that around 23:00hrs, two men launched an attack on several residents along the street, robbing anyone they encountered. According to a resident, her brother was sitting outside a shop and while he chatted with friends, a car pulled up a corner away from her home and two men emerged.
She said the men, both of whom were armed and had their faces covered with pieces of cloth, attacked her brother and robbed him of an undisclosed sum of money. She said the men also robbed her brother’s friends and later turned their attention to other persons in the vicinity.
The men then walked along Parker Street in a northerly direction and robbed at least three persons, some of whom were on their way home. According to another resident, the two men threatened to shoot persons as they were being robbed and she noted that persons in the area dialed the 911 police response number but received no response.
Residents noted that a report was made to the police following the incident. It is unclear if any arrests were made. Meanwhile, residents in the area called on the police to place patrols along Parker Street as well as other streets within Providence.
It was noted by a resident that the “four corner” along Parker Street is usually a hot-spot for drug-users and persons engaged in other illicit activities. She said that there are several persons who are involved in gang –related activities, noting that some persons had thrown laced-shoes atop the electrical wires as a sign that there were gangs in the area.
This newspaper observed several pairs of shoes hanging from the wires along the streets adjoining Parker Street. Residents called on the authorities to remove the shoes as a means of sending a message to those engaged in criminal acts.

Sheep thief hits WBD village

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…residents count their losses

More than 20 sheep were on Saturday stolen from a La Grange, West Bank Demerara (WBD) herder, who is now left counting his losses.

In tears, Mohammed Rafeek, 50, of Independent Street, La Grange, that the incident occurred between 01:00h and 03:00h.

The man, who is also a part-time vendor, explained that he and his family retired

Mohammed Rafeek

to bed a little after midnight.

However, when he awoke around 04:00h and checked on the sheep only three were in the pen.

Rafeek related to Guyana Times that a rope suspected to have been used to tie the sheep was in the pen.

The herder is uncertain where the robbers entered his yard from, but said they exited through the backyard as footprints of the thieves and sheep were seen on the dam.

Rafeek said in shock he left his home and reported the matter to the La Grange Police Station where a report was taken.

He added that the officers came to his home where a brief investigation was carried out and the rope that was left in the pen was taken into evidence.

However, it was also reported to this publication that Rafeek was not the only person to be robbed of recent. Two other herders also had sheep stolen from them; one lost 16 and the other 18.

Rafeek said it was also disclosed to him by the Police Officers that numerous reports of similar incidents were made at the Police Station.

He is calling for assistance from the public to find his sheep as that is his livelihood.

He is offering a $100,000 reward for anyone who could assist him with his plight. Persons with information are asked to contact 610-7152 and 686-6310

Newspaper vendor beaten, wife shot during home invasion


A 64-year-old man was brutally beaten and his wife was shot to the foot when two armed men stormed into his home around 03:30 hrs, yesterday, and carted off a laptop, jewelry and an undisclosed sum of cash.

Sebastian Ramsuchit

Up to press time, preparations were being made for 58-year-old Joyce Ramsuchit of Lot 21 CC Third Avenue, Eccles, East Bank Demerara (EBD) to undergo surgery to have the bullet removed from her right foot.
Her husband, Sebastian Ramsuchit, who sells newspapers in and around the village, was treated and sent away from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC). He had gone to the hospital after he was gun-butted four times by the bandits.
At the time of the robbery, the couple’s son, Cheddi Dev Ramsuchit, was at home but was not terrorized by the armed men, who demanded valuables throughout the 15-minute ordeal which has left his father traumatized.
Yesterday, the 64-year-old man recalled that he got up from bed and started making preparation as usual to leave home to purchase his supply of newspapers when the tragedy started.
“Before I opened the door, I hear the parrot gave a different sound but I didn’t know people were in the yard, and as soon as I opened the door, someone hit me in my head. I see two of them,” the paper vendor explained.
He revealed that the men took him in the house and ransacked everywhere in search of valuables. “They beat my wife and then they shoot her when she said she didn’t have money. Eventually she showed where she had some change.”
The paper vendor said that during the ordeal, he had never been so scared and wished he was dead as a result of the way the bandits were treating his wife. “I thought that they would have hurt my son but they didn’t.”
Ramsuchit said that it is heart-rending that the bandits went into his home and tormented his family when the commission he receives for selling newspapers is only $12,000 over a period.
The matter is being investigated by ranks at the Providence Police Station.

Taxi driver shot during robbery attempt


A 50-year-old taxi driver was shot Saturday night during an attempted robbery at North East La Penitence, Georgetown.
Gayford Cordinton of Lot 737 La Parfaite Harmony, West Bank Demerara (WBD) was treated and discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after being shot in the lower left leg.
According to information received, the taxi driver received a call around 22:15hrs on Saturday to do a pickup at Hadfield and Hardina Streets, Georgetown.
When he arrived at the location, two men entered the back seat of the car and requested to be taken to North Sophia.
Reports are that while in the vicinity of North East La Penitence, the two suspects requested Cordinton to stop the vehicle.
When the taxi driver stopped, both suspects exited and one of them placed a gun to the driver’s head and demanded that he also exit the vehicle.
According to information received, the victim refused and one of the two men shot him to the foot and they both escaped through an alleyway.
No one has been arrested as yet.

Teen on the run after stabbing Sophia schoolboy


– female relative of suspect allegedly also in hiding

A 14-year-old school boy is now a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after he was stabbed to his abdomen Saturday evening by another youth over a bitter feud.
Andrew Clarke of Lot 201 C Field Sophia was allegedly attacked by a lad from the same community who confronted him over a scuffle they had in an Internet Cafe three days prior.
Police are still to apprehend the 16-year-old suspect, and a female relative of the assailant, who allegedly participated in the attack, is reportedly also in hiding.
The victim, who spoke with this publication from his hospital bed, recounted how the ordeal unfolded on Saturday evening at approximately 19:30 hrs.
Clarke said that he and one of his cousins whose name was given as Ezekiel, had on Thursday visited an internet cafe which is located at ‘Fourth Corner’ in C Field, Sophia to do some research on a school project.  Clarke said that while at the internet cafe he and his cousin got into a scuffle with a boy, identified only as ‘Joe’ after Joe claimed that Clarke had deliberately hit him on his shoulder.

Andrew Clarke on his hospital bed

“I passed close to the boy because plenty persons were in the café, and my shoulder jam Joe and he turn around and slap me,” the schoolboy said.
Clarke further stated that his cousin and Joe got into a fight at the shop and afterward they went home.
He said that on Friday evening, he and the cousin were heading home when ‘Joe’ and a group of his friends confronted them.
“While me and my cousin walking, Joe and his friends walked up to me and my cousin and (Joe) turned to me and asked if I wanted me and him to cuff it out in the street and finish the matter.”
The lad said that he and his cousin continued walking but Joe allegedly picked up a piece of wood and struck him before walking away with his friends.
Clarke said that after Joe and his friends left, he and his cousin walked and went home, but he did not tell his mother what had transpired between him and Joe.
Clarke said that on Saturday evening he was on his way to a shop to buy plantain chips, when he saw ‘Joe’ and another male standing at the corner.
The teen said that he took a different route, then bought the chips and went home.  He claimed that he was sitting outside his home when he saw ‘Joe’ and a female relative approaching.
He alleged that the woman “hold me down and start to hit me all over my body,” then told ‘Joe’ to  “come and deal with me.” He said that ‘Joe’ then stabbed him in the stomach.
“When I lift up my jersey the blood started to spray out so I manage to open the gate and called my mother.
The mother of the injured lad, Jennifer Dharundan, stated that after she heard her son called out for her she rushed to him and saw him holding his abdomen. “When I reach in front I saw blood gushing out from the wound.” The woman stated that she along with other family members rushed him to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) where he underwent emergency surgery.
The woman said that after the incident she made a report at the Turkeyen Police Station.
One family member lamented that if two young boys in the community have a problem it should not get to the point to turn violent.
“Even if the parent wanted to get involve she should have taken her son to the home and let both parents sit down with their son and find a solution;  not holding a child down so that the other one could get the opportunity to beat the next one up. That’s not the way parents should think and act.”

Essequibo bar owner shot by security guard

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File photo

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting of Wilfred Tennyson, 20, a businessman of 37 Adventure, Essequibo Coast, which occurred at about 01:00hrs Thursday morning.

Reports indicate that the young businessman was shot by a Supernumerary Constable attached to a Security Service. Police investigation revealed that the male suspect, who was armed with a handgun belonging to the Security Firm he works with, left his place of duty and ventured into Tennyson’s shop (License Liquor Restaurant) where they engaged in playing pools; the suspect was said to be imbibing during that process.

Later an argument erupted after the bar owner won a game and the suspect allegedly whipped out his firearm and shot the victim to his right side abdomen.

Tennyson was taken to the Suddie Public Hospital where he is in a stable condition. The suspect, who is 32-years-old, and hails from Adventure, Essequibo Coast has since been taken into custody and the firearm lodged.

Businessman robbed, shot while assisting robbery victim


A businessman is nursing a gunshot injury to his upper right thigh after he went to assist another man who was being robbed by three armed men in front of his business place.
Injured is Ulborne Parker, 35, of Garnette Street, Newtown Kitty, Georgetown. He is said to be in a stable condition.
Reports are at about 19:30h on Tuesday evening, a welder of West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was standing in front of a business place at Garnette Street, Kitty, when he was confronted by three men on pedal cycles.
He was subsequently relieved of the two gold chains he was wearing at the time. Upon seeing this, Parker went to the young man’s assistance and was also attacked and relieved of his gold chain but not before putting up a fight.
During the scuffle, one of the suspects whipped out a handgun and discharged a round, hitting the businessman to his upper right thigh after which the bandits fled the scene.
Parker was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was treated and admitted a patient. The Police are however hunting the three suspects who were caught in the act on surveillance cameras in the area.

Student shot in foiled robbery


An Indian national was shot and injured during an attempted robbery at First Street, Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara.
Reports are at about 23:50h on Tuesday, Brianard Revival, 28, a foreign student, was in the company of his friends when he stopped his car at an intersection and another car drove up in front of his and stopped.
As the car came to a halt in front of his own, a male existed from the back seat with a gun in his hand. The suspect approached the victim and his friends and demanded cash and other valuables.
The Indian national upon realising what was happening stepped on his accelerator and in retaliation; the bandit discharged a round in the direction of the victim’s car hitting him to the upper left arm.
The foreigner was rushed to a private medical facility where he underwent emergency surgery and is presently in a stable condition. The matter was reported to the Police but no arrests have been made so far.
Police are continuing their investigations.

Bandits terrorise father, daughter in home invasion


A Chateau Margot, East Coast Demerara (ECD) family is now left traumatised after members were terrorised and robbed by two armed men.
The robbery occurred about 19:30h on Tuesday at the family’s Lot 4C Section B Chateau Margot home and lasted for some 45 minutes.
According to reports, 49-year-old Mohan Lall, along with his 24-year-old daughter, Salomie, and three-year-old granddaughter, was at home sitting in the living room,

Mohan Lall

in the lower flat of the two-storey house when the two bandits, one armed with a gun and the other with a pair of scissors, stormed into their home and held them up.
In an effort to save their lives, Lall handed over a quantity of cash to the bandits, but not before he was beaten in his head and face. The perpetrators also escaped with a laptop, two cellular phones and several watches.
Speaking with Guyana Times on Wednesday morning, Lall recounted the ordeal, relating that his wife had gone out and did not secure the padlock on the grill door unbeknownst to them. He added that about an hour later, the bandits gained entry into the house through the door after scaling the fence along the western side of the yard.
“Two men walked in, an Indian one and a negro one – he start beat me since he reach in the house. He ain’t ask me or tell me anything, he just start beat me and punch me in my face and then after, he say he want the money or else he gon kill we. Me turn and say ‘Oh friend, is money you want, take the money, nah kill we’,” the man, whose face was swollen, recalled.
He said his daughter handed over about $105,000 in cash to the perpetrators but they were unsatisfied and one of them said they knew Lall had money. At this point, Lall said he complied with the bandits, who escorted the three of them upstairs and one of them took him into the room where he handed over some US currency to them.
“I had $617 US dollars under the mattress and I take it and give him. They then take the three of us and push us in a room and lock the door. Then like them come downstairs and them check around and carry way the computer, couple phones and some watches that went in a bag. After that, they come out and jump over the (eastern) fence and get away,” he related.
Lall added that about 10 minutes later, after they were sure the bandits had left, they came out of the room and contacted the Police, who came sometime after. He was then escorted to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he was treated for a wound on his head and bruises to his face, before being sent away.
Nevertheless, the man noted that the following morning they discovered a pair of slippers in the yard which they believe belonged to one of the bandits, who may have lost them after scaling the western fence to enter the yard. Additionally, they also found a band from one of the wristwatches that were stolen.
Meanwhile, in a release on Wednesday, the Police said that no arrests have been made.

Gun-toting “Granny” shoots hotel handyman


Twenty-three-year-old Brandon Collins, a maintenance worker attached to the Alpha Hotel at Ogle, East Coast Demerara, was Thursday morning shot by Leila Jagdeo, a 69-year-old woman who is known in the area as “Granny”. She reportedly told law enforcement officials after the incident that she had thought Collins was a thief.

According to staff attached to the hotel, the incident occurred at about 06:50h on Thursday, when the man was cleaning the weeds off of a zinc fence which separates the hotel’s premises from the yard in which the elderly woman lives.

The elderly woman’s home behind the fence through which the man was shot

Jagdeo was not available to speak to media operatives, but Guyana Times was told that the woman told Police that she had thought Collins was a bandit who was trying to jump into her yard, so, being a licensed firearm holder, she picked up her revolver and fired one shot in the direction of the young man.

The bullet pierced the zinc fence and hit Collins to his abdomen.

Staff from the hotel ran to the young man’s aid after realising what had transpired. They subsequently called the Police, and the injured man was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital, where he is presently in a stable condition.

Staffers attached to the hotel questioned the elderly woman’s reason for shooting at the maintenance worker, since, according to them, Jagdeo knew the man.

“She tell Police that she thought he was a thief, but she know Brandon. She does ask he fuh help she do things around she yard, and he help couple times,” a hotel staff told this media house.

Collins reportedly hails from Berbice, but currently lives in Republic Park on the East Bank of Demerara. He is said to have been employed with Alpha Hotel for approximately three years.

Jagdeo is presently assisting Police with investigations. (Ramona Luthi)

Businessman shot during row over pool game


A businessman was in the wee hours of Thursday morning shot and injured during an argument over a game of pool at Adventure, Essequibo Coast.

The injured man has been identified as Wilfred Tennyson, also called Lawrie, 32, of 37 Adventure, Essequibo Coast.

Based on reports received, a Supernumerary Constable attached to a Security Service was armed with a handgun belonging to the security firm to which he is employed. He left his place of duty and ventured into the victim’s shop, and they engaged in a game of pool.

However, an argument erupted after the victim won a game, and the suspect allegedly whipped out his firearm and shot Tennyson to his right side abdomen.

The victim was taken to the Suddie Public Hospital, where he was treated and admitted. He is said to be in a stable condition. The 20-year-old suspect from Adventure, Essequibo Coast has since been taken into custody, and his firearm has been lodged.

But speaking with the Guyana Times at the Suddie Hospital, the injured man refuted claims which suggest that the incident stemmed from an argument, but said rather that the suspect’s firearm accidently went off while he playing pools.

“I genuinely feel it was an accident, there was no argument; and besides, we are friends…the shot just went off by accident,” the victim claimed. Tennyson has undergone emergency surgery to remove the bullet from his abdomen. Police are continuing their investigations.


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