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Slackness in crime prevention continue to be a hallmark of the PNC administration as jackass Granger bury his head in the sand.

CG stalker attacks teen girl at Lowlands …mother urges swift action by police


By Alva Solomon

A LOWLANDS, East Coast Demerara mother is worried about the safety of her teenage daughter who was allegedly assaulted by a man in the community on Monday night.According to the woman, her daughter was on her way home around 19:00 hrs on Monday when she was attacked. She said the young woman, who completed secondary schooling last year, had just disembarked a bus close to the “Hope turn” opposite the Hope Secondary School, when a man approached her, asking for directions.
The man told the young lady that he was looking for someone called “Mark” and even provided a description of the individual.
The victim told the Guyana Chronicle that the man continued to follow her into the dark street even after she indicated to him that she was unaware of who “Mark” was. She said that after crossing a narrow bridge at the entrance to Lowlands, the man grabbed her and placed his arm around her throat.
The young lady said that she tried to fight off the man. “He vice me and I don’t know what happened after,” she recounted. She said she woke up in a nearby cemetery which runs parallel to the main road on entry to Lowlands. She said that the man bound her hands behind her while he tore a piece of her garment and tied her mouth.
“The place was dark and I tried to call for help,” she said. She recalled that the man spoke to her “as if he know me.”
The young lady added that after sitting on the ground for several minutes, the man told her that he was ready to leave and he left her sitting in the cemetery.
“He walk away and I started running out the cemetery and end up on the Line Top,” she recalled.
She said that after walking the dark Railway Embankment, residents in the area came to her assistance and telephoned her mother around 21:00hrs.
The young lady’s mother said that she immediately took her daughter to the Cove and John Police Station where a report was made. She said that a detailed description of the man was given to the ranks there and according to her, one of the officers said the assailant is known to the police.
According to the mother, she subsequently took her daughter, who was in a muddied state, to a doctor; the medical report indicated that the young lady was physically but not sexually assaulted. On Tuesday, the teen returned to the Cove and John Police Station where additional information was recorded by the ranks.
“I can’t sleep, because I could have been motherless and that person is still out there,” the distressed mother told this newspaper. The Guyana Chronicle understands that the assailant was seen in the Lowlands area on several occasions prior to Monday’s incident and according to a police source, the man was once arrested on several allegations of rape.
Reports are that in one instance, a young woman whom the man attacked, left the country out of fear.
Residents said yesterday that the assailant rides a Honda CG motorcycle and he would frequent the village of Victoria, which is located near Lowlands.
However, to date, the police are yet to arrest him, even though he is a known character to law enforcement. As such, the mother wants the Police Force to act swiftly in apprehending him, given that the safety of her daughter is at risk.

What a wonderful job the PNC police are doing. According to the propagandists mars, django, gilly et al, crime is dropping rapidly under the PNC.

Home > TOP STORY > Reporters shot at while chasing bandit …another robbed, beaten
Steve Smith shortly after he was robbed
Steve Smith shortly after he was robbed

Reporters shot at while chasing bandit …another robbed, beaten


IT was chaos in the city on Friday afternoon when two journalists decided to chase a gunman who had just robbed a United States (US) based Guyanese man in the vicinity of the St. George’s Cathedral. The journalists who were involved in the high-speed chase have been identified as Kurt Campbell and Iva Wharton. They were shot at by the gunman, but fortunately escaped unhurt. The Guyana Chronicle understands that the two media operatives decided to pursue the yellow get-away taxi with licence plate number HC3085 after witnessing the robbery.
Campbell told this newspaper that he observed the armed man clad in a grey t – shirt, blue pants and orange cap had attacked a man, who later identified himself as Steve Smith. Smith is a Guyanese citizen, who is visiting from the United States.
This newspaper understands that he had just left a city bank and was walking along Carmichael Street when the armed man pounced on him. Smith put up a fight, but was overpowered by the bandit, who managed to escape with $90,000.
According to Campbell, he and Wharton were driving in the vicinity at the time and decided to pursue the vehicle. Campbell recalled that they drove through several traffic lights in order to stay close behind the speeding car and immediately made contact with ‘A’ Division Commander, Clifton Hicken, who alerted police patrols.
But things took a turn for the worse when the armed man, who was at this time wearing a mask, exited the car at Crown and Oronoque Streets and opened fire on the vehicle the journalists were driving. However, the journalists did not stop and continued to trail the men when a police patrol subsequently arrived and took over the chase. Both Campbell and Wharton were commended for their bravery by Commander Hicken.
Meanwhile, another reporter, Leroy Smith, who is attached to the Newsroom, was pursuing a stabbing incident at Plaisance, East Coast Demerara Friday morning when he was reportedly beaten and robbed.
Smith, in a Facebook post, revealed that he was robbed of his cash, cellphone and camera.

Looks like Lall is trying to stir up some controversy with a setup of a disabled grenade, the newspaper creating its own news when things slow. 

Grenade thrown at KN publisher’s vehicle


Police were last night summoned to the Kaieteur News Saffon Street offices after unidentified individuals hurled a grenade under a vehicle belonging to owner and publisher Glenn Lall.

The grenade near to the front wheel of Mr. Lall's vehicle

The grenade near to one of the front wheel of Mr. Lall’s vehicle

The incident occurred shortly after 22.00 hrs, and Mr. Lall’s vehicle, a Lexus, was parked on the western side of Saffon Street.
Mr. Lall and other staffers were outside the Kaieteur News building participating in a wake for Assistant Editor Dale Andrews, when a security staffer heard an unusual sound near Mr. Lall’s vehicle.
Thinking at first that someone had shattered one of the windows, the staffer checked the vehicle, but observed no damage. However, on checking the front of the Lexus, the staffer spotted the grenade lying near one of the front tyres.
The police were immediately notified.
At press time, demolition personnel were still to remove the device.

Farmer arrested in shooting incident


POLICE have arrested a 36-year-old male farmer of Moblissa, Linden Highway in connection with the shooting of another farmer around 09:00hrs Sunday.The victim was identified as 56-year-old Cicel Todd who is a cash crop farmer of Moblissa. Police have not recovered the weapon used in the incident.

According to the victim, he left home about 08:30h Sunday for Moblissa Hilltop to collect wood shavings for his chickens and on his way home he heard an explosion and suddenly felt a burning sensation to his left thigh, left arm and penis.

He then fell to the ground but managed to raise an alarm, resulting in his daughter Deslyn Cornelius going to his rescue and rushed him to the Linden Hospital where he was treated and admitted as a patient. He is in a stable condition.

Home > TOP STORY > Miner stabbed to death by cousin
Josepha Alfred, the mother of the dead man
Josepha Alfred, the mother of the dead man

Miner stabbed to death by cousin


A 26-YEAR-OLD resident of Cambelltown, Mahdia, Region Eight was on Monday stabbed to death by his cousin after they got into a heated argument while drinking at a bar there.

The incident reported occurred around 04:00 hrs.“They dey all de drinking and he and he cousin start cuss out one another about each other mother. These boys are two sisters’ children and the argument got very heated,” an eyewitness told the Guyana Chronicle.

The eyewitness, who hailed from the same Amerindian community and requested anonymity, said the incident can divide the families involved and the community as well.

“Nobody wan talk because dem ain’t want no problems as this is a tense situation,” the eyewitness said. The suspect and the victim reportedly live a few houses apart.

Residents, while expressing sadness over the situation, were reluctant to publicly speak on the matter, but they called on the authorities to clamp down on drug and alcohol abuse in the community.

According to reports, the alleged murderer reportedly came out of the backdam the day before with several of his co-workers.

The eyewitness said the victim and the murderer, along with others, were drinking when a heated argument started.

“They were arguing and busing really bad when Romel decided that he will walk away. He left the bar and was walking when, without warning this guy (cousin) came up behind him and stabbed him to his right side.”

The eyewitness added: “The police could have caught this guy had they responded in a very timely manner, but it’s as though because we are living in the bush (Madiha) everybody thinks that we should be treated anyhow. This isn’t right as you can see the very short distance of the police station from here.”

Several other residents echoed similar sentiments.

After committing the act, the alleged assailant reportedly got into a bus that was heading out of Madiha and has not been seen since.
Residents believe that the suspect might be hiding out in one of the camps as he knows the interior terrain well.

Romel was the fifth of six children and used to live with his mother Josepha Alfred, 53. When this newspaper visited, his mother was in a state of shock.

She related that she has been hearing different versions of the incident that led to the stabbing.

“I am too weak to even know what happened as I am hurting badly,” the woman said.

Alfred related that her son “was a good child and to loose he like this ain’t easy” as she wept.

Village Toshao Ivan Pio said he is very disappointed about what happened, noting that the killing was a senseless act.

“This is a case of yet another life being stuffed out senselessly. It’s time that the youths realise that drinking and smoking will only make their lives more complicated and challenging. I continue to speak to them as the toshao but unfortunately it’s as though they are not listening as every day several young men can be seen drinking all day, thus resulting in increased social problems,” he said.

Police are investigating the murder.

Paradise under the PNC/AFC.

Bandits target East Berbice Chinese restaurant


SLEUTHS in ‘B’ Division are investigating a robbery under arms committed on a Chinese national residing at Edinburgh, East Bank Berbice, between 01:30h and 01:45h yesterday.Investigations have so far revealed that Lin Yu Qiang, 33, who operates a “Chinese Restaurant” on the lower flat of the two-storey building, was awoken by a noise in the eating house, and upon checking was confronted by four masked men, one of whom was armed with a handgun and another with a cutlass.

The robbers, having demanded cash and valuables – the sum of $50,000, two laptop computers and a phone were handed over to them.

Not satisfied with what they were given, however, the men proceeded to ransack the premises, and even gun-butted the victim to the back of his head before making good their escape.

The police reportedly responded promptly, but no arrests have yet been made. The victim was taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where he was treated and sent away.

Bandits invade Farm home, take $$$ in items including dentures


To say Maywah Jaisingh feels violated would be an understatement. The distraught man

Three of the broken vaults.

Three of the broken vaults.

yesterday visited this publication to share how troubled he is over the fact that persons, thus far unknown, broke into his home and carted off almost $10 million worth of items.

“They nearly clean me out,” said the man as he showcased on his phone photographs of how bandits left his place “trashed” as they had removed items of value from his Lot 10 Bougainville, Farm, East Bank Demerara home.
In addition to removing appliances, the bandits also broke into three vaults to gain access to millions of dollars in jewellery. They even carried away Jaisingh’s dentures and underwear. The bandits, according to Jaisingh, also took a quantity of foreign liquor and even drank a few beers and snacked while carrying out their dastardly act.
“They drink; they even made cheese sandwiches and what they couldn’t eat they just throw away in the house,” the man related.
During a visit to the Saffon Street, Georgetown office of this publication, Jaisingh in the company of his wife, Babita Kumarie, said that while he lived abroad for a number of years he returned eight years ago.
The re-migrant, however, would travel to the US for short periods. It was during a recent visit to the US that his home was invaded. According to the man he and his family (including two children) left for the US on May 25 with the intent of returning on June 2.
But something untoward was observed a few days after the family left. According to Jaisingh, he was informed that his newspaper man, while dropping off papers, last week Tuesday discovered that his front door and gate were ajar. The newspaper man relayed his concerns to a neighbour who in turn got someone to make contact with Jaisingh in the US.

A jacket left behind by the bandit [s).

A jacket left behind by the bandit (s).

According to Jaisingh, on learning of the development he contacted his maid who visited the home and reported the break-in to the police. The man informed that although no one is ever asked to stay in the house, this is the first time that such an incident has ever occurred.
Upon his return, the man said that he was shocked to see his house ransacked. The man said that he observed that the bandits got access by removing the bolts of a grill in order to get through a window. The man said that a lock on the front door was also broken. This might have been how the bandits exited with their booty.
“They probably tried to carry out the vaults but couldn’t and so they broke them right in the house…they couldn’t open the door big enough to carry out the television otherwise those might have been gone too,” said Jaisingh.
According to the man, the police, as part of their investigation, visited his home took photographs and dusted for finger prints. “They told me that they think they got at least three sets of finger prints,” said Jaisingh who expressed disappointment that his DVR for his Closed Circuit Television Camera (CCTV) was destroyed by the bandits.
“They cut the DVR and they put it in a sink and they open the water on it…the police said that they would have to check it in the crime lab,” said Jaisingh who revealed that a jacket was left behind which he hopes could help police to determine who the perpetrators are.
While the incident has stirred Jaisingh suspicion, he noted that he will give the police force a fair chance to solve the case.

Body with stab wound found on Mahdia roadway


Police are investigating what appears to be a seventh murder at an interior location for the year.

The body of Romel Daniels, 25, of Campbelltown, Mahdia, was found around 03.40 hrs on a roadway at Mahdia.
The corpse bore what appeared to be a stab wound.
A release stated that police made the discovery after responding to reports that a man was lying motionless on a roadway in the vicinity of Dadagoo Shop in Mahdia.
Homicide detectives and crime scene investigators responded to the scene to collect evidence and canvas the area for potential witnesses.
No arrests have been made and investigators are asking for the community’s help for any information pertaining to the homicide.
The body is at the Mahdia Hospital Mortuary awaiting a post-mortem.
There have been seven murders so far in ‘F’ Division.
The victims include Police Sergeant 16934 Leonard La Rose, 52, who was stabbed to death at Matthew’s Ridge Hospital, while attempting to arrest a suspect.

Man wrests gun from shooter, hands it to cops


Police are in possession of a .38 snub-nosed revolver and two spent shells they recovered from one of two men who were involved in a fight at Kanaruk, Mahdia.

The incident reportedly occurred yesterday.
A police release stated that Festus Benn and Gary Boucher had an argument that escalated into a fight, during which Boucher, who allegedly had the firearm, discharged two rounds. He missed.
Benn managed to take away the weapon and promptly handed it over to the law enforcers. Boucher is currently in custody.
Meanwhile, police on Sunday recovered a firearm from a minibus passenger at Providence, East Bank Demerara.
A release stated that at around 14.10hrs, police, acting on information intercepted a route 42 mini bus, on Providence Public Road.
During a search of one of the occupants, the ranks found a .32 pistol along with eight live .32 rounds tucked in the passenger’s pants waist.
The man was taken into custody and charges will be instituted shortly.

This is Granger's paradise:

Home > NEWS > Ruthless thieves killing Dorie’s house-ownership dreams
Ramdai Janet Dorie, 64, stands in front of her incomplete home
Ramdai Janet Dorie, 64, stands in front of her incomplete home

Ruthless thieves killing Dorie’s house-ownership dreams


By Telesha Ramnarine

SIXTY-four-year-old Ramdai Janet Dorie could not hold back the tears as she reflected on how hard she worked to save every dollar towards building her own home. These were not tears of joy however – they represented the anguish she felt in her heart over those who have been ruthlessly stealing materials off of her house. Dorie’s house is located at Block B, Mocha Road Third Bridge, Herstelling Housing Scheme, on the East Bank Demerara; an area that is still being developed so there are tall bushes, no street

The virtually impassable street leading to Dorie’s house

The virtually impassable street leading to Dorie’s house

lights and few houses that people have actually occupied.

Since there is hardly anything that Ms. Dorie can do about this unfortunate situation and she cannot think of any agency that might be willing to provide any practical assistance to her; she then resorted to writing to President David Granger and to a few news agencies, including the Guyana Chronicle.

In addition, another option she explored was finding a company that may be able to install a security system at her house that can monitor the activities there when she is not around. This proved too costly and Dorie had no choice but to abandon the idea.

The elderly woman, in an interview at the Chronicle on Tuesday, expressed her hopelessness in tears, along with some amount of optimism that something good may come out of the fact that her plight is being highlighted.

Dorie is eager to have the house completed, having saved enough to secure a bank loan with which she started works. But the project is stalled every time the thieves break in.

$1.6M in LOSSES
For the four times that the bandits have broken in so far, Dorie estimates her losses to be around $1.6M. “Many other persons have the same problem in the area. About two streets away from me, a woman lost 52 sacks of cement. I’m confused at the moment. I’m trying to see how much I can save in the meantime so I can resume work.”

The last time the bandits struck was on the night of the jubilee celebrations and after the police were summoned, they told Dorie that they could not obtain fingerprints as they were smudged. “They caught one of the thieves but the people in the area don’t want to come forward; they don’t want to become a target.”

Although Dorie is an educator, poet, writer, author, and ardent sports personality who has played cricket at an international level, she said she currently sells a few items on the streets, including clothing, to make a living.

“Sometimes I don’t buy clothes and food for myself. I make sacrifices like the old people say, ‘Cut your eye and tie your belly.’ I sell little things on the streets. Sometimes I help a friend do some work and she gives me some money. I have been saving, saving all my money and I went to the bank and they gave me a loan so I was able to build my house.”

Dorie is also a diabetic and has issues with her cholesterol. “I have to pay for my own medical bills and I don’t go in anyone’s way to beg or thief. I work assiduously to save my money. I have been saving for the house over 20 years and working very hard. If you see my hands; they are hard, corny.”

Meanwhile, in a letter to the editor, Dorie said in part that she worked along with the contractor through blood, sweat and tears until thieves started stealing doors, windows, and many other items off of the house.

“The stress has now become extremely unbearable. Apart from losing materials, risking to lose my house to the bank, my life is at risk for I am a senior citizen who has numerous medical conditions. In addition, I have no husband, no children, and even no neighbour. Only bushes and more bushes and I am desperate!

“People are seeing but are helpless, since there is no telephone line, no street light, and only bushes where thieves take refuge. I had to put on my own street light and should you visit me, you can feel the hauntedness around the area.

“During the day, you can see a lot of strange faces ‘susing’ out their victims. It seems as though they speculate during the day and they strike during the night with their waiting vehicles. It is alleged that they sell stolen articles to those who are building. As such, I suggest that heavier penalties be levied to those buyers.

“I call upon all those in position to look into this matter as early as possible. Upon reading this letter, I wish that someone may call me and see how they can help, for I have lost far more than I can afford to deal with the bank. I am desperate. Please. I plead for help.”

Home > NEWS > Hijackers beat taxi driver, car recovered
Police at the scene where the car [right) was found
Police at the scene where the car (right) was found

Hijackers beat taxi driver, car recovered


A GEORGETOWN taxi was Tuesday night hijacked and the driver severely beaten; the car was later found abandoned in Plum Park, Sophia. Two persons who were in a house opposite to where the vehicle was discovered were detained by the police for questioning.
The driver of the car, a Toyota Allion with licence plate number HC 6253, was identified as 44-year-old Gladwyn Brandis of 1170 Pigeon Place, South Ruimveldt Park. He is attached to the Green Ice Taxi Service.

Police escort two persons for questioning from a house opposite to where the vehicle was found abandoned

Police escort two persons for questioning from a house opposite to where the vehicle was found abandoned

According to reports, the taxi was seen parked on the roadside around 20:00 hrs and residents became suspicious after noticing it there for hours.
Wednesday morning, upon closer inspection, it was discovered that there was an injured man inside the vehicle and a call was made to the taxi base, which in turn contacted the police.
The police subsequently arrived and discovered a muddied, bewildered and injured Brandis. The father of five was then taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was admitted for treatment.
At the scene where the car was abandoned, there were blood marks on a large brick and drops of blood were seen leading to a nearby canal as if Brandis was dragged there after being beaten.
Police are working on a theory that two men accosted Brandis in his vehicle and after realising what was happening, he pelted his keyless remote car starter out the window causing the vehicle to automatically shut down on the roadway since it was discovered in “D” gear. The men, after beating him in the head, then dragged him towards a nearby canal where they threw him hoping that he would have drowned. They then walked away from the scene. He managed to crawl back into his vehicle where he was discovered without his cellphone and car keys.
Residents in the area recalled seeing two men at the vehicle but they later walked away, leaving the car behind.
According to fellow drivers of the service, Brandis has been working for the Green Ice taxi service for almost a decade and he usually does not work in the nights nor pick up random passengers.
“Whoever he picked up was not assigned by the base, because the base has a record of all pick-ups,” one driver said.
Taxi drivers of the Green Ice base are willing to support the police to apprehend the perpetrators.
According to the injured driver’s wife, Nicola Brandis, she last spoke to her husband at 15:30hrs Tuesday after he left home. She said as the night stepped in, she became worried, since he was supposed to attend a cricket game at the National Stadium and when she called at about 21:30 hrs, she realised his cell phone was turned off.
“This [Wednesday] morning I started making an alarm after I didn’t see him home; his brother started looking around and he received a call stating that he was found in Sophia and badly beaten, a lot of lacerations [cuts] to the head,” she said.
After receiving that dreadful information, Mrs. Brandis said she rushed to hospital in time to see her husband being taken out of the police vehicle. “He was covered in mud all over, his entire face was swollen and he was slipping in and out of consciousness.”
When questioned if her husband was ever a victim of hijacking before, she said not to her knowledge, this was the first occasion.

Police released this image of the cocaine in the frozen fish.
Police released this image of the cocaine in the frozen fish.

Cocaine found in fish cargo; 10 arrested


The police have arrested ten persons in connection with the discovery of six kilograms and forty four grams of cocaine in a cargo shipment of frozen fish at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri.

A police release noted that the shipment consisted of several boxes; the discovery was made at about 02:10 hrs on June 08 by ranks of the Police Narcotics Branch.

According to the release, the bust comes as the Guyana Police Force is intensifying its efforts to clamp down on the scourge of drug trafficking. The cargo was destined to be shipped to the United States of America.

Home > TOP STORY > Young mechanic murdered in bedroom
Dead: Puranand Andrew Baljit
Dead: Puranand Andrew Baljit

Young mechanic murdered in bedroom


THE police are investigating the gruesome murder of 23-year-old mechanic, Puranand Andrew Baljit, who was fatally stabbed several times while in his bedroom at Lot 57 Timehri, East Bank Demerara, on Thursday night.According to reports reaching the Guyana Chronicle, the perpetrator (s) apparently grabbed him by the neck through his bedroom window and stabbed him several times about the body and in the region of the heart.

Detectives examining the track adjacent to the house where they believe the killer[s) escaped

Detectives examining the track adjacent to the house where they believe the killer(s) escaped

His father and stepmother heard loud screams coming from the room but could not gain access since his door was locked. They subsequently managed to get inside and found him in a bloodied state.
He was pronounced dead on arrival at the East Bank Demerara Regional Hospital after being taken there by his stepmother, Simone Baljit. Detectives spent the entire day combing the area and taking statements based on the circumstances under which the body was discovered. They also recovered a 12-inch knife from the scene, believed to be the murder weapon.
Divisional Commander Clifton Hicken said they are working on a lead. Father of the dead man, Harichand Baljit, known as ‘Jackie,’ recalled hearing his son screaming but could not get into the room, since the door was locked.
He then exited the house, climbed through his son’s bedroom window and found him lying in a pool of blood. The young man’s window is not grilled and is located on the northern section of the flat concrete house.
One of the theories by investigators is that the perpetrator(s) grabbed him by the head while he was sitting next to the window and stabbed him several times before escaping on foot.
Residents in the area said they learnt of the stabbing after 22:00hrs and decided to search the area in the hope of finding the attacker. Described as a quiet and isolated individual with few friends, one resident said that Baljit was always easygoing and was always seen on his cellphone texting away.
“Sometimes even if he is on his bicycle, he was on his phone; he also fixes cellphones for people in his quiet time when he is not doing mechanic work,” one resident related.
A visit to the scene revealed that there was a fresh booth print in a mud trail that led to the public road. The police discovered that a concrete block was used for the person to climb on in order to gain full access to Baljit’s window, while there were cellphones and strands of female hair in his room.
Residents believe that the attacker(s) know the young man personally. “He could not fight anyone who grabbed him from the back, he is a little guy and whoever did it take advantage of him.”
One visibly upset resident said, “We have a lot of youths in the area in Soesdyke and Timehri who do not do anything but smoke drugs all day. Police should have locked all of them up until the investigation finish, we need help in these villages to get jobs or put these youth to work somewhere.”
The young mechanic operated from his father’s property, where the murder took place.


Dataram’s ex-wife held in ganja bust


THE Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) on Thursday evening seized 170 pounds of marijuana and arrested four persons including the ex-wife of self-confessed drug-trafficker, Barry Dataram, during a raid at Versailles,West Bank Demerara. The quartet will make their first court appearance on Monday. Head of CANU, James Singh, confirmed to the Guyana Chronicle that the raid was conducted on a house in a gated community at Versailles. He said ranks acted on a tip-off when they conducted the raid. Dataram’s ex-wife, Sheleza had gained notoriety in December 2007 when she and her three-year-old daughter were kidnapped by two Venezuelans, one of whom was later shot dead in a confrontation with the police. The incident had occurred at Ruimzeight Gardens, West Coast Demerara.

Policeman among three in custody

A policeman is under close arrest and is among three persons in custody as investigation continues into the shooting of a New Amsterdam man. The victim was shot in both legs above the thighs by a gang of men who allegedly took him from his home and interrogated him over some missing drugs.

Andrew Adams, 21, a labourer of Penitentiary Walk, New Amsterdam was shot in both legs above the thighs by a gang of men after he was accused of stealing a quantity of drugs from them some time before.
Adams, a labourer, was allegedly collected from his home around 07:00 hrs Tuesday morning and first taken to New Forest, East Canje before being taken to Calabash Creek where he was brutalized by the men and shot before being dumped out of the car.
The matter was reported and the police went in search of the injured man who was located and rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital where he was admitted for surgery before being transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital for further medical intervention.
Investigations are ongoing and the police are looking for the mastermind.

Family of thieves spread misery at Good Hope

– car stolen

Michael Basdeo of Good Hope Village on the East Coast of Demerara got the shock of his life when he got out of bed at 05.00 hrs yesterday and found that his house was emptied of valuables and his car was missing.
Noticing also that his back door was open, Basdeo said that he immediately picked up a cutlass and headed downstairs.
Basdeo showed this publication the gap in a window where the burglars had removed three panes.
Basdeo indicated that he raised an alarm in the street but no one responded to his calls for help. This he intimated was because the “Salt Fish” gang would normally use sleeping gas to put their intended victims out cold.
The gang he said, is a family of thieves, who have been doing these types of burglaries for years. According to him, he noted that the thieves robbed six houses in the same street in one night.
Basdeo continued that he rounded up some friends and searched the village but saw no sign of his car or the thieves. He then made a report at the Vigilance Police Station.
He said that detectives lifted prints from the point of entry and a window pane that was left behind.
He stated that after the detectives left, acting upon a hunch, he went to Annandale, East Coast Demerara, where the gang resides, and enquired from the villagers about their whereabouts.

The wrecked car

The wrecked car

The window through which the thieves gained entry.

The window through which the thieves gained entry.

He eventually found his car abandoned in Market Street, Annandale after it was crashed into about six market stands. When this newspaper visited the man’s home, the car was parked under the house and was severely damaged.
After Basdeo discovered his car, he summoned the police and together they went to the home of the suspected thieves. Upon searching the premises they subsequently discovered several of the stolen articles and more loot from other houses.
Basdeo said that the gang comprised about 10 siblings whose ages range from 18-25 and opined that their mother condones their criminal activities.
The police reportedly arrested the mother of the “Salt Fish” gang but the main perpetrators are still at large.
Basdeo told Kaieteur News that while he was able to recover two laptops, some of the other articles are missing, including his flat screen television.
He vowed to take this matter to the highest level in pursuit of justice and compensation.
“My car is how I am able to provide for my family,” he lamented.
Basdeo is a sales executive employed at Sueria Distributors.

Siblings remanded over cocaine in frozen fish

Following the discovery of over 18 pounds of cocaine in frozen fish at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA), a minibus driver and his younger sister were yesterday, remanded to prison after they denied a drug trafficking charge.

Lazena Imrazie

Lazena Imrazie

Shafur Alli, 27, of Lot 27 La Jalousie, West Coast Demerara and Lazena Imrazie, 22, of Lot 8 Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara are accused of having 9.044 kilograms of cocaine in their possession on June 8, last, for the purpose of trafficking.
According to reports, ranks of the Police Narcotic Branch intercepted and seized the cocaine in a cargo shipment of frozen fish at the airport. Court facts revealed that the defendants declared 33 boxes of fish to be exported. Routine checks were done on the cargo by the ranks and the cocaine was found concealed inside of the seafood.
Alli and his sister are being represented by Attorneys Peter Hugh and Bernard DaSilva.
Both lawyers made applications for their clients to be released on reasonable bail citing that police have no evidence against them.
The Attorneys are claiming that Alli and Imrazie had no knowledge or possession of the prohibited drug. Hugh told the court that Alli rents a fish plant that is operated by a third party and asserted that he plays no part in the processing of the fish.
Hugh pleaded with Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan to consider bail for the duo citing the fact that the police file is still incomplete and that no indications were given to the court as to when the file will be completed.
Hugh said that the female defendant was merely clearing a package on the day in question.

Shafur Alli

Shafur Alli

During his address to the court, DaSilva also pleaded for bail to be granted to Imrazie, because she had not signed any declaration form associated with the alleged narcotic shipment.
However, Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones strongly objected to bail for the two. He pointed out that no special reasons were provided by the defence counsels for bail to be considered by the court. Jones said that Imrazie provided conflicting addresses.
Jones explained that at the time of the woman’s arrest she told police she was residing at the same address as her brother. The Prosecutor stressed that there is a likelihood that she might not return to court for trial if released on bail.
But Attorney DaSilva explained that the housewife would frequently visit her brother’s house but has her matrimonial home located at Goed Fortuin, where she resides with her husband and five-month-old baby.
According to the lawyers, none of the defendants have previous or pending matters before the court.
Prosecutor Jones indicated that investigations are still ongoing in relation this matter.
His bail objections were upheld by the Chief Magistrate who ordered that the defendants be remanded to prison until July 7, when the matter will be called for report and fixtures.


Businessman accused of bribing police to release seized narcotics


– released on $200,000 bail

A businessman was yesterday charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice after he allegedly offered police a bribe to secure the release of narcotics seized.
Tazim Gafoor, of Menzies Street, Windsor Forest, West Coast Demerara is accused of committing the offence on June 8, at Craig, East Bank Demerara.
He pleaded not guilty to the charge and was released on $200,000 bail.
Attorney Glenn Hanoman told the court that his client operates an automotive store at Vreed-en-Hoop, West Bank Demerara. The Attorney petitioned for Gafoor to be admitted to bail citing the fact that he had been kept in custody beyond the 72-hour period.
Hanoman explained that his client was arrested last Wednesday and police insisted on keeping him in custody although he was indicted on a bailable offence.
The lawyer said that he reminded the police of his client’s constitutional rights and signaled his intentions to seek compensation.
However, Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones opposed bail for the defendant citing the gravity of the charge. Jones said that George is still being investigated by police as they believe he is the mastermind behind trafficking in narcotics.
The prosecutor pointed out that the defendant attempted to bribe police on a sting operation.
Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan admitted Gafoor to bail and instructed him not to go within 50 feet of the witnesses until the completion of the matter.
This matter will be called again on July 6.

Victim of the “Salt Fish” gang accuses police of foot-dragging


After members of the “Salt Fish” gang invaded his home on Saturday night, Michael Basdeo is not satisfied with the Guyana Police Force (GPF)’s attempt to bring the gang to justice; he is accusing the police of dragging their feet.

According to recent reports, Basdeo who resides at Good Hope, East Coast Demerara got the shock of his life when he got out of bed sometime around 05.00 hrs on Sunday only to find that his house was emptied of valuables and his car missing.
Basdeo stated that the perpetrators are part of a gang on the East Coast popularly known as the “Salt Fish” Gang. He said that the gang is a family of thieves who have been doing these types of burglaries for years.
According to him, he noted that the thieves robbed six houses in the same street in one night.
Basdeo said that the gang comprises about 10 siblings whose ages range from 18 to 25 and opined that their mother condones their criminal activities.
The police reportedly arrested the mother of the “Salt Fish” gang but the main members are still at large.
Basdeo told Kaieteur News that while he was able to recover two laptops, some of the other articles are missing, including his flat screen television.
He eventually found his car abandoned in Market Street, Annandale, after it was crashed into about six market stands. After Basdeo discovered his car, he summoned the police and together they went to the home of the suspected thieves. Upon searching the premises, they subsequently discovered several of the stolen articles and more loot from other houses.
“It appeared as if they had a hardware store. There were electrical appliances, auto parts. The police only asked if they had receipts for the items and that was it,”
Basdeo said that he was the one who did most of the investigation and is asking that the police do their part in apprehending the rest of the gang.
When contacted yesterday, Commander of the ‘C’ Division, Marlon Chapman, stated that investigations are currently on-going.

Home > TOP STORY > Two tonnes marijuana found in container
This Guyana Chronicle photo shows some of the marijuana found in the container.
This Guyana Chronicle photo shows some of the marijuana found in the container.

Two tonnes marijuana found in container


—-Broker in custody

Authorities have seized a container at the John Fernandes Wharf which contained a large shipment of marijuana on Tuesday afternoon.

The Guyana Chronicle was reliably informed that the drug bust occurred shortly after 13:00hrs on the container which was shipped from the United States; it made one stop in Jamaica before its final destination to Guyana.

This newspaper understands that the container arrived in Guyana on May 16 on a vessel named ‘MV Fouma,’ which contained machinery parts. Sources estimate the marijuana to be some two tonnes. Reports indicate that a Broker is in police custody.

The bust was made by officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) and Port Control Unit.

Home > NEWS > 300 ganja plants destroyed in Mabaruma
The marijuana field which was destroyed by the police
The marijuana field which was destroyed by the police

300 ganja plants destroyed in Mabaruma


ON Sunday June 12, the police conducted a drug eradication operation at Arukamai Backdam, Mabaruma, North West District. There they found a quarter acre field of about 300 marijuana plants ranging in height from 1 foot to six feet under cultivation, along with a camp.

The field and camp were destroyed by fire and no one was arrested.

Meanwhile, at 15:30 hrs on June 12, 2016 acting on information received, ranks attached to the Matthews Ridge Police Station arrested a male in the community, with four hundred and fifty-three (453) grams of cannabis sativa (marijuana).

He is in custody and will appear before the court tomorrow.

Woman busted at Ogle Airport with three kilos of cocaine


CUSTOMS Anti Narcotic Unit (CANU) ranks Wednesday apprehended a female Guyanese outgoing passenger who attempted to smuggle three kilos of cocaine out of the country. The 21-year-old was heading to Barbados from the Ogle Airport, East Coast Demerara, when she was caught with the drugs strapped to her body.
She was taken into custody and is expected to be charged shortly.

Home > NEWS > Bandits beat, rob gas station employees

Bandits beat, rob gas station employees


FIVE unidentified males, one of whom was armed with a handgun, beat and robbed a pump attendant and security guard of cash and other items at the RP Service Station, Triumph Railway Embankment, East Coast Demerara on Thursday.The men robbed were pump attendant Dhareswar Budhai, 59, and security guard Sheik Hassan, 55, the police said in a statement.

The incident reportedly occurred around 23:30 hrs. The robbers reportedly went to the service station in a white motor car and ordered the pump attendant to fill the tank, but during the process, they exited the vehicle and pounced on the men.

The pump attendant and security guard were relieved of a total of $14,200 in cash, two cellular phones and 12 gas cylinders filled with cooking gas.

The victims were also dealt several lashes about their bodies by the bandits and locked inside a washroom at the back of the service station.

No arrests have yet been made.

Juvenile kills man, 50


Teddy De Younge, 50, the labourer who was discovered in an unconscious state by one of his relatives with his face buried in the sand, Sunday night at CAPOEY Mission, died Thursday night at the Suddie Public Hospital.

Teddy DeYounge

Teddy DeYounge

He had sustained severe head injuries at the hands of his cousin, a 17-year-old.
The dead man’s cousin has since been sent to the Sophia Juvenile Center on Thursday by Magistrate Sunil Scarce. He was ordered to return to court on June 28.
The teenager was charged with a lesser offence. A possible murder charge is now hanging over his head. He was described as a very troubled and violent teenager by residents of his community.
“Teddy” never regained consciousness after he was struck to his head by the juvenile.
De Younge’s sister said that her brother and his cousin never had any misunderstanding before the altercation on Sunday night.
The DeYounge family also of Capoey, said that Teddy was heading up a hill to his home. Another group of persons headed down the said hill discovered DeYounge lying face down in an unconscious state, and was later transferred to the Suddie Public Hospital where he eventually died.
DeYounge is a father of nine. News of his death has come as a shock to his family. He was described as a willing and loving father and brother.
Meanwhile, a post mortem examination has to be done on the body, before a possible murder charge is instituted against the teenager.

Looks like the people in PNC strong hold continue to deal in drugs.

Police destroy marijuana farm in Rockstone, 2 in custody

Ranks of the Guyana Police Force (GPF) on Thursday conducted a drug eradication operation at Rockstoneweed Backlands, Upper Demerara River, during which a cannabis farm was destroyed.

According to reports, the ranks, acting on information received, went to the area where they found half an acre of land, with approximately 1000 marijuana plants, three nurseries and in excess of 50 kilograms of dried cannabis.

The nurseries, along with the dried cannabis and the plants, which ranged between one foot and six feet in height, were all destroyed by fire.

The ranks have so far arrested two males who are in custody assisting with the investigation.

Only Monday last, ranks in the North West District (NWD) conducted a similar drug eradication exercise at Arukamai Backdam, Mabaruma, Region One (Barima-Waini) and unearthed a quarter-acre field with about 300 marijuana plants, ranging in height from one foot to six feet, along with a camp.

The field and camp were destroyed by fire. No one has been arrested.

Home > TOP STORY > Sophia man stabs brother to death
Orin Jules being taken away by police [Ivan Bentham photo)
Orin Jules being taken away by police (Ivan Bentham photo)

Sophia man stabs brother to death


-threatened to kill family prior to confrontation

A SOPHIA, Greater Georgetown man yesterday went on an angry rampage, stabbing his brother to death.

Dexter Jules

Dexter Jules

Dexter Jules, 23, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital after he was reportedly stabbed three times around the region of his heart.
The Guyana Chronicle understands that Jules, who operated a shop when he was not mining in the interior, was conducting his day-to-day duties in his Sophia shop when his brother, Orin Jules, attempted to take something without asking.
“Orin de want something from de shop, but when Dexter stop he from coming in, he pull out a knife and stab him three times to his heart,” a relative of Jules said.
Further, persons indicated that the perpetrator attempted to run away after committing the act, but was caught and beaten by neighbours, who later turned him over to the police.

Police arrive at the scene

Police arrive at the scene

Relatives told this publication that prior to this incident, the perpetrator had threatened to kill his family on many occasions and was even dubbed a “miscreant.” These sentiments were shared because of the fact that several reports had already been allegedly filed against him in the past by neighbours and even family members,with whom he was involved in altercations.
His most recent threat to kill his family was allegedly made last week, after he was involved in a discussion about the fact that he was unemployed.
The disgruntled relatives and neighbours described Orin as ungrateful for his actions, because his now dead brother took care of him by providing him with a roof to live under and all the other essentials.
Dexter leaves to mourn his six other siblings, wife and two children.
Orin Jules is expected to be charged with murder this week.

Home > TOP STORY > Corentyne family attacked, robbed by masked bandits
The Ally family house
The Ally family house

Corentyne family attacked, robbed by masked bandits


THREE masked men, armed with guns, attacked and robbed Wassim Ally and his family at their Hogstye Village, Central Corentyne home on Saturday at about 04:00hrs.Having gained entry to the home after Ally, a Sales Representative at Sukhram’s Gas Station, had opened a back door to go to his back verandah as he was preparing to fast for the day, two of the three bandits invaded the home and demanded cash and jewellery from Ally and his family.

The bandits ransacked the house in their bid to find cash, and carted off more than $500,000 in local and foreign currencies, besides taking a quantity of jewellery. As the men continued to demand cash from the family, one of them gun-butted Ally in his head.

Ally’s wife, Namima Ally, said she was in the bedroom when two of the men barged in and shouted at her to hand over the money. During the ordeal, one of the men held on to her throat and threatened to kill her if she did not comply with their request.

“I started to scream and he choked me; he told me to be quiet and to give them the money. I quickly gave it to them, but they still ask for more, and I gave them all our jewellery”.

She said that while this was happening, another bandit kept guard downstairs.

The traumatized woman said the bandits then went over to her son’s room, kicked down the door and brought him outside into the hallway, where they demanded that he show them where the rest of the money was.

She noted that after the family had nothing more to offer, the men quickly made their escape.

The family related that the police were summoned, and arrived sometime later.
No one has as yet been arrested, but police in ‘B’ Division are continuing their investigations.

Home > TOP STORY > Teen shot in head during robbery
The Mechanic shop where the robbery occurred
The Mechanic shop where the robbery occurred

Teen shot in head during robbery


FIFTEEN-YEAR-OLD Jamal Lewis was on Sunday afternoon shot in the head in the Georgetown street in which he grew up when two bandits in a white Toyota Runx vehicle descended on a mechanic shop at Lots 1 and 2 Wren Avenue, South Ruimveldt, Georgetown with intention to commit armed robbery.According to one eyewitness, the white car had circled the mechanic shop multiple times before the two men exited the vehicle and rushed into the business.

They then ordered everyone to lie on the ground, and meticulously searched everybody for valuables. They succeeded in garnering some cellular phones and a small amount of cash.

Unaware that a robbery was in progress, the teen, a mechanic trainee and student of a North Ruimveldt school, rode his bicycle into the business place and was ordered to lie on the floor by one of the robbers.

He hesitated to comply with the instructions barked at him, and was shot by one of the bandits.

After the shooting, the bandits fled the scene, but the incident was caught on the shop’s surveillance camera.

The teen was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital by a Green Ice Taxi driver, and was admitted. Police are investigating the incident.

Bandits rob woman, 69, threaten to set her alight


A 69-year-old pensioner of Angoy’s Avenue, Berbice, was terrorized and robbed by armed bandits who threatened to set her alight in the wee hours of Sunday morning.
Veronica Ballac recalling her half hour ordeal to this publication stated that around 3:00 am, she heard strange noises coming from the kitchen. She said that upon checking, she saw a man crawling into her home.
“When me see de fuss one crawl in, I start holler ‘thief thief’ and all of them run in so I start beg and seh me nah gone scream”.
The woman further stated that the men proceeded to bound her hands and feet and demand cash and gold jewelry.
“Them keep asking ‘way de gold and money deh’ and I telling them seh I don’t have none and because I seh that, one of them had a cutlass and he start lashing me all over with it. Then them start search up the whole house and every time them nah find something they firing lash”.
She mentioned that she had only $20,000 in her possession which she handed over to the bandits. She further added that after finishing their search, the men threatened to set her alight.
“When dem done, de one who had the gun seh ‘we gone throw gasoline on you and light you on fire’ and me start beg and seh no no please don’t hurt me and then them run out and go away”.

The victim's house

The victim’s house

Veronica Ballac stressed that the neighbors contacted the police who arrived about 3 hours later. The distraught pensioner who resides alone stressed that she is now scared for her safety and urged police to conduct a proper investigation.
According to a police source, no arrests have been made up to press time.
The attack was a grim reminder of last January’s murder of 49-year-old Anita Baichan, who was bound by bandits who then set her Plantation Hope, West Coast Berbice home alight with her still inside.
Police investigations led to charges being laid against three young men, aged between 18 and 24.

Spate of heinous murders raises calls for death penalty return


A young man is recorded on CCTV camera calmly beating an old woman to death in her home.
Another woman is bound with duct-tape and burned to death in her residence, and intruders hack a business couple to death a few villages away.
A thief slaughters a mother and two young sons in her bedroom.
The skeletal remains a woman are unearthed from behind a fence in a Campbellville backyard.
A retired professor is bound, beaten, robbed and strangled in his study.
A band of pirates tosses three fishermen overboard after allegedly strapping them to an anchor.
Within the past few months, it’s been one heinous murder after the next, with many of the perpetrators seemingly going to extremes to inflict torture on their victims, even when the victims presented no threat.
Such was the case on August 1, 2015, when the battered body of 74-year-old Danrasie Ganesh,  also known ‘Carmen’, was found in her Montrose, East Coast Demerara home.
Security cameras at the premises later showed a young man repeatedly striking the defenceless Ganesh and calmly walking around her flat.

Battered to death: Danrasie Ganesh,

Battered to death: Danrasie Ganesh,

Butchered: Arthur Rajkumar, 81

Butchered: Arthur Rajkumar, 81

Anita Baichan, 49, bound and burnt to death

Anita Baichan, 49, bound and burnt to death

Some three weeks later, police arrested and charged 27-year-old Colin Alleyne, of Timehri, East Bank Demerara, with Mrs. Ganesh’s murder.
That murder was hardly forgotten when, on Monday January 4, 2016, a gang invaded the Plantation Hope, West Coast Berbice home of 49-year-old Anita Baichan.
Binding Mrs. Baichan and her 28-year-old son, Moshim Khan, with duct tape, the intruders then set the property alight.
About a week later, grocery store owners Arthur Rajkumar, 81, and his reputed wife, Dianne Chamanlall, were robbed, beaten and chopped to death in their Bush Lot Village, West Coast Berbice home.
Police investigations led to charges being laid against three young men, aged between 18 and 24, in connection with both cases.
Rooplall Abrahim, 24, and 18-year-old Gocoul Madanpaul, were charged with Baichan’s murder.
Madanpaul was also charged with Nazamadeen Raffick, who is also 18, for the murders of Arthur Rajkumar, 81, and his reputed wife, Dianne Chamanlall.

Burnt to death in home: Mohamed Munir, 75, and his wife Bibi Jamila Munir, 69

Burnt to death in home: Mohamed Munir, 75, and his wife Bibi Jamila Munir, 69


Murdered and buried: British citizen, Dominic Bernard, 18

Murdered and buried: British citizen, Dominic Bernard, 18

In late September, 2012, the mutilated bodies of popular bar owner Jennifer Persaud, her six-year-old-old son, Afridi, and 15-month-old Jadon, were found in their Anna Catherina, West Coast Demerara home.
Some four years would pass before police would announce that they had solved the case. Last April, police charged 31-year-old Abishai Caesar was yesterday charged with the murders of Jennifer Persaud and her sons.
And on the night of April 19, Mohamed Munir, 75, and his wife, Bibi Jamila Munir, 69, were burned alive in their heavily-grilled two-storey home at Good Hope, West Bank Demerara.
Police believe that bandits set the property alight after the victims raised an alarm.
Neighbours had recalled hearing the couple screaming that intruders were in the house and some even recalled seeing at least two individuals on the couple’s verandah. Police are still to track down their killers.

Murdered and buried in backyard: Babita sarjou

Murdered and buried in backyard: Babita sarjou

Beaten to death: Pairadeau Mars, 76

Beaten to death: Pairadeau Mars, 76

The year actually began with the unearthing of a gruesome killing that had happened late in the previous year.
On October 14, 2015, Dominic Bernard, an 18-year-old British national, came to Guyana…and promptly vanished.
On January 8, 2016, Bernard’s decomposed body was found in a shallow grave at Nurney, Corentyne Berbice.
A post mortem showed that he had been clubbed at the back of the head until his skull fractured.
The victim’s 23-year-old god-brother, Aaron Hing, and  24-year-old Staymon George called Sherwin, both of Kildonan Village, Corentyne, Berbice, have been charged with Bernard’s murder.
And it was last May that a heinous murder came to light and a cold case was solved.
That happened when police dug up a woman’s  skeletal remains from behind a backyard fence in Seaforth Street, Campbellville.
The remains are believed to belong to Babita Sarjou, who vanished without trace on November 4, 2010.
The remains were found at the back of the house in which Sarjou’s estranged husband, Shardanand Naraine, called “Anand”, resided.
Narine, and Darryl Ponton, called “Yankee”, were subsequently charged with murder.
On May 12, 75-year-old Pairadeau Mars, a retired professor and remigrant from the US, was found bound, gagged and beaten to death in the study room of his Lot 395 Bissessar Street, Prashad Nagar home.
The following day, police arrested five teens in connection with Professor Mars’ murder. Among them were two girls, aged 15 and 17, and three young men, who have since been charged with murder.

In PPP time this would have been called extra judicial shooting and Ramjattan would have made a fortune defending the criminal.

Robbery suspect with toy gun shot


A man who police said was wanted for several offences was shot in the thigh during a confrontation with lawmen at Scotsburg, Corentyne, Berbice.
Police identified the suspect as Kevin Padmore, 22,  called “Bully”, of Scotsburg , Corentyne.
Kaieteur News understands that he was wanted for armed robbery and other serious offences.
Police in a release stated that about 10:20hrs, ranks at Springlands Police Station received information via telephone that a person who was wanted for questioning in relation to several offences, was in a house at Scottsburg.
A party of policemen searched the house but found no one. However, while searching through the high bushes in the surrounding area, a constable who was armed with a shotgun, came in contact with the suspect.
Police said that the fugitive was shot in the right thigh “during the process of arrest.”
The suspect, on whose person, a toy gun was found, was rushed to the Skeldon Hospital and was later transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital and admitted, under police guard.
His condition is regarded as stable.

Toddler allegedly raped –mother, male friend questioned


A THREE-YEAR-OLD girl of Springlands, Corriverton, Region Six is currently hospitalised at a medical institution in Berbice after allegedly being sexually assaulted.The toddler was taken to the Springlands Police Station after her mother noticed she was bleeding profusely from her vagina. The mother was advised to go to the hospital, where a medical examination verified that the child had been raped. A source close to the investigations has said that the child is currently in a stable condition in hospital.

The incident reportedly occurred at the home where the child lives, at about 10:30 hrs on June 19, when the child’s mother and her two sons, aged 8 and 14, along with a male friend of the mother’s, were at home. The sons were also held for questioning by law enforcement officials. The father of the children, a fisherman, was at sea when the incident occurred.

Police have arrested the male friend of the child’s mother, who was seen at the home earlier in the day. The mother was also held for questioning, and remains in custody.

‘B’ Division Commander Ian Amsterdam, confirming the arrest, has stressed that the investigation is “active”.

Home > TOP STORY > Wife admits trafficking ‘coke’, husband denies involvement
The Forde’s being escorted by a female CANU officer into court.
The Forde’s being escorted by a female CANU officer into court.

Wife admits trafficking ‘coke’, husband denies involvement


A 21-year-old mother of two who was recently caught with more than seven pounds of cocaine strapped to her body yesterday pleaded guilty to trafficking before Sparendaam Magistrate Zameena Ali-Seapaul.Angelica Forde confessed to trafficking 3.040 kilograms of cocaine on June 15 at the Eugene F. Correia (formerly Ogle) International Airport.

James Forde

James Forde

The housewife told the court, “It’s my stuff; my husband and children were not involved.”

Her husband, James, however, was charged with inciting her to traffic the substance between June 1 and 15 at their home at Lot 100 B Mora Street, Vryheid’s Lust, East Coast Demerara. It’s a charge that the 23-year-old taxi driver has denied.

The couple was represented by Attorney-at-law Mark Conway, who begged the magistrate to impose a light sentence on the mother, since she admitted to the crime and did not waste the court’s time.

Mrs. Forde has to return to court on June 21 for sentencing, while her husband was remanded to prison until July 25.

Customs Anti-Narcotics Unit (CANU) Prosecutor Konyo Sandiford-Thompson contended that the woman showed no remorse, as she attempted to traffic the drug while travelling with her two kids.

Angelica Forde

Angelica Forde

The prosecutor gave as the reason for opposing bail for the husband his being charged as a principal offender after allegedly soliciting his wife to traffic the cocaine.

According to Sandiford-Thompson, on June 15, at the Eugene F. Correia International Airport, Angelica Forde and her two children were on a flight to the US via Barbados when CANU officers stationed there noticed that her clothing was fitted in an unusual manner and became suspicious. Sandiford-Thompson said a female rank took the woman into a room, conducted a body search, and found the cocaine strapped to her body in packets hidden underneath her clothing.

Armed bandits rampage New Amsterdam homes


A three-man armed gang wreaked havoc in New Amsterdam early Sunday morning leaving the occupants of three homes traumatized.

At least two suspects have been detained by police officials and are assisting with investigations.

Bandits attempted to enter her home.

Bandits attempted to enter her home.

The first incident occurred around 3:45 hrs. Three men, all masked and armed, attempted to break into the home of 67-year-old Ingrid Sookhan at Lot 31 Budhan’s Scheme.
Recalling the events, the woman said she awoke early and sent her nephew to purchase some eggs at the nearby shop. She added that she gave him the keys to unlock the gate.
“I give him de keys to open de gate and he come back and seh ‘Granny de gate open,’ so I seh how da could be cause I does lock it every night.”
She then stated that she came outside and discovered her front gate open and her gate lock was tampered with. “When I come out me gate open and da latch on the gate ben up ben up”.
Ingrid added that it was not the first time the incident occurred. She said that on Friday last, she was up late waiting on her nephew to return home when she heard a strange noise outside.
“I hear like a bucket kick but me ain’t pay no mind to it. Then next I hear somebody turning de door handle so I think was me nephew suh I decide fah call he name and when I call, them run and jump over the fence.”
Another home was also broken into a few doors away. The occupants were not at home at the time of the incident and nothing was recorded stolen.
Moments later, another family who lived a short distance away suffered at the hands of the bandits. Around 4:30 hours Lot 39 Budhan’s Scheme, Teacher, Oliver Ross, his eight-month pregnant wife and eight-year-old daughter were at home when the bandits struck.
Ross speaking to this publication stated that he was awakened by strange noises.

The home of Oliver Ross that was robbed.

The home of Oliver Ross that was robbed.

“When I wake up, they already were inside the house. There were three of them; two with guns and one of them with a cutlass. Just one had on mask.”
Mr. Ross further disclosed that the men then demanded cash and jewelry. “They put the guns to we head and seh ‘bring all de money and de gold’. And I tell dem seh we is middle class people striving like everybody else, suh he tell me seh if I ain’t bring it, he gone rape me wife.”
The man further stated that the bandits then dragged his wife by her hair in an attempt to subdue her. “He dragged she by she hair and when I get up and pull she away, one of them fire a shot and I realize that they mean business. They spend like about five minutes searching and ransacking the place then they left.”
Ross stated that upon escaping he tried to take his car but was unsuccessful. He stressed that unavailability of proper roads in the area contributed to the bandits escape.
“We called the police but at the back here don’t have a proper road, they had to stop out where the road end and walk the rest, giving the guys enough time to get away.
Government needs to provide road and light for us here because people’s lives are in danger. These criminals don’t care about nobody life now”.
According to Commander of ‘B’ Division, Assistant Commissioner, Ian Amsterdam, disclosed that the bandits carted off $78,000 and a number of household items.
The Commander disclosed that over the past week, they recorded four robberies in which a firearm was used and seven break and enter cases.

E’bo man arrested for incest


A Charity, Essequibo Coast man was arrested by police attached to the Charity outpost recently after his teenage stepdaughter indicated at a forum, that she was a victim of sexual molestation by her stepfather.

The man was hauled in for questioning and was released after he was placed on station bail.
According to reports, the teenager was attending a meeting at the Charity secondary school where she is a student, and while been exposed to discussions related to children who are being sexually molested, the child apparently indicated by raising her hand.
A teacher of the Charity secondary school then took the child to her office and similarly listened to her complaint and then informed the child’s mother before lodging a formal complaint with the police at Charity. The man was then arrested and later placed on station bail.
It is however still unclear whether the police are seeking advice from the Director of Public Prosecution of whether the child’s mother has taken the route to make up the matter.

Home > NEWS > Linden teenager shot during argument over brush cutter

Linden teenager shot during argument over brush cutter



Police in ‘A’ Division are investigating the shooting of 18 – year – old Kevin Batson, who was wounded in his right side chest following an argument with another man.

According to a police report, at about 20:00 hrs on Monday at Kuru Kururu Squatting Area, Linden Highway, Batson was involved in an argument over a brush cutter and spray can with 25 – year – old Andrew Fields called “two feet” of Kuru Kururu Squatting Area and another suspect.

It is alleged that Fields pulled out a firearm and shot Batson to his right side chest and both suspects made good their escape. Batson was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was admitted. Investigations are ongoing.

Burglars ransack Bath Settlement homes

Burglars on Tuesday ransacked two homes located at Bath Settlement, West Berbice leaving the families traumatized. Both owners were not at home at the time of the incident.

The ransacked home of teacher, Melissa Hamilton.

The ransacked home of teacher, Melissa Hamilton.

The bandits first targeted the home of 66-year-old Amaran Sukhi of Lot 1340 Block ‘D’ Bath Settlement. The woman relayed to this publication that she left her home at 6:00 am on Tuesday and returned home at 2:00 pm and discovered that her gate was damaged.
“Me come in and see meh gate bruck. Suh me go upstairs and meh see me door open and all ova tumble up. Every single room dem search up”. Ms. Sukhi stated that she had nothing of value in her home so the bandits searched and left.
Mrs. Suhki’s immediate neighbours also suffered at the hands of the thieves. This time, it was the home of teacher, Melissa Hamilton, who was at work when the bandits struck.
According to her mother, Dolly Fausett, she recieved a call from her daughter who stated that she came home around 21:00 hrs and discovered her entire house ransacked. “When she call me, I called the police and when they come, they say that the back door was broken. Like they come from the back door”.
Fausett said that the only thing missing from the home was a laptop computer valued $90,000 and a tablet valued $20,000. She also praised the officers at the Fort Wellington Police Station who arrived in a prompt manner.
According to information received from neighbours, they saw no suspicious activity in the area.
This has been the fifth recorded break-in in Berbice for the past week. According to police sources, for the year thus far they have recorded over 13 break and enter cases.
No arrests have been made. Investigations are ongoing.

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