Countries With The Most People Living In Slavery

The Countries With The Most People Living In Slavery

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Modern slavery is a brutal reality around the world. The 2016 Global Slavery Index published by the Walk Free Foundation estimates that 45.8 million people are in some form of slavery in 167 countries. 58 percent of people in slavery are living in just five countries: India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Uzbekistan. The report estimates that North Korea has the world’s highest prevalence of slavery at 4.4 percent of its population, followed by Uzbekistan (4.0 percent) and Cambodia (1.6 percent).

Slavery is most prevalent in countries producing consumer goods through low-cost labour. When it comes to the sheer number of people living in slavery, no country comes close to matching India. There are an estimated 18.4 million slaves in India, compared to 3.4 million in China and 2.1 million in Pakistan. Politically stable countries with high levels of economic wealth have few people living in slavery with low rates recorded in Canada, Germany, Singapore and the United States.

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Prashad posted:

This is disappointing to see most of South Asia including. The koolie crab dog fight up is alive and well. Koolie hate of his or her fellow koolie Is resulting in the enslavement of their own people.

Thanks to our fore parents fuh cut tracks.

Prashad posted:

Our next step should be to get our own sovereign independent country. Because we East Indian people of Guyana are a nation.

Prashad, Dont let the Carbijs of the world make you go crazy.  We have survived extremely Racism, bigotry, biases from the PNC for 50 years and became stronger because of our resilient ways.  WE were born there and NO ONE can take that away from us.  MOST Guyanese believe and strongly support a united Guyana.  The Caribjs of the World(a very small minority) would like to scare us, intimidate us, at least try to do so. They have failed and will FOREVER fail.

Prashad posted:

Our next step should be to get our own sovereign independent country. Because we East Indian people of Guyana are a nation.

There is already a nation for you. INDIA.

The silly racist that you are (with your multi racial family also hypocritical), you don't even define how this nation is going to work.

1.What will be its boundaries?

2.  Who will be allowed to live there?

3.What criteria will you use to define #2.

4.  What do you do with non Indians, or those Indians who do not wish to live in your Indo purist world, yet live in this.


I suggest that you research what happened to India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, when they decided to set up "homelands".   The violence which occurred makes 1964 look like  a happy celebration.

Prashad posted:

We are not just survivors,like Bob Marley it is time for a new approach. How do you know for sure that the Pharaoh Granjer is not similar to Caribbeanj in thinking.

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So what exactly is racist about me?  Do I ask for an African homeland, so that Africans will be rid of Indians?  NO!

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