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Don't forget, this weekend. Would like to see Mayweather take it but my bet would go to Pacquiao.(like how I play both sides, hehe)

I do not follow boxing as in the past so I'm a bit rusty in the stats and how these guys have been fighting.

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Maybe next fight could be Mayweather and Bheri Best?

Let me say this right off the bat - I do not like Mayweather; never did.


Having said that he's favored to win because as great as Pacquiao washe hasn't been his usual stellar self in his recent bouts. But boxing being boxing, and styles make fights, I cannot rule him out.


Mayweather is a technician. His game is not to get hit and counter. He counters from his opponent's weakest punching.


Pacquiao leads, not counter-punches. He hits from all angles, impossible ones too - reminds me of Cesear Chavez in his prime and Hagler. They will get a little hit but Mayweather is not a knockout puncher.


My heart says Pacquiao but my head says Mayweather. I will root for Pacquiao to win a close one by decision. I just don't think he can get enough leather on Mayweather to hurt him, but Mayweather will be busy fending off his attacks and the vaunted counterpunching will be few and far between.

Mayweather won a boxing match that was as compelling as watching paint dry. I don'rt think Pacquiao did enough to win, but Mayweather won because of his ability to frustrate his opponents. Pacquiao needed to win the last 2 rounds big or simply win the last 4 rounds, but Mayweather was slippery.


It was as boring a fight as you can get from 2 world-class athletes with tactical minds. In the beginning I thought Mayweather was breathing through his mouth and that conditioning would be important. He was frustrated that his counters were not working. Then came the middle rounds and Pacquiao looked disinterested or tired. In the championship third of the fight Ii thought Pacquiao would turn it on after getting a second wind, but Mayweather did what he does best - run. Run to another victory.


I wouldn't pay 2 cents to see another Mayweather fight. His like Pete Whittaker and Roy Jones - fight not to get hit.

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