Benjamin forced to renovate Sports Store and Gym due to faulty construction

Benjamin forced to renovate Sports Store and Gym due to faulty construction

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After expending millions to construct and establish a sports store and International Fitness Gym, former national cycling champion Wilbert Benjamin was forced to dig deeper into his resources to fork out millions more to do major renovation and remodeling works on the building. This was simply due to faulty works done by the previous contractor.

According to Benjamin the two stories building especially the upper flat was built with a lot of faults that caused the building to shake.  He said that he first established a cycling store and then expanded it into a sports store. He subsequently decided to add an upper flat to house a fitness gym.
Following the construction and launching the gym, it was soon realized that the building was not properly constructed. The upper floor which housed the gym was shaking and vibrating a lot whenever persons use it.  Benjamin was forced to take the decision to close the gym which had over 400 members enrolled.
It was soon decided to close the entire building and redo the floor, which had to be torn down. The materials used were inferior and too small.
Benjamin stated that at the same time, he decided to lengthen the building by 30 feet and do some remodeling. The, 100ft x30ft, two story edifice is now equipped with shower and change area in addition to toilets for both male and females and an office. The work cost him even more than he spent before.
In addition to the fitness gym and sports store there is a car wash in place.
The multimillion dollars edifice is situated at Lot 220 Courtland Village Corentyne Berbice along the Corentyne highway.  The gym and car wash was open last year, while the Benjamin Cycle and then Sports Store were opened a few years ago.
The fitness gym is well equipped with all the modern training equipment including exercise bikes, tread mills, weighting lifting machines, electrical step up machines, dumbbells, barbells and cardio machines among other equipment.
The gym is open daily from 09:00 hrs to 21:00 hrs and trainers are in place. Among the 400 odd attendees were weight and power lifters, body builders, members of sports teams and those interested in just keeping fit.
The gym is now reopened and an official launching will be held soon.  Regular members are given a free gym jersey, towel, gym gloves, yoga mat and step counter. Everyone is welcome to join. The car wash provides the best and cheapest prices and certain concessions.
Benjamin, a native of Berbice, started his riding career as a school boy back in the 80’s as a member of the FACC; though living overseas he is still a member of the club.

He still rides in his adopted home land of Canada and on the North America circuit and would still compete whenever he is home in Guyana.
He is now a successful businessman and sponsors several events which are organised by the FACC and are open to cyclists throughout the country.
He also assists his club and members with a number of items including cycles, tires, tubes, speed ammeter, helmet and clothing among other apparel.
Benjamin represented Guyana at both the junior and senior levels. He was also a former school and junior champion who won the nat

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