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My name is Melissa Nalini Marie Bahadur. I was born on March 21st 1978 in Georgetown, Guyana of course.

My mother's family moved to Ontario Canada around 1980-81. I was raised in Hamilton Ontario with my father's parents. Any stories, memories or information would be greatly appreciated as I have no connection (death, relocation) to much of my family or past.

My grandparents were:

David Augustus Bahadur, DOB August 15th 1920. DOD August 22nd 1991

Rupwantee Ramnarine, DOB December 27th 1922. DOD June 11th 2009

My grandfather was from New Amsterdam and he had a few siblings, one I believe was named Jacob. I met him briefly in NY when I was much younger. I know he grew up poor and worked many jobs including travelling sales man, bus driver and eventually running a bakery with my grandmother and making candy as well.

My grandmother's father was a Pandit and helped to support the spread of the religious branch Arya Sumaj (sp?) He also owned a rice plantation and she was one of 12 children including my uncle Lal Ramnarine, a Dr of Math who lived in the Bronyx, Laki Ramnarine (deceased 1974/6) and a sister affectionately referred to as Bani.

My father is:

Rodwin Vishnu Bahadur, DOB May 26th 1958

His siblings are (oldest to youngest) Grace Boodhoo, Richard Tula, Gloria Mallay, Kenneth Bahadur & Corinne Diane Bahadur (nee: Lye)

My mother is:

Peggy Austin

Thanks for your time and this site. It's nice to remember where I came from. And the accent is like having my grandma here! 😊




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Hi and thanks very much for the replies. 

Please feel free to share this thread with Cher. 

Churchill sounds like a nickname my grandma used to mention when she would tell one of her many, many Guyanese stories. I laugh because most of them were about people s a grudge with or gossip 😄

I don't recall Singh ever being associated with my grandpa's Bahadur but maybe? 

I was at a job fair fair once and an older gentleman with a turban very excitedly turned to me saying "your last name is my FIRST name!" 

He was super excited. I thought it was cool. The name means 'Brave' I believe. And if it doesn't, it should 😃

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