Any Fausto Papetti fans out here

One of the great things my mother taught me from a very young age was to appreciate great music.

I remember during the day when I am alone at home (while she is at work) and I got tired of reading the books or listening to the radio, I will spin many of her albums. 

Gradually I was drawn to enjoying them and encouraged my mother to keep up her collection. She had a guy at Alfonso record store that will call her and tell her when they get new shipments.

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Oh yeahhh..that's nice music. I have some albums I believe is his also with topless ladies on the cover. Right now most are packed away but I should try to find them and see if it is Bro Fausto. One of the titles would be Trumpet A GoGo.

I just added five cassettes to my collection in the car. Also rêcently played a Smurfs tape which I got whem my son was around 5..he's now 39 and I will give it to him for his young 'un. For a tape mine are still in good condition. Just returned from a 4hr drive listening to tapes during the trip.

Yep, it holds six in the dash of the old benz..its a '98. This car has all the modern tech..the ignition key is not a regular key but a fob. These guys were ahead in their technology but somehow kept with the tape deck.

My Chevy has a cd player.

Cher Bear posted:

Best hold on to the Chevy because my CRV doesn't come with a blasted CD player. Now I have tons of CD and no where to put it rass Sttuppsss Am I the only one that still likes her CDs?

My wife was a Sony exec so we have literally about a thousand. Her dad was also a collecter, mainly jazz so there is also about 5 boxes there packed up of the old man's stuff. These do not have much value...about a dollar a piece. What has values are almost all old LPs. Some rare ones can be thousands of dollars but most are from 25 to a few hundred. All 76s are vintage and the old blues or jazz ones can buy you a house easily if you lay your hands on them. I have a collection of a few dozen in our house in Guyana but I found them to have been carelessly stored and were wet at one time. I have moved them to better storage and hope to restore them to see what I have. Don't throw them out.

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