OK Guys!


* Be honest! Some of you get lazy after you land a chick or get married.


* Anyway, The fact that you have clicked on this thread means you are curious about "Habits that exude success."


* I am sure many of you have many of these habits.


* But some of you may need a refresher.


* OK! So below I will list 7 habits I read in this magazine(not sure which Month it was):





That Bill ( 0f 2009) sought to provide for certain facilities and services to the Leader of the Opposition at the expense of the State.


These services include: rent free, furnished office accommodation, medical attention including reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by the Opposition Leader and dependent members of his family, full-time security service at his official place of residence, services of a research and clerical assistants, a secretary, a chauffeur, a personal security officer, a gardener and two domestic servants and vacation allowance as is applicable to a Minister.