APNU to hold protests over local govt polls


September 18, 2014, By Stabroek editor, Source – Stabroek News


In an address to the nation today, Opposition Leader David Granger said that APNU will embark on a campaign of protests over the failure of the government to hold local government elections.


Granger had issued a September 15 ultimatum to President Donald Ramotar to name a date for the polls failing which he said APNU would embark on a campaign to mobilize local and international support in defence of democracy.


Granger’s address follows:


Address to the Nation by Brigadier David Granger, Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, on the conduct of local government elections in Guyana, on 18th September 2014.


Fellow Guyanese,


The Guyanese people face a grave threat to their constitutional liberties and privileges. The time has come for all good people to demand their ‘inalienable’ right to elect the persons they want to represent them in their towns, villages and neighbourhoods.


President Donald Ramotar and the People’s Progressive Party Civic – PPPC – administration have tried every device to derail the legislative process and to delay local government elections. This includes denying assent to two local government bills that were duly passed by the National Assembly and declining to issue the ‘Commencement Order’ to operationalize a third.


The President and his Party have no interest in conducting local government elections. They have no intention of complying with the mandate of the National Assembly. They have no inclination to deepen local democracy. They have no incentive to heed local and international opinion. They have no intention to respect the spirit and letter of our supreme law – the Constitution of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana.


President Donald Ramotar does not have the prerogative to deny our entire people their right to elect their own local and municipal leaders, their right to local democracy and their right even to know when those elections will be held. The President has an obligation, not an option, to comply with the Constitution and to conform to the laws of the country.


The President needs to understand that local government elections, like general and regional elections, are a constitutional necessity. He cannot postpone them indefinitely at his pleasure. Elections are not a favour or gift that the President bestows whenever he chooses to do so.


The President, by deliberately delaying the holding of local government elections, violates the Constitution. The Constitution of the Co-operative Republic of Guyana states: “Local government is a vital aspect of democracy…” This makes it obligatory for the President to provide for the conduct of the prescribed periodic elections.


The President has refused to assent to the Local Government (Amendment) Bill. He did assent to the Local Government Commission Bill but his appointed Minister of Local Government has not issued the ‘Commencement Order’ to operationalise the Commission. Both bills were passed by the National Assembly on 7th August, 2013 thereby paving the way for elections to be held. The President, also, has not assented to the Local Authorities (Elections) (Amendment) Bill which mandated that elections be held by 1st August 2014.


The President is presiding over an arrogant administration. It has systematically underfunded local democratic organs. It has undermined democratically-elected local councils. It has inhibited their development and impeded the provision of services to residents. It has rendered the sixty-five neighbourhood democratic councils and six town councils ineffectual.


The President’s attitude to local government has resulted in a near-total collapse in local governance. This is evident countrywide where our towns, neighbourhoods and villages suffer from unmanageable mountains of solid waste; unsanitary markets; unsightly surroundings and unlit and unsafe streets and alleyways.


We the people must now take any and all lawful actions to defend our local democracy, to uphold the constitution and to secure our civil rights. We must combine the efforts, energies and enterprise of the entire nation in our campaign to restore local democracy to Guyana.


The President must be reminded that, six months ago on 6th March 2014, several foreign missions and local non-governmental organisations issued a joint statement expressing their collective hope that local government elections would be held by 1st August 2014. That statement was signed by the British High Commission; High Commission of Canada; Embassy of the United States of America; Berbice Chamber of Commerce; Consultative Association of Guyanese Industry; Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Guyana Association of Women Lawyers; Guyana Bar Association; Guyana Manufacturing and Service Association; Guyana Trades Union Congress; Justice Institute; Private Sector Commission and Transparency Institute Guyana Inc.


We the people must work together through renewed municipal and neighbourhood councils to make our homes, villages and communities safe, sanitary, pleasant and prosperous for ourselves, our children and old folk. Our quality of life will not improve unless we stand up against the further decline and degradation of our communities and stand up for our democratic institutions and values. The demand for local government elections is a national necessity – a common cause. It is not a partisan project


We the people deserve a good life. We demand that the President respect the constitution of Guyana. We demand that the President respect our democratic right to elect our own representatives. We demand that the President issue the ‘Commencement Order’ to operationalise the Local Government Commission. We demand that the President initiate a process by which the Local Government (Amendment) Bill could be returned for his assent. We demand that the President desist from obstructing the holding of local government elections. We demand that the President announce the date for local government elections to be held.


We have called on the President to simply set the date on which local government elections will be held. He has not done so. We have therefore embarked on a campaign of lawful, orderly, peaceful public protests – including picketing, rallies and vigils – to raise public awareness of the threat to our collective rights. We call on all Guyanese to join this campaign to challenge the President to hold Local Government Elections without undue delay.


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[www.inewsguyana.com] – Minister of Finance, Dr. Ashni Singh, Minister of Amerindian Affairs, Pauline Sukhai and UNDP Resident Representative Khadija Musa today signed a $ 1.3B agreement that will facilitate Phase II of the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), Amerindian Development Fund (ADF) Project.

unnamed [11)The project is funded under the Guyana REDD+ Investment Fund and consequently is overseen by the Project Management Office in the Office of the President.

The Project will provide funding to support the socio-economic development of Amerindian communities and villages through the implementation of their Community Development Plans (CDPs). Approximately 160 communities will benefit over three (3) years. The communities will receive funding of up to $5M each for the village’s development of a community based project. All CDPs are approved by consensus or majority vote at village meetings, governed by Section 32 of the Amerindian Act of 2006.

The United Nations Development Programme is providing technical support to the project, including, administration of social, fiduciary and environmental safeguards.

Projects are in the following seven sectors:

  • Agriculture including; farming, agro-processing, aquaculture, poultry and cattle rearing
  • Sustainable Forestry
  • Village infrastructure including; construction of village office, multi-purpose building and sewing centre and upgrade of airstrip
  • Manufacturing including; water purification plant, furniture, sanitary blocks and crafts
  • Services including; village shop, museum building and bus / transportation
  • Low Impact Mining
  • Tourism including guest house, nature based and eco-tourism

During Phase l of the ADF project, 26 communities received disbursements to implement their respective CDPs. Phase l is near completion and the following has been achieved:

A few examples of CDPs implemented in Phase l, include the village of Santa Aratack, which used the funds to build a Guest House; the community had their official launch on September 6th, 2014. The guest house complements the community’s established offerings in ecotourism.

The village of Moraikobai completed rehabilitation works to their Multi-Purpose Centre and have acquired sewing machines (3), computers (2), printer (1), stove (1), freezer (1), kitchen utensils, etc. to equip the facility.

There were several villages that focused on agriculture in Phase l, including Kurukabaru where funding went to cattle rearing—construction of a ranch house and corral has been completed and a horse, cattle and medications have been purchased. In Rupertee village, five (5) acres of cassava has been planted and a processing facility has been completed.


(Guyana Times)Region 10 officials have remained tight-lipped on the funds garnered in 2012 to rebuild the One Mile Primary School, which was reduced to ashes by arsonists during the unrest in Linden. More than a month ago, contributors pressed for answers, but, to date, their questions still are unanswered. Regional Councillor Maurice Butters, who was placed in charge of the committee that was responsible for the collection of the funds, told Guyana Times on Tuesday that the information would soon be disclosed. He explained that a press conference will held where the matter will be ventilated. His response comes days after Alliance For Change (AFC) Councillor Audwin Rutherford demanded financial records from the committee. Rutherford made his demands known during the recently-convened statutory meeting at the Region 10 Democratic Council Office, saying that several requests have been made for the requisite information to be disclosed but to no avail.

During an interview with Guyana Times on Tuesday, Rutherford said that since 2013, the matter was brought before the Regional Democratic Council (RDC). “We were never given a figure, never. Since last year, we requested a financial report; they said next month, one year after we are still waiting,” the Region 10 Councillor explained.